CHAKWAL: Ghulam Abbas Arif was leading a content and happy life with his family until May 9 in Chakwal city. During the night of May 9, things for Mr. Arif and other family members changed altogether when his son Nauman Abbas, 29, a graduate of National University of Science and Technology (Nust), Islamabad and University of Northampton, London was apparently picked up by more than a dozen security agencies men.

“On May 9, Nauman along with his wife and a little daughter went to Islamabad for attending a wedding ceremony. He was staying at the house of his in-laws in Model Town, Hummak near Islamabad,” his distressed father told Dawn. He said at 1am the door bell rang and the gate was banged loudly. “When a sister-in-law of Nauman opened the door she was left frightened to see more than a dozen armed men who stormed into the house. Three of them were dressed in elite force uniform and the slogan of “No Fear” was etched on their shirts while the rest were in civvies,” Mr. Arif said.

According to him the armed men asked the woman that they had to search the house but did not show any search warrants nor introduced themselves.

“They entered the room where Nauman was sleeping along with his wife and daughter. They asked him to go with them and also took his laptop and landline phone set in their custody,” Mr. Arif said.

Nauman was picked up by armed men from Islamabad on May 9

Even after one month Mr. Arif and his other family members couldn’t know the whereabouts of Nauman and the reason why he was picked up.

“His wife and I are going through severe trauma while other members of the family are also very worried about Nauman,” the grieved father moaned.

“Although my son was religious, he has never been a member of any banned outfit. If my son has done anything wrong the security agencies should inform me,” Mr Arif said.

On June 3, Mr Arif filed a writ petition (a copy of which is available with Dawn) before the Islamabad High Court under article 199 of the Constitution in which he pleaded the court to order interior and defense secretaries, the heads of two intelligence agencies and Sihala police SHO to produce his son before the court. On June 6, the court issued notices to the two secretaries and SHO Sihala. The notices asked the respondents to produce Mr Nauman before the court on June 15 and if he is not in their custody they shall submit a detailed report with regard to him.

The book shelf in the drawing room of Mr. Arif shows that Nauman was a reader of Maulana Maududi’s books including his Tafheemul Quran.

However his posts on his facebook account testify that Nauman wanted Sharia to be implemented in the country and he was not happy with the present political system.

“During his stay in London for studies he became religious and grew a beard,” his father told Dawn. Nauman also joined Tanzeem-e-Islami founded by Maulana Israr Ahmed but later on quit the party.

“We were not religious. But due to Nauman’s preaching the atmosphere of our house changed altogether. Every member of family started offering five times prayers while Nauman used to deliver a lecture on Islam for one hour daily,” Mr. Arif said.

“Despite all this he was not an extremist. And if he has done anything wrong, at least we should be informed,” the worried father demanded.

When contacted, investigating officer, Mirza Gulfraz, at Police Station Sihala told Dawn that he could not say anything about the incident. “We are investigating the issue but at present cannot say anything as we have not got any clue yet,” he maintained.

Published in Dawn, June 14th, 2016



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