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QUETTA: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Friday recovered more than Rs730 million from the residence of Balochistan Finance Secretary Mushtaq Ahmed Raisani, who was arrested earlier in the day.

Raisani has been accused of embezzling billions of rupees from local government development funds, a senior NAB official, who did not want to be named, told DawnNews.

NAB recovered bags filled with local and foreign currency from Raisani’s residence.

Sources told DawnNews that according to initial count around Rs730 million worth of currency and prize bonds have been recovered from the serving bureaucrat's residence.

Photo provided by author
Photo provided by author

Raisani was arrested during a a raid at his office in the civil secretariat on Friday.

The finance department was sealed during the raid while officials searched all rooms to sift through records, sources said, adding that records of the finance department were also seized for further investigation.

Raisani, an influential bureaucrat in Balochistan, has served as secretary finance for the last few years. He served in same position during the PPP government's term.

After a string of arrests in Sindh, this is the first high profile arrest made by the accountability body in Balochistan during the PML-N government's term as it seeks to unearth corruption worth billions of rupees in the provincial finance department's development funds.

"More arrests are likely after interrogation of the secretary," an official told DawnNews, seeking anonymity.

Raisani suspended, Lango resigns

After the episode, Balochistan government announced suspension of Mushtaq Raisani in a late night notification.The notification explains that the secretary finance was suspended following his arrest by National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

Balochistan government spokesperson told media that the provincial government will fully co-operate with NAB during investigation against Raisani.

On the other hand, Advisor to Chief Minister on Finance, Khalid Langau has resigned from his post following Raisani’s arrest.

Mir Khalid Langau said that he is resigning for a man from his department is facing such grave allegations of corruption and foul play, which does not morally allow him to stay in his post.

He however clarified that he is not facing any inquiry nor has been any allegation levelled against him.

Comments (166) Closed

FB May 06, 2016 01:12pm

Waiting for NAB to land arrests in Punjab...

Waqar May 06, 2016 01:18pm

Well done NAB...keep it up

Arshad Jummani May 06, 2016 01:18pm

We only get to hear about raids.

eNTHUSIATIC May 06, 2016 01:27pm

@Arshad I guess u didnt read or let un-noticed word "arrest"

Khalid May 06, 2016 01:31pm

This is why Pakistan is way behind every other poor country. No health, no education, no security and all taxpayer's money stolen by these so called leaders. Let us see what happens to him!.

Tariq May 06, 2016 02:13pm

Obviously this FS was not the only one who was embezzling funds there must be other people whom he has been collaborating and must be arrested.

nuzhat shireen May 06, 2016 02:27pm

too late but good action.

Zak May 06, 2016 02:40pm

Accountability across the board. Excellent.

Balochistan May 06, 2016 03:25pm

Plz, i request the NAB to take action agains all and sundry

Ishrat salim May 06, 2016 03:42pm

Guys, NAB ACTION is just to keep the alive. After Nov, 2016 when COAS Gen Raheel term end all high profile cases will be put in cold storage. Ex CM Mr Raisin was more corrupt than the arrested F'S, why he is still free ?

Mortal Combat May 06, 2016 04:03pm

Good make these corrupt politicians and bureaucrats an example in this country.

GAK Wazir May 06, 2016 04:26pm

Mr. Raisani was considered a man of principles and integrity. That is why he was kept in the same position for the last several years. How his corruption unveiled is unbelievable. Better to take him to task if the charges against him are based on facts and evidences and no NAB grudge or bias is involved in it.

Syed Waqar Ali May 06, 2016 04:28pm

This shows every body is working for self interest. Nobody is working for the country. In such a situation, the system might fall.

M.Saeed May 06, 2016 04:41pm

NAB, the lonely brave fighting the indomitable crooks ! Keep it up with God's speed!

Riaz May 06, 2016 06:41pm

Time to punsh the real culprits .. Enough of looting and plunder.. Must stop now. Good job NAB.

AKB May 06, 2016 10:19pm

Good job done by NAB.

Karachitee May 06, 2016 10:32pm

In Dr Asim case corruption charges of 460 billion rupees and this one is 730 million rupees. If we start scratching further in other province pretty sure we will find few more billions. Public universities and hospitals do not have funds to pay the salaries of their employees. All I can say God save Pakistan from these corrupt people.

Maqsood Baloch May 06, 2016 10:34pm

Punjab politicians & bureaucrats are not naïve, they have loot safely stashed in offshore accounts

khurram s May 06, 2016 10:36pm

Then they will blame people from other provinces foe their misery. This guy us educated and has the opportunity to turn around things for his people

Umair May 06, 2016 10:50pm

What's the point if is going to be released pretty soon

aslam shaikh May 06, 2016 10:50pm

What!! 730 million rupees in cash!!! I wonder what his offshore companies are worth. Plus he is not a big fish so how much would they have!

AMJAD KHAN May 06, 2016 10:54pm

When NAB is going to arrest white elephants in Punjab?They are everywhere and when they are discovered Democracy will be endangered.

YKS May 06, 2016 11:19pm

Good job NAB..... but waiting for some arrests from Punjab or there is no corruption at all..?

Scary May 06, 2016 11:26pm

All credit to the government and law enforcement agencies

AuK May 06, 2016 11:33pm

This is what has been going on in Sindh as well. Development funds in the Billions are being siphoned off through various means and properties bought all over the world. Sukkhur has been allotted nearly 100B ruppees in the last some years, where dust flies around on the streets. Karachi has been systematically turned into a big slum, and 100s of Billions unaccounted for. In interior Sindh and in Balochistan, kids sit in the baking sun in their schools with no roofs.

AuK May 06, 2016 11:37pm

@GAK Wazir We should stop questioning the integrity of the system "if charges are correct". These swindlers have to be taken to task - so far the system has done nothing other than catch a few and let them out the back door. Those caught with loads of money in their homes and at the airports are being treated as royalty - "Enough is enough".

Life May 06, 2016 11:38pm

That's a lot of money and that makes the whole thing doubtful.

Parvez May 06, 2016 11:37pm

Good work by NAB.......lets hope they go after the real BIG FISH.

Arslan May 06, 2016 11:46pm

This is all a show for the public that NAB is doing something. A smoke screen to stop accountability drive to reach the PM. A few sacrifices will be made.

Changez_Khan May 06, 2016 11:55pm

OMG. The biggest robbery of Pakistan ever recovered. Congratulations to NAB. Great job.

Ahsan Gul May 06, 2016 11:57pm

Put that minister in jail for long time to let wannabe corrupt.

Awais Ali May 07, 2016 12:00am

This is severe injustice on behalf of a newspaper website that this news is not the 1st news on homepage. Do you think that its normal that a high level bureaucrat gets arrested in corruption charges. Bureaucrats do the dirty job for politicians. If investigated fairly I am sure other names will come out as well. A bureaucrat can't have done it all alone.

M Jamal May 07, 2016 12:07am

The cat is out of the bag.He may be a grade 20 government official.Please check residences of SHOs and you will find millions of Rupees in each residence.

TINA May 07, 2016 12:15am

Excellent job by NAB but we hope it gets down in Punjab too with the same zest and soon without any further delay.

Optimistic PK May 07, 2016 12:25am

Well done NAB ...

lkhan May 07, 2016 12:40am

God Almighty, stolen cash cash and yet more cash from the Baloch development funds - how greedy, unethical and a total lack of compassion for the Baloch people, so shameless. There should be absolutely no place for such criminals, starting from the top.. IK is so right, unless cleansed at the top, how can an example be made for change???

sss May 07, 2016 12:42am

@FB I suppose Rewind would be a good place to start

M.Malik May 07, 2016 12:49am

And the government goes around looking for loans, which is stashed in residences of public officials.

Hundreds of millions in one residence? I am beginning to think hundreds of billions stolen and is transferred abroad. I know some Pakistani ministers who own 20-30 story towers in Dubai, worth $40-60 million each. Does any government job pays that much? Nowhere in the world. Not even Emiratees earn that much in government positions in their entire lives.

Nadeem May 07, 2016 12:49am

Well done NAB! When will you arrest the corrupt people/ministers in Punjab? Are you afraid of PMLN??

Shah May 07, 2016 12:53am

@GAK Wazir what do you consider these bags full of money ? We're these kept at his house for safe keeping by the people since he was a man of integrity or the local banks vault was less safer then his house or you think due to grudge NAB brought this money with them to find as evidence ? I hope the whole ring is caught as this man could not just loot this money all by himself and no one else was knowing about it this must just be his share.

Skeptic May 07, 2016 12:56am

There's no such thing as an 'honest public official' in Pakistan.

Most of these people get these jobs through political connections, yet do nothing, but get rich through loot and plunder, and appear pious and honest in Pakistan. Yet travel abroad frequently and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle at the expense of poor public.

I have nothing but utter contempt for their ilk!

Zaman May 07, 2016 01:20am

This is revolting. It seems like he looted several banks. It is incumbent to track the source of the money and how he stole it. The money appears to have come directly from a bank. It is not a random act but appears to be institutionalized plunder. This is probably the tip of the iceberg. Fortunately he was dumb enough to keep it in plain view. It is a testament to his sense of invincibility. Such criminals should face the harshest punishment and should as deterrence for others. No wonder the dispossessed are languishing in miserly and despair while the privileged are storing their wealth both domestically and internationally. Dare we request our honorable PM to crack down on corruption by personal example.

Shazad May 07, 2016 01:23am

Fact is that, if NAB becomes honest, start raiding top 500 bureaucrats (past and present) and 200 politicians (past and present) who held (or ever held) top public offices (including current politicians who are ministers, CM and PM) than they would recover enough looted and plundered wealth that if used to pay debt and uplift life of ordinary Pakistanis, than Pakistan would have no debt and would have enough hospitals, roads and schools plus huge supply of medicine for needy, that most Pakistanis would start living decent life and there were be a lot of resources left over.

Riaz Murtaza May 07, 2016 01:23am

NAB please raid all the big in the country. Distribute the money to the poor or spend on clean water, education and health for the public.

Iqbal May 07, 2016 01:27am

'Mir Khalid Langau said that he is resigning for a man from his department is facing such grave allegations of corruption and foul play, which does not morally allow him to stay in his post.'

Right! as if he discovered it now..............

a khan May 07, 2016 01:28am

That is where Balochistan's development funds go

Shah May 07, 2016 01:32am

Good work NAB, how about Federal Finance and investigating other key projects such as CPEC, Metros and Motorways for corruption?

Merchant May 07, 2016 01:32am

There are many times bigger fishes in Punjab but all their money is offshore and they don't own property in Pakistan. These politicians have really set worst examples of corruption and greed. They are the enemy number one of Pakistan.

Gaz May 07, 2016 01:38am

Corruption is the root cause of every major issue faced by Pakistan.

Farhan Hashwani May 07, 2016 01:39am

What if he were PM. No one could havw touched him. Why our institutions, our people are silent and not asking Nawaz Sharif to resign. Why even COAS is not taking action. from Adelaide Australia

imran May 07, 2016 01:43am

We should go to people like Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Raisani to get loans instead of going to the IMF or World bank.

flipdlop May 07, 2016 01:46am

Good hopefully this would change things. People caught for such acts should not be allowed to be part the government on all levels federal and provincial municipal etc.Their relatives and a least 4 upcoming generations should be barred from any positions in the country. We must have a book of shame with names written of such politicians and displayed in the museums. Sad that we elect such people. I am hopefull that these funds will be returned to the province after the investigation and are directed towards their intended use.

Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik May 07, 2016 01:55am

Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) and its Chairman Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik​ demands death penalty for such a corrupt bureaucrat like Balochistan Finance Secretary Mushtaq Ahmed Raisani who plundered so much wealth and money of the poorest country like ours. This corruption of Raisani Leaks is not less than Panama Leaks of our country. We should follow Communist China where corrupt peoples are punished with death penalty.

Pakistani Citizen May 07, 2016 02:02am

NAB now lets raid in PM house and his family house, I am sure you will plenty of questionable items there. Do not stop there, start searching all the government individuals because they all are guilty of such crimes. No the people of pakistan, can you imagine how much money has been looted from us, can you just imagine the scope of it. Combine together we will be free of our debts and self sufficient where we won't be begging for more money like our corrupt government does. Tell me how there is a shortfall of anything in our country if we have such a large amount of money looted by just one individual. JAGOO PAKISTAN JAGOO

Alien May 07, 2016 02:15am

Waoh lot of money.

Imran May 07, 2016 02:16am

Tip of the iceberg what about the pm and rest of our ministers?

Mustafa R. May 07, 2016 02:16am

Please don't derail democracy.

Bangush May 07, 2016 02:16am

These are not just the money, these are the tears of all those poor people who are dying with hunger, those mothers who kill their own children due to poverty. You corrupt politicians the day is near don't forget the judgment day.

John F May 07, 2016 02:19am

Two unfair things in his story: 1) why arrest him when others who did corruption from 1947 have not been arrested. (PMLN point of view. 2) Why should his boss resign on moral grounds. His family was not even involved and there is no precedence in our history. (Again PMLN point of view)

Pakistani May 07, 2016 02:24am

This money belongs to his 10 year old son, you need a judicial commission to prove.

Fruitsalad May 07, 2016 02:37am

Part funding for F-16 deals arranged for by NAB

Asif May 07, 2016 02:45am

The amount involved is mind blowing. Goodness!

Laila May 07, 2016 02:46am

Nawaz Sharif goes free!

M.Arif May 07, 2016 02:50am

How come he kept all this cash in his own office. Any one who is corrupt will not do this type ov stupidity. There is some thing fishy in this news which is incomplete .

Atsul May 07, 2016 03:03am

@Ishrat salim I understand that criticism is good but please learn to appreciate something good too. This is a common problem with us, we don't know how to appreciate, just criticize and always find negatives.

They will get who ever they can put their hands on in terms if having evidence, isn't this better then not going after anybody as the practice have been in the past few decades, I hope you agree.

Kashmiri Nationalist May 07, 2016 03:25am

The province needs to elect better people no more can center be blamed

Cyrus May 07, 2016 04:01am

He is just the bagman for the rest of them.

Junaid May 07, 2016 04:07am

Just imagine how much money is to be found in bigger provinces

Naeem May 07, 2016 04:12am

NAB should also go after NS who has billions.

Saif imran May 07, 2016 04:35am

They should do these to all political leaders before this ramzan start and raid political leaders in punjab and do a full investigation and give them life sentence with out parole

brar May 07, 2016 04:36am

Record beaten a former East Panja.b Chairman Services selection Board was arrested and only IRS 120 millions were recovered from lockers he was political appointee now serving his jail term, it also reminds me of former Coomunication Minister Sukh Ram from whose house CBI recovered IRS 30 Million cash who said I don,t know who kept the money in my house, well done NAB and congratulations Pakistan you left behind India .

Bahadar Ali Khan May 07, 2016 04:42am

Heisenberg got nabbed!!! Jessie, better call Saul.

Chicago May 07, 2016 04:47am

Who is crook and who is innocent time will tell, until than all is well. Balley Balley.

Amir Khan May 07, 2016 04:48am

Disgusting if you want to be rich so badly.

Aussieman May 07, 2016 04:56am

After watching the above clip, its a tip of an iceburg of a mere bureaucrat looting, hard to imagine how much money their top Leaders would have stashed. Our hard earned Tax payers money!!!

Lala May 07, 2016 05:02am

Time for NAB to nab the Prime Minister. Bravo

Syed Husain May 07, 2016 06:01am

On behalf of the people of Balochistan, Mushtaq Ahmed Raisani had kept this money at his home for safe keeping!

Khan , USA May 07, 2016 06:03am

Secretary Khazana has a khazana at his home ! Public money made private money !

Steve Boston May 07, 2016 06:08am

Now you wonder why there is no development.

PAK May 07, 2016 06:27am

Oh my dear God!!!

Umair May 07, 2016 07:07am

Welldone!!!! Nab should start whatsaap service like ragers they will get more leads..

Vijay May 07, 2016 07:10am

@Syed Husain Totally agree with you. In his position I would do the same. I trust myself with other people's money.

Jaisal May 07, 2016 07:22am

@Khalid I don't think so, just Google the amount of money involved in corruption scandals of the Indian government from 2006 to 2014. This guy would be like a candle light going up against the storm.

Baluch May 07, 2016 07:30am

This is great, NAB has done an exceptional job. Most of the members of Parliament in Balochistan are corrupt and they are too iterate to hide them abroad or invest an any offshore. NAB should stretch these arrests and make sure everyone gets the taste. Khalid Langov served as advisor to chief minister but his powers were the same as minister of finance, he resigned simply because he is panicked, NAB should capitalise on it and get these culprits. They have caused enough wounds to Balochistan

Masood May 07, 2016 07:47am

They also confiscated three currency counting machines, which are going non-stop for the last eleven hours. These corrupt Govt. employees are using terrorism as front-wall and stealing from these poor people.

naji May 07, 2016 07:53am

Any progress NAB with regard to corrupt Punjab govt members?Especially PM and CM and their families?

Rizwan Khan May 07, 2016 07:56am

Please continue the same elsewhere in Pakistan. What about the mega corruption scandals

Khan , USA May 07, 2016 08:12am

@Syed Husain Yes probably he tried to save it from Zardari or may from Shareaf brothers !

Khan , USA May 07, 2016 08:12am

Probably working as state bank of Pakistan !

mo May 07, 2016 08:16am

$ 7.3 million just one bureaucrat just one recovered

Guess what the rest are doing

and Pakistan is begging for 2000 millions annual aid of America in coalition support fund

DO you think Nawaz sharif can do or stop this

Punajab has to change or


Khan , USA May 07, 2016 08:14am

People are hoarding up money as they will never die ." Samaan soh baras ka , pal ki ghabar nahi "

Things changing May 07, 2016 08:36am

This is a tip of an ice berg. There is need for NAB to deeply probe and investigate the trail of money,as to where is the remaining part is kept,and who are the remaining collaboraters involved.The guy already in custody will open his mouth during remand.Similiarly NAB Sindh must also nab the mega corrupts in Sindh,most of the corrupts are in Dubai,their red warrants be initiated ASAP and brought back for probe.Pakistan could not afford delay in nabbing such corrupts,delays will give them an opportunity to transfer and hide the booty.NAB must accelerate their operations .BTW Congrats to NAB Balochistan for recovering such a huge amount in the history of Pakistan from culprit.

Mike May 07, 2016 08:43am

Check up your Secretary Finance, Waqar Masud, appointed by & still serving , since Zardari/Benazir time. Good luck

Parvez Adil Hussain May 07, 2016 08:42am

Some political party/politicians will come forward and say that this is a conspiracy against Democracy. This is the reason why Baluchistan is suffering and people there generally consider that they are deprived of their legitimate rights.

Umer Ijaz May 07, 2016 09:08am

Just imagine that if this has happened in case of one individual, how much of funds would have been illegally set aside by all politicians, corrupt organisations and other bodies. If all this illegal money is recovered and channelled properly we may get able to meet our expenses with no further borrowings.

Muhammad Jamal May 07, 2016 09:08am

Sindh Government officials are also embezzeling funds of Local governments in the absence of sidelined elected members specially in Karachi.Sindh corruption is multiple times bigger than Balochistan.Instead of arresting Aftab Ahmad and torturing please arrest the corrupt government officials of Sindh if we want Pakistan to rise.

Amit kosh May 07, 2016 09:52am

Your beaurocrats and political leaders embezzle all money and then they teach to blame India when locals unrest

Saud Khan May 07, 2016 09:54am

Why NAB does not take any action in PUNJAB???

Disgusted May 07, 2016 10:29am

He should be asked to name where this money came from. How much from embezzlement and how much from bribes? He should then be asked to provide names or who paid for what favors and or illegal projects. The circle needs to be closed.for every corrupt official there has to be someone who is willing to pay off. If this FS was corrupt the next one in his place will also get tempted and most likely go down the same path. Both corrupt officers and people offering to pay these folks also need to face the music.

Danish Saleem May 07, 2016 10:42am

Nab should raid those bank whos stamps are on the packets to dig deep down

Secular Pathan May 07, 2016 10:45am

Tip of the Ice Berg. The problem in Pakistan is, the connected and powerful are eating everything for themselves and not giving anything to the rest of the people, this is not fair.

Secular Pathan May 07, 2016 10:44am

NAB is corrupt too

neutral May 07, 2016 10:46am

@Khalid Nothing will happen. Bail and out of the country like Asif Zardari.

adnan May 07, 2016 10:49am

While PMLN and PPP vigorously trying to curb NAB powers and even disband this organization.Unfortunately both are mainstream parties of Pakistan.

Kashif May 07, 2016 11:04am

Poor guy wasn't sophisticated like the ones in Punjab who manage to send their loot overseas without impunity. Waiting for the audit for the mega projects like metro bus and likes to Come to light. Wishful thinking tho!

JS May 07, 2016 11:19am

@eNTHUSIATIC I guess justice has been delivered once the word "arrest" is used......nothing left to do after "arresting".......

optimistic May 07, 2016 11:27am

Wel-done NAB.

An Observer May 07, 2016 11:30am

Do you think we will know the end result of of this raid and arrest? Possible, because he is from Balochistan. NAB has never found any case in Punjab or at Federal level. Wallah Alam.

khurram s May 07, 2016 11:39am

Then they will blame people from other provinces are exploiting them while this educated lot is upto stealing the money from local population

Imran ali May 07, 2016 11:38am

What about Chief minister and minister of finance ? There involvement cannot be ruled out..

Jehanzeb May 07, 2016 11:41am

Great work by NAB. We need to root corruption from all over Pakistan. The evil of corruption is worse than terrorism. It is killing us slowly but surely. We should have no mercy for corrupt people no matter how high they are

Mahmood May 07, 2016 11:47am

That's where much of foreign aid ends up? In some cardboard boxes in a minister's home? And he's the 'Finance Minister'? No doubt one who has no qualifications; holds a fake degree and was appointed through political favoritism.


Shayaan May 07, 2016 11:49am

This Recovered amount of money should be distributed among the people of the balochistan district, so they can start up their small business set up to feed their families. because if this amount is submitted in govt fund this would not directly benefit the people. i.e, paisa after falling from Sky would hang into khajoor.

Sadaat May 07, 2016 11:54am

Good job done by NAB....This is a country where money grows in the powerfuls bags..they don't pay taxes...they are involved in money laundering. .they siphoned out money to other countries,,,,whereas poor pays taxes,and face lack of medical facilities..Army chief now seems to be the only saviour. .

Yamuri May 07, 2016 12:06pm

How many more like this need to be cleaned up in Pakistan?

Insaf May 07, 2016 12:13pm

so far no arrests in punjab, a mystery too

atif May 07, 2016 12:15pm

@M.Arif the amount was not in his office but his home.

layman May 07, 2016 12:23pm

Have these people forgotten that they are going to die one day? No wonder we witnessed so much destruction in Baluchistan.

Ali Raza May 07, 2016 12:28pm

So much money!!! I want a Govt job too!!! Any one?!!

Pakistan First May 07, 2016 12:30pm

Good work. Please do it across the board.

Sixer From Chakwal May 07, 2016 12:31pm

Good one

Saeed May 07, 2016 12:35pm

This was all legitimate money. He has coal mines. Occasionally he used to get diamond. Alhumdullah. Both are carbon products. As Balochistan has tax incentives so there was never a need to declare them. All legal. All by the book. So why all this fuss.

ak May 07, 2016 12:40pm

If only NAB could do the same in Islamabad. Still, arresting a serving bureaucrat is something we dont see everyday, so good job. But please dont stop.

ak May 07, 2016 12:46pm

@Life My point exactly, a man who is so clever that he was stealing loads of tax payers money without even coming close to the radar is not likely to be foolish enough to stack em all up in his own house. You have banks lockers for that

Abdulla Hussain May 07, 2016 12:49pm

This is one of the reasons why development in Balochistan is extremely slow. How can poverty leave the poor if the funds provided for relief & development is stored in the cellars of the bosses, this is just one case discovered God alone knows how many houses of the corrupt government officers, ministers etc. are having such cellars full of looted money throughout Pakistan. This corrupt person must be cursing himself for not establishing an offshore company in Panama or maybe he tried but could not meet the minimum money requirement to establish such offshore company.

Barat shah May 07, 2016 12:59pm

Well Done NAB

Barat shah May 07, 2016 01:02pm

Well Done NAB

Irfan Hasan May 07, 2016 01:06pm

Is the currency real?

fazal May 07, 2016 01:14pm

further raids should be conducted on all the ministers homes in every city/province, surely NAB will recover millions.

Ali May 07, 2016 01:21pm

Of course there will never be any action against corrupt officers and politicians of Punjab.

Umar Khan May 07, 2016 01:48pm

@Syed Waqar Ali it will fail the leaders the defenders of democracy will be living a life of luxury in another country

Yousuf Shah May 07, 2016 01:49pm

Every penny he have has to be accounted how he managed to get it and returned to the treasury. Its time to clean Pakistan.

Zak May 07, 2016 01:58pm

ATC please.

Naxalite May 07, 2016 02:21pm

Thankyou Raheel Shareef!

Skeptic May 07, 2016 02:23pm

Man's greed knows no bounds! He had stashed so much cash, that he had to resort to cardboard boxes rather than a safe!! I guess no safe was big enough to handle this much loot!?

Naxalite May 07, 2016 02:24pm

The poor guy could have opened Off-Shore Company like MNS!

Muhammad Ashfaq May 07, 2016 02:32pm

NAB has done a good job and they should put hand on each and every influential person including Prime Minister,Ministers,Zardari ,Jahangir Tareen,Pervez Ellahi,Monas Elahi.I mean to say all politicians,bureaucrats,Anchor persons of Media.At the end I will once again say well done NAB .KEEP IT UP

Tariq, Lahore May 07, 2016 02:37pm

These people don't belong in positions of responsibility, they belong in jail!

syed adeel farooq May 07, 2016 02:39pm

Well done... at last something concrete is done... looking forward to the expansion of the scale of operation

Salman Tariq May 07, 2016 02:51pm

This is why Imran Khan keeps 'crying' over corruption. This is what a smalltime fish (thug) has in his house casually. Imagine the scale of corruption by the big fish..

mz May 07, 2016 03:03pm

@M.Arif the amount was recovered from his home

atif May 07, 2016 03:23pm

@ak dear, if he had wanted to keep it in lockers; he would have needed lockers of all banks in quetta city. the whole room was full of currency. cartons, plastic boxes, suitcases, beauty box and even ja namaz had bundles.

and this is just tip of ice berg coz this amount was at home, most likely, as the secy did not get time to dispose it off to some safe place.

Insaf May 07, 2016 03:25pm

Too easy to steal public money.

atif May 07, 2016 03:26pm

@An Observer well, even if it was so, it is good for ppl of balochistan.

Tamil Guru May 07, 2016 03:29pm

Seems like every Pakistani leader's main objective is to loot the country and send their family abroad. These corrupt people are not after small change, they are looting in millions and billions. This money belongs to the people of Pakistan for their education and well being. So very sad !. How is Pakistan going to deal with corruption when the PM himself is under investigation?. India is very lucky to have a non corrupt PM in Modi. Pakistan needs such non corrupt people in the leadership.

Nazir May 07, 2016 03:36pm

This guy must be crazy, had all that loot in his home? Please no plea bargain now. Make an ugly example of him, so that it puts the fear of God in all other corrupt elements in government.

Farrukh May 07, 2016 05:05pm

I can't say a word!

eTHUSIATIC May 07, 2016 06:03pm

@JS than i suppose u knw all the procedures adopted by NAB after arrest?

Ahsan May 07, 2016 06:35pm

By propagating this news NAB has alerted all others. Now 100 times this amount will reach safe heavens.

aslam shaikh May 07, 2016 09:04pm

@Irfan Hasan do you want a cut out of it and prove that it was monopoly money?

Islamabad Calling May 07, 2016 09:22pm

@Ishrat salim Be optimistic. May be the next COAS will be even more proactive

ALI May 08, 2016 08:15am

So the NAB knows where to hit where is target, hope NAB goes smoothly without any other controversy. (love RAHIL SHARIF)

Khan , USA May 08, 2016 08:41am

@Tamil Guru India has its own many problems which Pakistan has not yet faced !

gr8eagle1 May 08, 2016 09:43am

NAB should go for the big fish instead of harassing an honest bureaucrat. This petty cash he was keeping in his house to cover his day to day expenses. I hope NAB won't lay their dirty hands on his hard earned money he donated to poor middle eastern and western countries.

khanm May 08, 2016 09:49am

@Nazir so was sarjeel memon ... they all are above law unless someone wants something in return

noman May 08, 2016 10:57am

good show of ethics by finance minister..... we must bring in this culture of accountability. how was one civil servant able to pull together 7.6 billion dollars in a country that has less than 1 billion dollars allocated for education per anum (2014-15 budget).

The money stolen from the government could have been used to multiply expenditure on schools/ colleges by almost 8 times!!

some serious questions need to be asked off the ex chief minister.

well done NAB

Hassan mehmood May 08, 2016 11:57am

What a silly person he should have set up an offshore account and then use a shell company from Panama to hide ownership of the accounts. It’s really simple just ask the PM. To be extra safe put accounts in kids name.

Atif May 08, 2016 12:16pm

This is the reason why Balochistan is not progressing and at the end of the day everybody blames the center. The care taker of the funds given to the Province are robbing money and blaming other provinces for eating their rights. If we need Balochistan as a prosperous unit as others are then we need to take stringent actions to finish this menace once for all.

s.khan May 08, 2016 12:24pm

stop HUNDI today and all will be fine .

Amir May 08, 2016 12:35pm

If an official from Balochistan can have 730m stashed at his some, just imagine officials from K-P, Sindh, or Punjab will have.

And this is just one much money could be recovered for spending on education and health

Parveez May 08, 2016 03:01pm

He had no fear of the law that is why he kept the money at home. I always said that few high government officials were taking most of the budget and sepending very little on the punlic

SDA May 08, 2016 03:12pm

Great job NAB. God knows how many more are there hiding the state's money at their residences. Bring them all to justice. I can't imagine how long this has been going on. There are many Mushtaq Raisani in Pakistan who have stolen billions of rupees from pak government. About time to catch each and everyone of them. and punish them!

Shahzad May 08, 2016 03:44pm

you would find so many of these in Balochistan that are depriving the innocent citizens of the province of their right to public goods. Nab keep up the good work and enhance your activity in Balochistan especially the development projects funded by government are to be closely looked into.

dawn May 08, 2016 05:46pm

Following in the footsteps of the leader. There are many many ordinary unemployed NRP in other countries living in nice homes and driving expensive vehicles.

IR May 08, 2016 06:39pm

I hope, someday, NAB doesn't join their ranks. After all we live in Pakistan, the land of the 'Pure'. To recover all stolen money from these crooks and use it for health and education of the needy is a just a fantasy.

Khanm May 09, 2016 12:16am

Another face of corruption.