QUETTA: Jan Muhammad, 43, is now father to 35 children after the recent births of two more children. Jan Muhammad has three wives who have given him 21 daughters and 14 sons.

"My target is 100 children," he tells Dawn.com.

The family of 39 lives in a mud-brick house located in a poor neighbourhood of Quetta.

By profession, Jan Muhammad is a doctor and trader. "Thank God, I am able to manage the growing expenditures of my family," he said. "I spend about Rs100,000 a month on family expenditures," he said.

Two of his wives gave birth to two daughters last week. The middle-class family celebrated the arrival of the newborns.

"We, the girls have outnumbered the boys," Shagufta Nasreen, the elder daughter of Jan Muhammad tells Dawn.com, smiling.

She said the population of women in Pakistan was already very high and her family was contributing to the increase in the number of girls.

The ages of children range from one-week-old to almost 16-years-old.

Jan Muhammad's family lives happily despite its increasing size. He challenges the established perception that "less family members lead to a happy life".

"My aim is to educate my kids as well," he said.

Audiences were first introduced to Jan Muhammad's family on DawnNews.

A video of his family was watched by over 3.3 million people on Facebook, who shared it over 175,000 times and commented on it 4,000 times.