World Bank to give $75 million for Fata IDPs

Updated 27 Aug 2015


ISLAMABAD: The World Bank (WB) on Thursday approved a grant of $75 million for the internally displaced people (IDPs) from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata), who have been severely affected by terrorism.

According to the statement released, the fund will be used for early recovery and facilitation of families affected by militancy, promotion of child health and to strengthen emergency response services in Fata.

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The statement added that the grant would be disbursed to the affected families in two equal installments.

In the first disbursement, an amount of Rs35,000 will be paid per family, and the second disbursement would further disburse a Livelihood Support Grant of Rs16,000 which would be paid in four monthly installments.

Fata has been severely affected by unrest and military operations over the past decade. Earlier this year, the number of families displaced by fighting from different tribal areas was estimated at 260,000.

The federal government is paying cash assistance per month to all verified IDPs (Rs 12,000 per household) of North Waziristan. Besides, the government had paid one-time cash assistance of Rs 5,000 for non-food items and a one-time Ramazan package of Rs 20,000.

In addition, the Punjab government is also paying Rs 7,000 to IDPs of North Waziristan and the KP government is paying them Rs3,000 every month. Moreover, the World Food Programme is providing food ration every month.