Wana operation condemned

October 06, 2003


RAWALPINDI, Oct 5: The local leaders of Muttahida Majlis-i- Amal have shown indignation over the army operation against suspected Al Qaeda men in Wana and claimed that it was done only to please the Americans.

Speaking to different gatherings, MMA district Amir Mohammad Abbas Butt regretted that the government was presenting bodies of innocent people to the US authorities just to please them and win their support. Condemning the Wana Operation, he said flattering the US through, what he termed, shameful acts, had sent a wave of anger amongst the people of the NWFP.

Instead of working on US dictation, Gen Musharraf should keep national interests supreme and formulate policies accordingly, he stressed. He said the MMA was truly representing the masses.

Mr Butt asked the government to bring in black and white what it had promised to the MMA or the latter would be left with no option but to launch people-contact movement.word: 318

Our Reporter Adds: Central Vice President of PML-Q Syed Kabir Ali Wasti has lauded the Pakistan Army for its successful South Waziristan operation against terrorists.

He deplored criticism by the MMA, NWFP chief minister, and other opposition groups against the army operation and termed it as “unjust and unwarranted”.

The PML stalwart said defence was a federal subject and army was not bound to take provinces into confidence regarding its operation concerning national security.

He advised the opposition not to make it a ‘point scoring’ issue.