Veteran Pakistani actor Bushra Ansari has been in the entertainment industry for over three decades and is one of the first female actors to have made a name in the comical side of local entertainment. From Fifty Fifty to Neeli Dhoop and the popular Bilquis Kaur, Bushra has played every role with perfection.

Speaking to Dawn on Sunday during the Karachi Literature Festival at Beach Luxury Hotel, Bushra shared the transition the industry has gone through over the years.

"The industry is part of the society and is changing with it, adopting both good and bad transformations," said the actor. "A lot of things have gotten better but we are also missing some things like the values, the language, etiquettes, attitudes and expressions, which is changing overall in society."

Talking about Pakistani cinema, Bushra said she's very happy with the new generation who are not only talented and creative but also have a very broad vision.

"They have more exposure that we had and they're aware of the competition," added the Mera Naseeb actor.

She further said she has already worked in a film and will also be part of another film this year. However, she could not give further details at the moment.

Talking about artists working in Bollywood, Bushra felt it is a good step for our talents who are exploring different markets.

"India is a much bigger market; there are more technical facilities in India and they are also more professional than us," she said and added: "Their industry dates back longer than ours and despite the fact that India has a bigger pool of talent, they still pick talent from our country and acknowledge it."

Bushra also shared that she is in the process of finalising a serial for Hum TV, which should be ready in a few months.

What message would you like to give to the youth?

"Focus – that is what the new generation needs," she stressed. "There are so many distractions, especially with the computer that we're mentally hooked to it and as result we've lessened our interaction with people."