No raid?: CPLC chief says Rangers ‘came to discuss findings’

Updated 27 Jan 2015


CPLC chief Ahmed Chinoy addressing a press conference in Karachi. — DawnNews screengrab
CPLC chief Ahmed Chinoy addressing a press conference in Karachi. — DawnNews screengrab

KARACHI: The Citizen-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) chief Ahmed Chinoy on Tuesday addressed a press conference in Karachi and denied rumours circulating in media of a kidnapping-for-ransom victim and an amount of Rs1.5 million being recovered from his house.

“Reports circulating in media were based on rumours and we [CPLC] deny it,” Chinoy said adding that, “Laraib [alleged kidnapping-for-ransom victim] was not recovered from my house and neither was Rs1.5 million.”

The CPLC chief said the Rangers had recovered Laraib from North Karachi. He said the contingent had arrived at his house early in the morning to discuss the case’s findings with CPLC.

Chinoy said that he had visited Rangers office today and discussed the matter.

Ahmed Chinoy addressing press conference

“There was not only information sharing, but we also discussed better coordination for future cases,” he said.

“DG Rangers praised CPLC's role in countering crime and criminals,” he added.

Chinoy said CPLC was a supportive body and its job was to support law enforcement agencies.

“I hope after our official statement, all rumours will settle down,” he said.

180 degrees

Chinoy’s statement’s at the press conference were a volte-face from his earlier comments to the media.

Earlier in the day, in a series of often conflicting reports, a team of Rangers Special Task Force reportedly carried out a raid at Chinoy’s residence situated in Karachi's Defence area.

CPLC chief on the raid

Talking to Geo News, the CPLC chief had said that the raids were aimed at maligning him.

He had confirmed that the raid was carried out at his residence and said that the Rangers were interfering in the matters of the CPLC.

Talking to DawnNews, Chinoy had said, “I was woken up at around 5:30am when Rangers personnel came to my house and said Colonel Tahir wanted to meet me at the Rangers headquarters.

“I requested them that I would meet Colonel Tahir in the morning and they [Rangers personnel] agreed to it.”

“If hostages had been recovered from my residence, would I be roaming around freely,” he had argued.

CPLC is a key body that is recognised and relied upon for handling kidnapping for ransom complaints in coordination with the police and intelligence organisations.

The committee came into existence on the initiative of a former governor of Sindh, Justice Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim, to provide an institution for the citizens to redress their grievances in matters pertaining to police and vice-versa.

Since its inception, CPLC has assisted victims of crimes like kidnapping, extortion, terrorism, fraud, harassment, dacoity, trespassing, rape and domestic violence.