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Jamaatud Dawa(JuD) emir Hafiz Muhammad Saeed addressing the participants of JuD Ijtemaa at Minar -i-Pakistan.— Online
Jamaatud Dawa(JuD) emir Hafiz Muhammad Saeed addressing the participants of JuD Ijtemaa at Minar -i-Pakistan.— Online

“BE patient, you the people of God. You are here to please Allah Almighty and not for enjoyment. So bear with fortitude the inconvenience of waiting for your turn,” Ehsanullah, a fourth-year medical college student, consoled those queuing outside the venue for the Jamaatud Dawa’s two-day ijtema (congregation) on the sprawling lawns of Minar-i-Pakistan.

The participants were getting impatient as they waited in long queues at the five entrances to the venue, where JuD emir Hafiz Muhammad Saeed had begun his address at the concluding session.

The ijtema was an annual activity until the party, then named Lashkar-e-Taiba, was banned in 2002 after an attack on the Indian parliament allegedly carried out by its henchmen. From the ashes of the LeT (claimed to have since been confined to Kashmir) emerged Jamaatud Dawa. For the first time, the event was being held in the Punjab capital since the inception of the outfit in the mid-1980s, and after a break of almost 12 years.

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, waves to his supporters during congregation at Minar-i-Pakistan ground. — INP
Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, waves to his supporters during congregation at Minar-i-Pakistan ground. — INP

Security arrangements were extraordinarily tight as organisers feared threats especially to the party’s leadership, which openly advocates jihad in Kashmir. Besides 4,000 policemen, at least 15,000 volunteers were on duty. One had to cross three security rings besides passing through a long makeshift bazaar to reach the designated spot for male participants. Tighter security measures had been taken for the adjacent but separate area for burqa-clad female activists who, the organisers said, constituted a third of the total number of participants.

JuD spokesman Yahya Mujahid claimed they had prepared food for 400,000 people for dinner with the help of 2,500 cooks at the kitchen set up on the site but the arrangements proved inefficient. The local cadre had to be mobilised to arrange for more food from nearby eateries.

Most participants came from rural backgrounds, and it was hard to spot anyone without a beard. Though consisting largely of illiterate or semi-literate youth, many students, including those from engineering universities and medical colleges were present. Hafiz Saeed is a former faculty member of the University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, and many UET graduates like Naveed Qamar hold key positions in the outfit.

Motivated by ‘religious zeal and fervour’, they had turned up to get training for jihad. Naeemur Rehman, an IT expert, explained this as ‘academic’ training through lectures and sermons, and not military instruction. The gathering of people with similar thinking in hundreds of thousands at one place also infused a new spirit of determination among the activists, he added.

Ilyas Salfi, a law graduate, argued that jihad was not confined to armed struggle but extended to helping those in distress through lawful means. The JuD’s rescue and relief work during the 2005 earthquake (recognised by the UN), after the 2010 floods and later, and in the recent Thar crisis through its social welfare activities under the banner of Falah-i-Insaniyat Foundation were examples of jihad, he said.

Two Hindus from Sindh and a Christian impressed by JuD’s relief activities embraced Islam at the ijtema.

Notwithstanding its welfare activities, the group is banned by the US, the EU, India and Russia as a terrorist organisation. In June 2014, Washington declared JuD an LeT affiliate and announced head money for Hafiz Saeed and Abdur Rahman Makki, JuD’s political wing chief and Saeed’s brother-in-law.

Unlike the festive atmosphere of the earlier rallies of the Pakistan Awami Tehreek and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf at the same place a few weeks ago, the JuD congregation was a serious affair. In a show of equality and non-discrimination, leaders and participants sat on carpets and mats; there was no chair for anyone, except a couple of security guards.

One heard the chants of “Allah-o-Akbar”, instead of party songs played by DJ Butt. An organiser said a principal objective was to show that the religious parties were a force to be reckoned with and that if secular parties (a reference to the PTI and PAT) could attract crowds at their ‘dance and song’ gatherings, the JuD could draw larger crowds motivated by their desire to establish Islam’s supremacy.

An insider claimed that the outfit was to organise the event at its headquarters in Muridke and the sudden decision to change the venue was taken two weeks before so that the congregation could be seen “as a response to the public meetings of secular parties”. He also hinted at the forging of a new religious alliance.

JuD spokesman Yahya Mujahid defended the decision to change the venue, saying Muridke could not accommodate so many people and that the provision of food and sanitation facilities in Lahore was much easier. He also said they tried to benefit from the arrangements the Jamaat-i-Islami made for its ijtema 10 days ago.

The outfit, like other jihadi and religious organisations, collects donations round the year, particularly zakat during Ramazan and hides of animals on Eidul Azha, to meet the expenses for its anti-India and pro-jihad campaigns. To cover the costs of the ijtema, participants were asked to donate generously in cash and kind.

“Please leave behind your beddings, blankets and shawls for the mujahideen. Your donations will earn you a higher place in the hereafter,” echoed the announcement made at the conclusion of the congregation. And most participants obliged.

Published in Dawn, December 7th, 2014

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Comments (124) Closed

BRR Dec 07, 2014 08:09am

Now who pays for such meetings, who pays for the transportation of the chelas? How much does the Pakistani government pay for such tamashas?

Aly khan Dec 07, 2014 08:10am

Our problem is that political parties are using religion to win votes, when Infact the religious groups should be banned to participate in elections. Religion and government are two separate things and shouldn't be mixed together

anubis Dec 07, 2014 08:13am

"The outfit, like other jihadi and religious organisations, collects donations round the year, particularly zakat during Ramazan and hides of animals on Eidul Azha, to meet the expenses for its anti-India and pro-jihad campaigns. "

And pak says they want more proof.

haider Dec 07, 2014 08:15am

Fantastic work Hafiz. We need more organization like yours to make Pakistan a developing and advanced country.

Satyen Dec 07, 2014 08:21am

Great... Simply Great...

Amin Dec 07, 2014 08:37am

This is one organization which you cannot blame for any incident in the whole of Pakistan. It's very difficult for the critics to counter the claims of the best humanitarian efforts throughout Pakistan from Kashmir to Balochistan

GT Dec 07, 2014 08:48am

And pakistan wonders why no foreign investment comes to their country.

mujahid Dec 07, 2014 09:02am

in order to free indian occupied kashmir, we need more brave and tough mujahideen like hafiz saeed, he is a role model for pak army, a real fearless hero, god bless him, amin

Zak Dec 07, 2014 09:50am

He and many like him are the product and direct result of Indian occupation of Kashmir. It is India which promotes such people by their refusal to resolve Kashmir according to their wishes. Indias misguided obstinacy is harming the people of India and indirectly the people of the region.

Aman Rishu Dec 07, 2014 10:15am

@haider dude u rock! I like ur mentality!

Hussain from Delhi Dec 07, 2014 10:23am

Well done Pak. Make Hafiz Saeed your PM and all your issues will be resolved:-)

James Dec 07, 2014 10:35am


You are right, Pakistan needs more people like Hafiz Saeed to make Pakistan an underdeveloped and regressive country.

Abrar Dec 07, 2014 10:36am

It is a religious obligation for every Muslim to help another Muslim in distress. Whether they be in Thar of in Kashmir.

Asad Dec 07, 2014 10:44am

To the detractors....this is democracy in can't argue with that.

sanjay Dec 07, 2014 10:56am

@Amin this is the only one organisation who can be blamed for most of violance across the india with different names taking lifes of muslims also in kashmir and mumabi attack.

Sammy Dec 07, 2014 11:03am

@Abrar then why are you sitting on your lazy backside! Why don't you go and help the muslims of Gaza???

deva Dec 07, 2014 11:56am

@haider good sarcasm

white noise Dec 07, 2014 12:00pm

@anubis yes, we will always be demanding proof, cause someone at the FO cannot translate the word, proof, they think Proof was a rapper with D12 !!!

so here is what you do, if you find them sniffing around your border, you know what to do !!!

Fawad Dec 07, 2014 12:07pm

Strange sentiments, that we are here to please someone else. Who has everything and who IS everything, put us here to please. People take advantage of others sentiments.

Koshur Dec 07, 2014 12:11pm

@Aly khan Qoum Mazhab se hay Mazhab jo nahi tum bhi nahi .. Jazbe baham jo nahi mehfil e Anjum be nahi .. Allama Iqbal

timurid Dec 07, 2014 12:13pm

Not only the countries listed in the report but the UN also has notified this guy specifically and his organization as terrorists that no member nation should give space or materiel to operate.

Only a matter of time before some US senator rakes it up and dries the river of "aid". Can our governments be any more blind?

Rahber Rind Dec 07, 2014 12:14pm

Sheer number of people come to attend - IK or Ji or JUD.. seems always ready to attend - ops - whats the unemployment rate in Pakistan?

timurid Dec 07, 2014 12:18pm

@Abrar Or in Balochistan or KPK or Xinjiang or Kurdistan or Chechnya. That sense of global "duty" is the problem innit?

ROHIT PANDEY Dec 07, 2014 12:19pm

Just a few days back, a female IITian sang praises about the hospitality of the Pakistanis?:)

And, now one gets to read news like this? Confusing,huh? Pakistanis seem to be split personalities?:)

Dr Hoodbhoy, the author of "Sending Pakistan to Mars" should have an interesting take on this "festival" to establish the supremacy of Islam? How Pakistan should move from this ( frequented by medical and engineering students!) to establishing science on a grand scale in Pakistan?

A nice " Alice in wonderland" sort of country huh?:):):)

Bilal Dec 07, 2014 12:21pm

@Hussain from Delhi Like India did with Modi... ?

ROHIT PANDEY Dec 07, 2014 12:23pm

@Asad This definitely is democracy in action,alright!

Hurtling towards stone age and not to Mars or Moon or whatever!!!:):):)

timurid Dec 07, 2014 12:30pm

@Asad No Asad. This is law enforcement in inaction.

sk Dec 07, 2014 12:49pm

Excellent work to ensure that relations between india and pakistan should further deteriorate.

Sunil Dec 07, 2014 01:11pm

Giving hopes to hopeless with fanfare.

Louis Dec 07, 2014 01:33pm

@Abrar did you mean to say that non-muslims are less humans ?

ROHIT PANDEY Dec 07, 2014 01:40pm

@Bilal Yes.India voted Narendra Modi to an absolute majority? And,the results are starting to SHOW....India is on growth path again and hopefully will continue till a big dent in poverty is made?:):):):):)

Khan Khurram Dec 07, 2014 02:02pm

Its going to be another embarrassment for Pakistan.i wonder when its going to learn the lesson.

ghanshyam Dec 07, 2014 02:09pm

@Abrar :why only pakistani muslims take upon themself the burden of cross, whereas arab are enjoying camel races.

Awam Dec 07, 2014 02:11pm

This tamasha shows there is no hope for progress in Pakistan. A big clap for our Government and its subordinate agencies.

raju Dec 07, 2014 02:26pm

@Abrar pl- go to Xinjiang(china)

prc Dec 07, 2014 02:37pm

@Abrar help in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Palestine. Why not doing actively.. Fight with them ...why not? Lier.....

Dr Carla Dec 07, 2014 02:40pm

@James haider was sarcastic :)

Ample reverence for Saudis Dec 07, 2014 02:44pm

@sk O come on you need India but we don't!

Rafiq Ali Dec 07, 2014 02:59pm

Pakistan is going back to stone age for sure, may be rest of the world of believers is doing the same. Not very long ago US threatened to bomb Pakistan back to stone unless it joined fight against Al Qaeda. But why should we Pakistanis care? We are going to stone age anyway.

VB Dec 07, 2014 03:21pm

Great job! Pakistan govt. Since this guy is a great role model for engineering and medical students, three is no doubt Pakistan will reach its destiny faster.

Akram Dec 07, 2014 03:28pm

If Modi can get elected in India, why not Hafiz Saeed in Pakistan? Both have a violent history.

Truth Dec 07, 2014 03:40pm

@Akram What is the violent history of Sayeed....please educate.

Zombie Dec 07, 2014 03:45pm

As an Indian I'm not shocked by this article. I am shocked by the comments above!

Civi varghese Dec 07, 2014 03:50pm

How people can fight with guns in the name of religion?For me that is not religion only politics.

Ihtesham Kayani Dec 07, 2014 03:56pm

@anubis Do you want proof of 'cross border terrorism' by the so-called biggest democracy? Read the book "Mission R&AW" by RK Yadav, a former R&AW officer, which reveals that its India who initiated cross border terrorism by creating Mukti Bahini and subsequently Bangladesh. It was a great conspiracy and hypocrisy by India against a newly born state. Now its pay back time son, tolerate.

Kunder Dec 07, 2014 04:12pm

@Zak ..When you people will stop throwing your dirt's on others? Do not blame others for your insufficiency in blocking such anti social elements.

Ali-Indian Dec 07, 2014 04:15pm

development in reverse direction is being achieved by Pakistan congrats !!

sam Dec 07, 2014 04:49pm

@Ihtesham Kayani do you realise what will happen if India decides to support cross border terrorism in Pakistan. It can pump in ten times the amount which Pakistan is spending now. By your own words one mukti bahini broke pakistan into two.

Deepak Dec 07, 2014 04:49pm

@Bilal - Yes .. Now its your term.. Make him PM and see who comes to see you

Ali-Indian Dec 07, 2014 04:58pm

@Zak You are true Pakistani !!

MyTake Dec 07, 2014 05:00pm

If such speeches and meetings are accepted and people are attending in large numbers reflects the ignorance, backwardness of an entire society. These are elements contributing to disfunctional status of the country.

mathew Hayden Dec 07, 2014 05:26pm

Yes,no drone strikes in Kashmir,sorry.

John Dec 07, 2014 05:28pm

“Please leave behind your beddings, blankets and shawls for the mujahideen. Your donations will earn you a higher place in the hereafter,” echoed the announcement made at the conclusion of the congregation. And most participants obliged". Clearly JuD supports terrorists supposedly good terrorists of "national interest".

pakistani Dec 07, 2014 05:33pm

good luck. Kashmir Pakistan Zindabad.

Curious Mind Dec 07, 2014 05:46pm

@Zak thanks for the Sunday morning laugh,

Wandering Around Dec 07, 2014 05:59pm

Situation is completely out of control.

Imran Malik Dec 07, 2014 06:08pm

Why is this guy allowed to spread his message of hate. We should condemn him and his ideology in the strongest possible terms. People like him have made it difficult for Pakistan to prosper and live upto its potential. JuD only preaches hate and nothing else. No talk about progress. No talk about economic development....

mohammadnoonnanna Dec 07, 2014 06:14pm

@Zak simple as that.

Sam Dec 07, 2014 06:39pm

@haider yes this will help Pakistan regress fast to Stone Age . Hope you and Pakistan can still see the light. Sort out the mess in Pakistan and forget about the Muslims in the world till Pakistan is a developed country .

Syed Zaheer Ali Dec 07, 2014 06:47pm

Every able and intelligent body knows the realities within the subcontinent. India and Pakistan are nuclear entities. Therefore to solve the Kashmir issues, the war is out of question. This problem can only be resolved through meaningful negotiations. The government of Pakistan should take the matter in the international forum and convince the world that Kashmir belongs to the people of Kashmir and they have the right to live either as an independent country or to join with India or Pakistan; otherwise this problem will continue for ages.

Firebrand Dec 07, 2014 07:32pm

@Asad Don't confuse democracy with Mullahcracy.

Mustafa Dec 07, 2014 07:34pm

@Aly khan;

"Religion and government are two separate things and shouldn't be mixed together"

It is fine for you to hold that opinion, but don't force it on others. In the end people decide, and if the majority wants to mix religion and politics so it shall be.

Ahmer Dec 07, 2014 08:50pm

The ijtema was not above scoring points for PML(N) against PTI and PAT. All the logistic help provided by Shahbaz Sharif and Punjab Govt was not for free.

Menan & U Dec 07, 2014 10:50pm

@haider Yes back to 10000 B.C

Seedoo Dec 07, 2014 11:10pm

In a democracy everyone has a right to organize and express their views so long as they are not causing violence. As much as I despite these people's cult-like mentality, I support their right to organize on this scale, even though it is definitely not my cup of tea.

What I do want to know is how much of intelligence gathering was being done at this venue our law enforcement agencies, since these types of festivals tend to attract both wannabe terrorists and those who seem to be on the top of the food chain. This appears like a golden opportunity to preempt future terrorist strikes in both Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan.

Naveed Dec 08, 2014 12:43am

People like JUD should confine themselves to Welfare and Social Work. They do a very efficient work in social welfare.

SBB Dec 08, 2014 12:54am

How many of the individuals attending will aspire to be doctors, engineers, scientists, physicists or even nurses? These are the roles that advance a society.. not people who are out to kill or convert.

Ijaz Dec 08, 2014 12:56am

The children of Zia live on

H S Roy Dec 08, 2014 01:06am

And we keep wondering if this is the Pakistan that M A Jinnah had in his mind.

irfan Dec 08, 2014 01:30am

@BRR Who gives Edhi or Shaukat Khanum or SIUT or many other money, who makes mosques? Dude this money also comes from the masses. Get rid of this suspicious mentality.

Surinder Saini Dec 08, 2014 02:22am

Parents spend money on children to become Medical and Engineering Graduate and seeks better career , build your nation but looks like after graduation these grown ups are turning towards destruction, helping organize terrorist activities, what sort of Pakistan is being built here, Mujahdeen , Militants, Terrorist &for what purpose >>>

Ajaya K Dutt Dec 08, 2014 02:55am

@haider - Pakistan is where she is, because of great job done by these.

Ajaya K Dutt Dec 08, 2014 02:58am

@Abrar - It is a moral obligation of each and every human to help out other human, even if he is "idol worshipping hindu".

Shahpur Dec 08, 2014 05:16am

It tells you that present System is a "Fraud Democracy". It must come to an end. There should be a new creation of Pakistan where these people with many differences can co-exit.

Akbar Dec 08, 2014 05:54am

@Abrar : That's what Taliban in Pakistan has been doing.

Akbar Dec 08, 2014 05:58am

Pakistanis have learnt no lesson it seems from Afghanistan and Kashmir. There is no such thing as "Good snake".

pathanoo Dec 08, 2014 05:59am

@Rafiq Ali Almost there.

Ghazanfar Dec 08, 2014 06:34am

@sam India is already doing his best directly/indirectly in bombing pervasively in Pakistan without any discrimination.

Ghazanfar Dec 08, 2014 06:37am

@Surinder Saini Well said. However, injustice and illegal occupation invokes the whims of conscious folks any where in the world.

Indian Dec 08, 2014 06:42am

@Ihtesham Kayani So yo are thinking that by doing this you are paying india back :)

sahil Dec 08, 2014 07:00am

He should be arrested.! but he is walking freely in Pakistan, Thanks you Sharif government

sahil Dec 08, 2014 07:02am

@mujahid are you ok ? he is role model ? that was good joke

Sahil Dec 08, 2014 07:04am

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed is banned by Interpol , USA declared as terrorist & that's funny is pak says he role model

Sami Qureshi Dec 08, 2014 07:20am

It was merely an attempt by the Nawaz Govt, to counter the street power of Imran Khan which has become a threat to his weak Government. HPakistan is going back to the Zia era when the religious parties formed an alliance to annihilate the progressive elements to open a wide space for the existing feudal cum bureaucratic class to continue its governing practices as usual all over the country. Pakistan is expected to maintain its status quo for some time, under such circumstances, till the political vacuum would have to take its disastrous turn to fill up the gap. If the vacuum is not filled by its own people then some outer forces have to make a way to fill it. Nature takes its own course.

gfellow Dec 08, 2014 07:23am

And then Pakistan wants to talk to India. This news item makes that statement an oxymoron

Rahul Dec 08, 2014 07:27am

In June 2014, Washington declared JuD an LeT affiliate and announced head money for Hafiz Saeed and Abdur Rahman Makki, JuD’s political wing chief and Saeed’s brother-in-law.

So a Pak newspaper, clearly states that a rally was held adressed by a most wanted man right under the nose of Pakistani establishment, and the outfit is a terrorist organization which can move freely in Pak.

So again, is Pak supporting terror in Kashmir?

JohnDaviss Dec 08, 2014 07:56am

@ROHIT PANDEY Don't you know Mars is a Prohibited place......

Trigger happy Singh Dec 08, 2014 08:15am

Pakistanis must wake up up and smell the coffee. India and Afghanistan are not going anywhere. It is Pakistan who is the new kid in the block. It is working together with india and afghanistan thats going to ensure Pakistan's longevity and not the other way around.

RDXXX Dec 08, 2014 08:36am

Wake up Pakistan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Harsh Dec 08, 2014 09:34am

As an Indian, I am quite pleased with the agenda run by Mr.Saeed and also the open support of the government of Pakistan to his activities considering his involvement in terrorist activities. It is quite important for India that people like Saeed keep the Kashmir issue burning so that the attention, focus and development of Pakistan is always held hostage to this one issue. It also ensures that Pakistan has to keep diverting its resources to defense and sacrifice its potential to develop or attract investments. Had it not been for the Kashmir issue, most probably Pakistan would have been more prosperous and developed that it is today and it would have also diminished the role of the army thereby strengthening the democratic governance. We have to bear in mind that the Kashmir issue has enabled the Pakistani army to hog most of the resources, subvert the potential of Pakistanis, prevented Pakistan from addressing issues of development or attain prosperity and also scared of investors thereby diverting many of them to India, kept the funding of infrastructure, education, health to a minimum. The Kashmir issue captures the imagination of Pakistanis like nothing else and ensures that the terrorist machinery is kept well funded and even allows the agencies like TTP survive and kill thousands of Pakistanis. This comment may sound sarcastic to those who are in denial and also hurtful to some Indians but let me assure you that a developed and prosperous Pakistan would have been twice as dangerous to India and credible to the international community than today's Pakistan. It is easier for India to deal with a country which openly promotes terrorism than another heavywight in the neighborhood.

Payal Dec 08, 2014 10:28am

@Syed Zaheer Ali Despite being an Indian, I agree with you. The only point of disagreement is, Pak govt. should initiate peace talks with Govt. of India and not with the terrorists in Kashmir who are shielded in the name of separatists or freedom fighters. There is no way these separatists could have access to such high-end weapons if they are not linked to the terrorists. Indian govt has been to tolerant and useless in a way in not taking these non-state entities to task.

It shows a very confusing intent to the entire world when a legitimate govt of a legitimate country starts talking to separatists and non-state elements of another country and that to after official discussions were starting up.

kafirmusafir Dec 08, 2014 10:41am

@Harsh :: Wow... at what you said. And more surprised that Dawn published it. Harsh, now don't you think that the intelligent, smart, strategic thinkers of Pakistan have, and should have, and definitely would have given thought to what you said. In other words, Pakistan will go bankrupt just chasing after Kashmir just like the USA did to USSR. History has many lessons to teach Pakistan but there are no takers in Pakistan.

Abdul Dec 08, 2014 01:12pm

LOL Pakistanis living up to their reputation as the prime exporters of terrorism.

Eddied Dec 08, 2014 06:16pm

As the article says...the gathering was attended mostly by illiterate or semi literate people...this hate monger knows how to use uneducated people to perform his dirty work and they blindly follow him

qambar ali Dec 09, 2014 08:06am

JUD chief with minar i Pakistan in back ground shows take over of Pakistan by these right wing groups. How symbolic. the fact that JUD took the vanue from JI shows they are all from the same piece of cloth, only names change

khanm Jan 22, 2015 04:27pm

@BRR .... i am totally dumb founded,confused, and on cross road... what is really going on, what ever government say appears to be totally different in reality...Conflict is drama, and how people deal with conflict shows you the kind of people they are...

khanm Jan 22, 2015 04:33pm

@Aly khan.... with due respect...Islam is a complete code of life... we cannot separate religion from state for you were created in the name of religion... why being hypocrites..our identity is Islamic republic of Pakistan...let us change it first...In the social jungle of human existence, there is no feeling of being alive without a sense of identity.Pal.....

khanm Jan 22, 2015 04:41pm

@anubis Pal... we all are confused... don't be sad..chill out... one Army General came with this slogan... Jihad is our religious right (ZIA) then came another Army General... Ye Kia bakwas hay Band Karo Ye Sub... Musahraff... indeed are used misused and abused...

som Jan 22, 2015 05:00pm

@Abrar or in China where Muslim women are barred from wearing hijab/burqa

ahmed Jan 22, 2015 05:18pm

@khanm well said.. lol

Thinker Jan 22, 2015 05:21pm

( india or pak)The day there will not be people on these sorts of rallies.
That day these countries will be developed countries. people will not have time ,they have to work ,no time for these sort of rallies. just like Europe. I wonder when will be that day if there will be any......

Akram Jan 22, 2015 05:24pm

most of these people just turn up for the free food, tomorrow the same people will turn up for the Noon league rally and then for the PTI. Jud does not have that much following in Pakistan. Their people like to claim things that are not true.

Sri Jan 22, 2015 05:52pm

@Hussain from Delhi

India too faced such situation during the Congress rule where communal politics were used to get votes. India woke up and brought a dynamic person as PM and started moving in the development path. All, including Muslims started appreciating the importance of growth over communal politics played by the politicians. People of Pakistan should realise that they are fooled in the name of religion and hatred speech against India.

shahid Jan 22, 2015 05:58pm

If people want economic progress in Pakistan, they have to get population growth under control.

Tariq, Lahore Jan 22, 2015 07:27pm

These self centered Mullah's have no care/wellbeing for their country just like our political elite use religion as an eye wash for the masses only to gain influence and political leverage.

MSAlvi Jan 22, 2015 07:38pm

It is a big problem for Pakistan that religion and government are mixed. Religion is a faith, whereas government is organized to do things for people, which they cannot do individually.

Because the religious parties are allowed to participate in politics and become part of government, they start talking about Sharia Law.

saeeds Jan 22, 2015 07:42pm

@Abrar you have obligation to help other Human , But start from your neighborhood first than talk about Kashmir and Palestine later.

umesh g Jan 22, 2015 08:05pm

@ZakGentleman,If he is the outcome of the Indian approach to Kashmir then do you approve any Indian to emulate him on account of his role in the bombay massacre? and take ?similar actions against Pakistan?

Sangan Jan 22, 2015 08:37pm

@Zak This is escapism

sam Jan 22, 2015 08:51pm

Do you think the world will support Pak ?

DM Jan 22, 2015 09:00pm

@Abrar why are we still the most poorest nation in the world...despite these claims on religious ground....think scientifically if you really want everyone to do good in Pakistand as China has done and most probably India will be the next

Anees Jan 22, 2015 09:26pm

@Aly khan Islam tells us how to govern people, state, country. Prophet (SAW) brought the Deen of Allah to show us how to live in every aspect of life. Our problem is we are ignorent when it comes to Deen because we do not have the education of our religion and we start talking like we know everything because we have PHD in medical, or IT or any other field. We fail to understand the worldly education has NOTHING to do with the Islamic education. Learn Islam than you will know what to say and what Islam teaches. It shows the right path but we are not ready to follow because we want to follow the west or our desires.

arya kumar Jan 22, 2015 10:52pm

@haider they can make a islamic state but not a devolped state and if they rule people will more suffer

Usman Khan Jan 22, 2015 11:37pm

so now that the group accounts are frozen, do we expect such show of strength again?

Javed USA Jan 23, 2015 12:32am

@haider JuD will lead to a welfare state and not a progressive state.

Fawad Ali Jan 23, 2015 01:05am

"You are here to please Allah Almighty and not for enjoyment" Religion being used for politics, stop it!!

Fawad Ali Jan 23, 2015 01:09am

@Zak So that these people don't affect Pakistan, you mean India should give Kashmir??? Or Pakistan should stop them, so that they don't eat Pakistan from inside. Why always Pakistan ask for help for everything from outside?!

raj Jan 23, 2015 04:04am

Today emir of Jud tomorrow he would aspire to be emir of islamic republic of pakistan.

Amir Indian Jan 23, 2015 05:56am

1 simple question from an ordinary Indian - if JUD & Hafiz Saeed are doing charity work in"Pakistan" - then, why UNSC declared them as "Terrorist" in 2008? and no action taken until now. for Pakistan's information - this is the same UNSC whose resolution demanded by Pakistan in Kashmir issue.

Idea Khan Jan 23, 2015 05:56am

This is the organisation which is forcing india to do damage to Pakistan. If this organisation is shut down india will also stop hitting Pakistan. It is stupidity to ask india to stop until we close this organisation down fully.

Sammy Jan 23, 2015 06:03am

@ROHIT PANDEY I am sorry, but it was actually Mr. Singh's ideas of "globalization" that brought boom to India. Modi has it good, the economy is just handed over to him. Hard work was already done. Modi, an RSS guy, responsible for gujarat riots, where Indian (Hindu) rights organizations have documented the brutality of Modi themselves, is now enjoying the PM ship, that shows the level of Indians themselves, which are in NO position to comment on Pakistani extreme organizations, where Indian themselves elected a hard-core Hindu extremist as the leader. Shame

Uday Jan 23, 2015 06:49am

@Aly khan Wrong! Pakistan was created because of religion. So how can you say Religion and government are two separate things and shouldn't be mixed together. This will happen when the constitution is revisited.

syed Ali Jan 23, 2015 07:27am

It is Pakistan policy not to interfere physically in Kashmir. Before banning LET which has reappeared with new face of Jamat e dawa Pakistan must have solid proof of its cross border and within Pakistan activities. If Jamat e Dawa is still involved in cross border terrorism Pakistan government must exhibit for public information. Government should also clarify if this organization is involved anti state activities in Pakistan(like Al Qaida and Taliban). This is necessary to convince people before taking drastic actioin against Jamat e dawa.

Open your eyes Jan 23, 2015 08:26am

@Amin yes thats whay it is banned all over the world.