ISLAMABAD: The annual asset declaration required of all members of parliament has yielded the usual surprise: few lawmakers hold any assets of note or worth at least according to their official declaration.

Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid appears to be from the low-income group because neither he nor his spouse owns any wealth, not even a house, a car and not any other property.

The Election Commission of Pakistan released on Wednesday the declaration of assets of senators for 2012-13, which shows that Mr Rashid has only Rs250,300 in his bank account.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar owns property, including bank accounts in the country and in the UAE and he has also given loans of Rs419.50 million to his son and to one Mohammad Nawaz (Rs100,000).

Mr Dar has a house worth Rs45m in Gulberg, Lahore and four acres of land valued at Rs14.5m in Lahore. He and his spouse have investments of Rs1.26m. The value of his three cars is around Rs15.9m and they have Rs107.47m cash in hand and in bank accounts. He has firearm worth Rs23,825.

Nuzhat Sadiq of the PML-N has assets of more than Rs414m.

Aitzaz Ahsan of the PPP is close to becoming a billionaire. He owns property worth Rs382.36m and property owned by his wife is worth Rs419.58m.

Mr Ahsan has two SUVs worth Rs3.40m and Rs127.8m in banks, while his wife has Rs32.6m in banks, investments of Rs11m and furniture worth Rs4.5m.

Former interior minister Rehman Malik of the PPP has no stakes in the country, but he has a house in London worth 2.5m pounds with a loan of 1m pounds against this property. He has a vehicle in the UK valued at 27,000 pounds, 50 tolas of gold and Rs600,000 in Pakistani banks.

Rubina Khalid of the PPP has 95 marlas of land in Lahore, 32 marlas in Peshawar, a 33 marla farm in Islamabad, four marlas of land in Islamabad and 108 marlas in Haripur. She owned a house in the UK, but has sold it.

She has shares in businesses, 500 tolas of gold, Rs1m along with 115,500 pounds in banks.

Ms Khalid owns a small 2006 model car and a truck.

As usual, a large number of parliamentarians and elected representatives continue to file details of their assets carelessly or in a vague manner.

Babar Awan has used two different inks to fill in the assets form. The details of original value of assets are readable, while the ink used to fill the column of ‘present value of assets’ is dim and not legible.

Mr Awan owns property worth Rs126m, while he has valued his law firm at Rs2.24m and

five vehicles at Rs14m. He has Rs120m cash and his wife and daughters have property worth Rs36m.

Islamuddin Shaikh of the PPP has assets of Rs109.57m.

Raza Rabbani has no property as he gifted his house valued at Rs5.5m to his wife, who owns gold worth Rs1.48m.

Mr Rabbani has valued his businesses at Rs100,000 and he has made investments of more than Rs61m. He has about Rs6m cash in hand or in banks and three cars worth Rs7.7m.

Saeed Ghani of the PPP, who is from a modest background, has one family-owned house in Chanesar Goth, Karachi, agricultural land in Mauripur worth Rs2.26m, a car worth Rs1.6m and Rs1.45m in banks. His wife possesses 100 tolas of gold.

Tahir Mashhadi of the MQM has a house worth Rs24m in Malir Cantonment, a five-marla house in Bahria, Islamabad, a plot in the Senate Enclave, investments of Rs9m, a car valued at Rs1.6m, 10 tolas of gold and cash worth Rs2.5m.

Abdul Haseeb Khan and his wife paid Rs50m income tax in 2012-13. He has property worth Rs83m, jewellery valued at Rs13m, Rs15m cash in hand or in bank.

Nasreen Jalil of the MQM has a house valued at Rs3m in the DHA, a plot worth Rs280,000 in Hawkesbay and one acre of land worth Rs7m in Port Qasim. She has 75 tolas of gold, other assets worth Rs850,000, Rs1.69m cash, but she owns no car.

Babar Ghauri of the MQM has property worth Rs140m, businesses of Rs10m, two cars worth Rs3.6m, 1,100 grams of gold and Rs4.8m cash.

Afrasiab Khattak of the ANP has no property or any other asset in his own name. All the property and source of income are jointly owned by his family. He has no car, but he has Rs15,947 cash in hand.

Farah Aqil of the ANP has only Rs18,301 cash and 60 tolas of gold. Neither she nor her spouse has any property. They don’t have a car or investments.

Haji Khan Afridi has property and business ventures worth Rs467m, a car, gold and cash valued at Rs5.5m.