Soundcheck: Bittersweet symphony

August 26, 2013


Mekaal Hasan
Mekaal Hasan
Jarar Malik
Jarar Malik

The original king of rock ‘n’ roll, Ali Azmat, will make his big screen debut in Bilal Lashari’s Waar. The singer whose massive hit Na Re Na is featured on the soundtrack of the Pakistani film, Josh, said that he has sung a duet with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for the upcoming film, Hijrat. “I’m a huge fan of Rahat. It’s one of the most powerful songs Rahat has sung. I’d call it a blockbuster,” said Ali who will also feature on the upcoming sixth season of Coke Studio.

Bilal Maqsood revealed that Strings are doing the original soundtrack for Jami’s much-talked about upcoming film, Moor.

“It will consist of eight songs. The sound and texture will have an ethnic feel. Faisal and I will sing one or two songs on the soundtrack. We’ll be working with other singers,” he said. The other singers include Meesha Shafi and Javed Bashir. Once the record is done, Strings will come back to their studio album. “The songs are done,” said Bilal, adding, “it didn’t work out with the producer so we’re trying to find another guy.”

As for an album, Noori boys Ali Noor and Ali Hamza have their eye on the prize. “We’re going to take it to the next level,” says Ali Hamza. The focus will be on audio-visual content as well as an interactive campaign.

Jarar Malik and Adil Omar will be seen together in an upcoming music video, Saza, which releases in a couple of weeks.

Lead songwriter-composer for Call, Xulfi, revealed that the new line-up of Call (with Yasir Jaswal) is coming together for a music video later this year. An album is in the pipeline but right now, they are focused on getting the single and video out. Xulfi is also returning with Nescafe Basement later this year. The audition process is finished and jamming sessions have begun.

Meanwhile, Mekaal Hasan Band’s new album, Andholan, comes out this year. Mekaal Hasan’s working on a record based on kalams by Amir Khusrau. He is also involved with Poor Rich Boy’s new album, which is being produced by Zain Ahsan. In addition to the music, MHB will be playing at the edgy indie festival NH7 in Nov/Dec and a festival in Goa, India.

After Pepsi Smash, Symt’s Haroon Shahid confirmed that they have three music videos in the pipeline for Dil Ki Akhaan Se,Gal Sunja and Tere Mere Pyar Nu. He also told IoS that the band will be recording new material and a studio album is in the pipeline.

To celebrate a decade as a band, Overload have just released a cool tune, aptly titled Jeet. Farhad Humayun has confirmed that a new Overload album will release this December but it will not be free. Also on the cards is a new set of Live at the Apartment but instead of cover songs, the focus will be on new artists and original content.

Hamza Jafri confirmed that Co-VEN is going to start recording new material in mid to late Sept. It will feature Hamza Jafri, Sikandar Mufti, Sameer Ahmed and Omran Shafique. “We’re writing songs in English and Urdu,” said Hamza.

The singer-songwriter is also working on an ethnic acoustic album. It will feature tabla, sitar, sarangi, harmonium and acoustic guitars. A local record label has shown interest and talks are on. The first song is produced by Hamza and Mooroo’s Music aka Taimoor Salahuddin at Mooroo’ studio while the rest of the four tracks are being recorded at Omran Shafique’ studio. The ethnic acoustic album will feature poetry by Hamza Jafri and explore ideas like space exploration and supernatural possession among other things. Hamza hopes to release the album in Oct.