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US drone strike kills TTP number two Waliur Rehman, six others

Updated May 29, 2013 04:52pm


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In this photo taken on October 4, 2009, new Pakistani Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud, left, is seen with Waliur Rehman during his meeting with media in South Waziristan’s Sararogha area. — Photo by AP/File
In this photo taken on October 4, 2009, new Pakistani Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud, left, is seen with Waliur Rehman during his meeting with media in South Waziristan’s Sararogha area. — Photo by AP/File

PESHAWAR: Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan’s deputy chief and commander of the Mehsud area, Waliur Rehman Mehsud, was killed in US drone strike on a compound in the Chashma area of Miramshah in the North Waziristan tribal region along with close aide Fahkr-i-Alam and five others, including Uzbek militants, official and intelligence sources told

Intelligence as well as tribal sources confirmed that the TTP’s second top man had died along with six others in the drone strike.

Sources added that officials from the political administration had also communicated to Fata secretariat authorities regarding the death of Rehman and six others in the strike.

Besides Rehman, the other militants killed in the strike include Nasarullah, Shahabuddin, Adil, Nasiruddin, Fakhr-i-Alam and Saeedur Rehman who were present in the compound at the time of the strike, the sources said.

As the militants removed the bodies, communication intercepts among TTP militants confirmed to intelligence agencies that Rehman had been killed.

The TTP, however, is yet to confirm or deny the report of the death of their second top commander.

Official intelligence sources also confirmed that they had checked and verified the information on ground and had credible knowledge that seven people had died in the strike on the compound, including Rehman.

Political administration and military authorities in the tribal areas neither confirm nor deny such drone strikes.


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Comments (129) Closed

Muhammad Asif May 29, 2013 06:52am

First test for Nawas Sharif and also Imran Khan!! Both had opposed the drones during election. Now Nawaz is in-charge at center and directly responsible for Pakistan affairs. Imran Khan (PTI) at KPK plus as opposition at center, should play his/their roles.

ali May 29, 2013 06:59am

A slap on the face of tall claims by PMLN and General Kiyani...these cowards are slave of America..where the JF17 planes...shame shame shame...

Sameen Bawla May 29, 2013 07:20am

Lets see what Nawaz Sharif has to say?

Hafiz Nazar Hussain, Advocate,High Court May 29, 2013 07:23am

For Mian Sahib, this is a real tragedy that USA is welcoming the new Government with Drone strike. Such violation by a so called Ally is a matter of great concern for the nation and has to be stopped forthwith. In fact, the War on terror has been thrust upon Pakistan for vested interests and now after sending infiltrators in our country and creating sanctuaries for them with local support, it is being termed as our war. The situation has been further complicated by mishandling the issue by our ill advised leadership during the past more than one decade. Let us see how Mian Sahiban handle this matter?

Hina May 29, 2013 07:25am

Pakistanis choose drones by not voting Imran who had promised to shoot down drones.

Ashok R. Prabhu May 29, 2013 07:46am

The new Nawaz Shariff Government must invite Taliban for talks aimed at resolving their fears and apprehensions so that the terrorism is ended and people can once again lead a peaceful life.The senseless violence must be stopped at all costs and a new chapter started for people of Pakistan.

MSA May 29, 2013 07:54am

The only bad aspect of drones is the loss of innocent life, although it is partly their fault to allow the insurgent to live among them. Other than the civilian losses, I believe the use of drones by US in Pakistan is alright. US is doing in Pakistan what Pakistan wants to do itself, but has no means. If Pakistan and US are allies, why there is the problem of sovereignty. It seems like false patriotism.

Ayaz May 29, 2013 09:02am

Now upcoming governmnet should play its role, as people of this country want to know that what our rulers think about this and what strategy they have developed to address this issue.

roy meddock May 29, 2013 10:17am

Hello, If all Pakistani governments ( caretaker and newly elected) are opposed to the drone strikes - then how come the Pakistani air force does not shoot the drones down?

Nafees May 29, 2013 10:36am

For US President and US Administration just three word from their own books

  • Murder he wrote -
Syed Mubashir Mustafa May 29, 2013 11:47am


Citizen May 29, 2013 12:25pm

North Waziristan tribal region is a place where any random DRON fire will never miss hitting terrorists. In other words who so ever gets killed has to be a terrorist . No chance of

Shaheed May 29, 2013 01:23pm

American foreign policy remains intact until foreign politicians do not standup like real men and love there own people. Drones attack will be carried on unless Nawaz sharif start behaving a proper momin and acts like Momin.

Mohammad Arif May 29, 2013 03:14pm

This doesn't affect and doesn't do any damage to this terrorist outfit. Another person will climb the ladder. But killing innocent people by drones will certainly create more terrorists. Instead of this, follow Imran Khan's idea. That is the only solution.

pramod May 29, 2013 03:17pm

@Syed Mubashir Mustafa : This is the irony of Pakistan that people who should be happy with this news are cursing US. Perhaps it has become a habit.

Shubs May 29, 2013 03:21pm

I don't understand. Aren't Pakistanis happy that this guy is dead? I mean, the Pakistany Army couldn't get him over the past half a decade since he's been in the news!

Is the anger at the fact that this Taliban leader has been killed, or that he's been killed by a US drone?

syed baqar hasan May 29, 2013 03:21pm

who is correct,army spokeman or JUI (S)Sami ul Haq who says Tabliban in Afghanistan and TTP in Pakistan are two separate distinct entities where as above it is mentioned separate entity but allied with Afghan Tabliban-I think here in our country joker are handling the situation peace will never come so easily,there is no centre where thinks are segregated -for Pakistan-against Pakistan-only confusion centre are active with small brain.

S. A. M. May 29, 2013 03:27pm

Really if drones can avoid civilians casualty it really is a big success to kill talibans. Wish they could be wiped off completely.

Samrat May 29, 2013 03:28pm

I really like the customary Pakistani government 'protest' and 'condemnation' every time there is a drone strike ;-). The Pakistani state and the nation is obsessed with lies...not that state lying to their citizens are not there elsewhere.But somehow here people like buying and selling lies with a little more gusto.Be it ancient history or more current affairs it has to be horribly twisted.

Mir May 29, 2013 03:38pm

@Syed Mubashir Mustafa in your dictionary people give respect??? by allowing taliban to kill innocients?? you should be shamefull on your own people and thankfull to the Americans that they are wiping out this menace from your ill country..

akram May 29, 2013 03:42pm

very few Pakistanis will weep for this butcher and terrorist, he got a taste of his own medicine.

syed baqar hasan May 29, 2013 03:43pm

when Taliban seal area after attack our security forces and agencies go for rest- as police in Karachi after any shia killing(genocide) is at once declare sectarian killing so no action- so with statement mean no further action - this is height of irresponsible attitude of security forces and agencies who have been trained and for years seen busy in filling perform a s and take lot interest to fill sect column religiously and then details are disseminated or taken away by killer gangs from their record,judges are doing wonderful job by acquainting due to lack of witness rest everything on record has no value.what a dear country of full off.

Ali Shah May 29, 2013 03:46pm

How does anybody really find out that the number 2 of the TTP was killed or it was somebody else? How do our security forces verify this?

Ajay May 29, 2013 03:50pm

Why to condemn , when it is clear that without Pakistani support these attacks are not possible . Any how this time they got the man who was creating trouble for your security

Farhan May 29, 2013 04:03pm

Well at least they got one baddie. Now how about going after Maulvi Fazlullah who is hiding in Afghanistan?

Office response is confusing...

Jamal May 29, 2013 04:22pm

@Salim B: Amen to that.

naghman qureshi May 29, 2013 04:34pm negotiations no prisoners

muzammil ullah khan May 29, 2013 04:36pm

If the drones can take out the TTP rascals and their leaders then I would welcome the Drone Attacks irrespective of the sovereignty issues . After all the TTP is also violating Pakistan's sovereignty and inflicting colossal damage in terms of deaths of innocent people and crippling the economy . Drones are a much lesser evil . Bring it on and eliminate the Hakimulllahs of this land .

Ali May 29, 2013 04:37pm


two letter initials FO stands for Foreign Office in other world, whereas in Pakistan this may well be used as funny office aka foreign office.

are these guys playing toy games ? someone is sending drones after drones and these puppets in F.O are simply playing it down simply using formulated english dictionary words; national integrity, territorial integrity, violation of international law.... and so on. does any one know which nations can use such words and under which circumstances. Alas in our funny office ( Foreign Office ) no know can even spell these words not to mention about integrity and how to respond to protect civilians from such attacks.

the Punjabis have given mandate to their self proclaimed 'national leader' family corporate business call PML-N. and the gentlemen in charge of this business with new hair transplant has neither suggestive formula nor the speaking power to convince heads of other states to stop such attacks.

what is the end, where do we stand as nation, what our national institutes are doing to resolve the issues ?. Nation is seeking answers not heavy worded learn-by-heart English.


Pakistani May 29, 2013 04:41pm

"A Pakistani Foreign Ministry official condemned the strike as a breach of sovereignty."

Pakistan - "We strongly condemn this bre..." American - (shows dollar bills) Pakistan - (winks at US and whispers, no problemo)

Vijay May 29, 2013 05:01pm

@Syed Mubashir Mustafa : NO! These are enemies of humanity.

Ahmed May 29, 2013 05:01pm

@Muhammad Asif: I dont believe PTI's in the opposition in the centre. Also, being incharge of the government in KPK, doesnt give PTI any power to stop the drones, because the Army falls under the federal government and not the regional one and as such PTI would have no authority to stop the drones.

Agha Ata May 29, 2013 05:09pm

Do Taliban ever think of preparing themselves to face the arms of science with education and science? OR would drones, and jets, and satellite-controlled weapons be always fought with primitive rifles and bare-feet men.

Saz May 29, 2013 05:11pm

IK you are up to bat now, lets see how you play this.

ikam May 29, 2013 05:10pm

If Pakistan army can't do the job, then let the Americans do it. We need to eradicate all these terrorists from our motherland. No Pakistani cares about what happens in Afghanistan after Americans leave, we care about what happens, is happening and will happen in our own country.

Raj May 29, 2013 05:16pm

@Nafees: Accept the fact that this killing is good for the mankind. If you cant then run for your life drone is coming!

irfan baloch May 29, 2013 05:16pm

now these are kind of the strikes that stop me from opposing drones completely

TTP leadership seems to be out of reach and ability of our military and the only thing that can reach them is Western technology

TTP has killed and maimed thousands recently in Pakistan without any significant blow to itself. hopefully TTP chief Mullah fazlullah will also face the same fate

ZQ23 May 29, 2013 05:17pm

TTP has stepped up their attacks since the new governmnet announced that they will hold talks with them. The obvious reason is to increase pressure on the new government to accept whatever terms the TTP lay down on the table. From that point of view, this attack is quite timely as it shows the TTP that they are just as vulnerable. Better to negotiate from a position of strength

Ali May 29, 2013 05:18pm


two letter initials FO stands for Foreign Office in other world, whereas in Pakistan this may well be used as funny office aka foreign office.

are these guys playing toy games ? someone is sending drones after drones and these puppets in F.O are simply playing it down simply using formulated english dictionary words; national integrity, territorial integrity, violation of international law.... and so on. does any one know which nations can use such words and under which circumstances. Alas in our funny office ( Foreign Office ) no know can even spell these words not to mention about integrity and how to respond to protect civilians from such attacks.

the Punjabis have given mandate to their self proclaimed 'national leader' family corporate business call PML-N. and the gentlemen in charge of this business with new hair transplant has neither suggestive formula nor the speaking power to convince heads of other states to stop such attacks.

what is the end, where do we stand as nation, what our national institutes are doing to resolve the issues ?. Nation is seeking answers not heavy worded learn-by-heart English.


NASAH (USA) May 29, 2013 05:25pm

Good riddance! Next, Hakeemullah's turn while the "talks" can surely continue.

MSA May 29, 2013 05:27pm

@Ali Shah: You should know that CIA can do lot of things.

MSA May 29, 2013 05:28pm

@Syed Mubashir Mustafa : No

Gulzar May 29, 2013 05:31pm

Its not the solution, they don't import from any where, an other will stand in place of him and then an other...

sali May 29, 2013 05:32pm

For anyone not appreciating the elimination of murderers who have killed hundreds of innocent people including kids on the streets of Pakistan, they are out of their mind if they think you can negotiate with Jahilans. They are not fighting war against US army in Afghanistan, they are destroying Pakistan and hitting soft targets like Malala and trying to impose their will on people of Pakistan.

MSA May 29, 2013 05:33pm

@Sameen Bawla: Does he know what all this is about? He is busy with his Water Melon Party.

ali@Samar_fm. May 29, 2013 05:39pm

Great news. Fantastic, keep if up and rid us of these parasites.

MAK May 29, 2013 06:06pm

One less Jehadi fanatic. What Pak forces could not do or did not want to do, American drone did it for them.

sricunt May 29, 2013 06:08pm

@Hina: Imran came to US for election fund raising,then HOW?

umar May 29, 2013 06:17pm

Who so ever attack Pakistan Army should meet the same fate. TTP is doing no good except indoctrinating on the name of relegion, launching strikes against own forces/people. Good to hear drone on the right man........ Right weapon for a right man.

Lakhkar Khan May 29, 2013 06:18pm


Yes man, you know everything. Go drown yourself in your own vomit. How is your peaceful country dealing with Moist rebels?

AliBengali May 29, 2013 06:20pm

This is great news. The Pakistani Taliban need to be smoked out from their caves. I think the drones are a brilliant idea, personally they should operate all over the region, not just in the outskirts of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Thank you

Ali Bengali London

zobia khan May 29, 2013 06:22pm

@Ali Shah: Its not all that difficult. Inside information is used to confirm who is in the target zone. Drones have the unique ability to hover over an area for 24 hours or more, so there is no rush. Once confirmed the strike is conducted.

The drones also have the capability to intercept radio transmissions, so when the rest of the gang comes to dig out the bodies whatever they transmit is picked up and analyzed. That along with insider and visual verification information is used in a 3 layer system to confirm the target's identity.

Lakhkar Khan May 29, 2013 06:21pm

@Syed Mubashir Mustafa :

No, they don't deserve any respect who murders for his/her own philosophy like these "Taliban" murderers do.

Lakhkar Khan May 29, 2013 06:23pm

@Muhammad Asif:

Imran Khan, the microphone is yours. We are waiting.

zobia khan May 29, 2013 06:24pm

@Syed Mubashir Mustafa : Those that work against the state of Pakistan, promote the censure of Pakistani women, bomb schools, kill anyone who dares to question, promote acid attacks young girls, send death squads to kill a school girl, kill our soldiers, attack our masajids and religious gatherings, have made a mockery of our religion are not Pakistani. They are they enemy. Finally the Pakistani army has seen it fit to call them just that. Why would you want to include them in the same respect?

zobia khan May 29, 2013 06:26pm

@Muhammad Asif: They had opposed drone strikes on Pakistani civilians. They cannot oppose it on the enemy who are now regarded as non-pakistani.

zobia khan May 29, 2013 06:38pm

@Muhammad Asif: Perhaps you may want to read the following article: on Dawn.

Tamilselvan May 29, 2013 06:49pm

US would not be using drones if Pakistan cooperates and takes care of terrorists themselves which they can if they want to. Pak has been claiming too long that they are uable to do so which is an insult to her armed forces and it's people. If Pakistan can't do US will do it and to some extent they should be thankful for it

AB Uzair May 29, 2013 06:49pm

Thank you Mr Drone. Our justice system (from policemen to judges) is too corrupt to effectively handle these 'known and confessed' criminals. A known criminal can become our President, known looters can become Prime Ministers etc. etc. Please continue with your strikes. We are too weak (militarily, politically and economically) to handle this gang.

Gulzar May 29, 2013 06:51pm

We are planning negotitions but the US in not happy they did this.

Imtiaz Khan May 29, 2013 06:57pm

Nawaz Sharif Sahib -Do you have the courage to condemn this barbaric act of drone bombing on a soveriegn nation? You will be the prime Minister of Pakistan in a few days and it is a big test for your committment to change Pakistan. There will be no difference between you and Zardari if you fail to speak against the drone attack.

pathanoo May 29, 2013 07:03pm

Hakimullah Mehsud is next. There is a Drone flying over with a missile with your name on it, Hakimullah.

Toor May 29, 2013 07:07pm

Hina, It seems you are upset on drone strike death of TTP's no.. 2. Do you really want these murderers to live and continue killing innocent Pakistani men, women, and children?

Decompiler May 29, 2013 07:10pm

@Syed Mubashir Mustafa : You have your CAPS LOCK on my friend!

Iqbal khan May 29, 2013 07:11pm

Congratulations and thanks to America for doing a fantastic job for us.

Hussain Mahmood May 29, 2013 07:11pm

Has Pakistan the capability to shoot down American drones?

Ahmed j May 29, 2013 07:22pm

No 2 is just a number. There are hundreds to take his place. The system they follow to lead is unlike our political leaders where the leadership has to remain in the family or clan. The commentators are also reacting who are only familiar to the system around themselves.
The most suited person for the slot would be heard in the news again and he would be killed as well. Any new commander in any place knows his days are numbered.

Canadian May 29, 2013 07:26pm

@Muhammad Asif: Drones are the effective way to eliminate menace of Pakistani Taliban and every patriotic and informed Pakistani wants Taliban of TTP be eliminated forcefully and ruthlessly.

Shak May 29, 2013 07:32pm

These men were responsible for killing hundreds of innocent Pakistanies. After all there is justice from divine.

TK May 29, 2013 07:51pm

I would say if Americans can devise an unrefutable intelligence and pin point accuracy to take out Taliban leadership and through some ingenious technology of theirs avoid collotaral damage ,the nation is prepared to put up with high target value drone strikes. Compromising with nations sovereignty is painful but living with scourage of talibinism is sucidal.

Afif Naeem May 29, 2013 07:54pm

@Ali Shah: Do not under-estimate the reach and capability of intelligence agencies of Pakistan or USA.

NASAH (USA) May 29, 2013 07:58pm

Good riddance. Thank you Pakistan Army.

farhan May 29, 2013 08:00pm

Unfortunately these drone attacks cannot kill the ideology. The only way to kill this ignorant and brutal ideology of so called taliban / alqaida is education.

Unfortunately neither Western countries nor Pakistani Govt has focused on education since war on terror started. The results more attacks, more recruits, more violence, and more of every thing that is BAD!

Em Moosa May 29, 2013 08:01pm

Good work. Kill all these animals who have made the lives hell of helpless Pakistanis. Pakistani politicians are doing politics for their own specific reasons but drones are the only soldiers who are actually serving Pakistani nation and cleaning the mess.

Em Moosa May 29, 2013 08:04pm

@Ali Shah: Are you from PTI, JI, JUI or similar TTP's favourite party ? West should keep noting the attitude and statements of these parties leaders.

Em Moosa May 29, 2013 08:05pm

@S. A. M. : Unfortunately in accordance to the old and tested saying that "gayhoon ke saath ghun bhi pista hai" We are sorry for those who are hit but cause is greater and these achievements are the real success in this war against the evils and dirty saitans.

Em Moosa May 29, 2013 08:09pm

@Sameen Bawla: He will his famous half smile on the face and say mein kaya kar sakta hoon. Tusi mashwara deyo mein kee karan?

Aftab Kenneth Wilson May 29, 2013 08:18pm

If they kill those who kill others and our countrymen then these strikes should be named as Blessed Drones. There should not be any negotiations with those who do not consider and respect their own country's law and constitution.

Shahpur May 29, 2013 08:32pm

First act of Pakistani Legislators should be to thank US for the needed help.

Dr.TK May 29, 2013 08:32pm

Perfect shot!! I ( hailing from that region) want to express my gratitude to the USA for this strike. Bravo!! Shame on our leaders who have brought us to this state by wrong priorities and decisions!!

Muslim May 29, 2013 08:37pm

@Syed Mubashir Mustafa : Respect is not demanded, it's earned. They are scums of the earth.Killing innocent people..which is against the teachings of Islam.

Power Ranger May 29, 2013 08:48pm

allah hu akbar

ahmed May 29, 2013 08:51pm

We need to wipe out all these ignorent so called mujahedeen. they have spoiled the name of Muslims in the world.

Syed May 29, 2013 08:53pm

@naghman qureshi: You are right, If he was caught, our courts would have freed him anyway.

RK May 29, 2013 09:06pm

Good Job

Rana May 29, 2013 09:12pm

I guess it is first time that drones has hit anybody mainly of Pakistani interest. They been targeting to only Afghan related miscreants and leaving Pakistan alone to deal with others. It is a significant change and in policy. Good for Pakistan administration.

Khan Saab May 29, 2013 09:35pm

the mullahs have destroyed pakistan and I have no sympathy for them, the good looking mullah and all other politicians that support the mullahs must be dealt with , they mullahs dont show the ordinary citizen any mercy so they should not expect any in return

Amir May 29, 2013 09:35pm

One at a time, all TTP tumors need to be removed, regardless of whatever it takes.

Modi May 29, 2013 10:09pm

Who wants opposition to drone attacks? All the politicians should take note and thank the USA for continuing with drone attacks. We are at war and civilian casualties are the unfortunate side result. If we don't have the guts to confront the TTP animals, then let the US finish them off, but please no more opposition to drone attacks.

Modi May 29, 2013 10:13pm

You can't have the cake and eat it! Remember this is war, and war of Pakistanis, not Americans as the politicians and Taliban apologist will make you believe. In war civilian casualties unfortunately happen. Why is this war so different from the others. Talibans have to be eliminated or all of us will live in the stone age!

Mustafa May 29, 2013 10:37pm

@Syed Mubashir Mustafa : A big NO if respect means being killed by the Taliban

muzammil ullah khan May 29, 2013 10:49pm

@Ali Shah: trust me , they know.

malik May 29, 2013 10:56pm

Good job drones. A slap in the face of people who alwasys negate drones.

malik May 29, 2013 10:56pm

@Syed Mubashir Mustafa : They are our enemies, pakis or not does not matter.

Observer May 29, 2013 10:57pm

Lets face it: 1) Neither the Pakistan Army not Imran are capable of "shooting down" drones. 2) Pakistani intelligence is likely to have contributed to this strike and the generals are celebrating it. 3) Drones have been highly effective in eliminating major terrorists (including many Al Qaeda leaders who sought refuge in Pakistan), while coming at the cost of limited civilian casualties and general peace of mind for many unfortunate innocents living in North Waziristan. 4) The number of Pakistani civilians killed in drone strikes at the hands of the US is a tiny fraction of the number of Pakistani civilians killed by terrorists who the drones are targeting.

Javed May 29, 2013 11:01pm

TTP spokesman, who gloats everytime they murder innocent Pakistanis should be next.

Sarwat Hasan May 29, 2013 11:16pm

Sooner or later you have to pay for your sins, this time it was his time. Good ridden. May Allah give you place in Hell.

Nasim Khan May 29, 2013 11:32pm

Good riddance!

Obama_thank you May 29, 2013 11:42pm

Thank you Obama for getting rid of menace that our military does not has desire to get rid off. People of Pakistan approve drone attacks on the barbarians and killers. We understand that sometime innocent people get killed with the guilty party. There has been 884 civilian died along 3000 terrorist since you started this drone campaign. However, TTP has killed over 75,000 people in rest of Pakistan and 90% of those were innocents civilians. Please keep sending the angles of death until the terrorist are gone.

Mohsin May 29, 2013 11:51pm

@Hina: Unfortunately for me and a large majority of Pakistanis and fortunately for you

'The people were never allowed to elect their leadership. They were chosen for us by Uncle Sam an EU and SA etc'

So please do not justify this 'Murder' through the most rigged elections on the planet

Isadora May 30, 2013 12:10am

@Nafees: Murder? How many murders is Mr. Rehman responsible for?

Too bad Mr. Mehsud wasn't right beside Mr. Rehman as is shown in the above photograph.

That sounds so bloodthirsty and I'm sorry. But they just kill and kill and never seem to stop.

raja May 30, 2013 12:40am

Nawaz or Imran, they can't stop drone attacks, because Pak sold their dignity long ago to USA.

Khan May 30, 2013 12:45am

Good job kill all of them they are menace to Pakistan and civilized society

Indian May 30, 2013 01:22am

Really Happy for Pakistan! These anti state elements should be eliminated. I wish Pakistan and its new government a bright and prosperous year ahead.

FZ May 30, 2013 01:40am

Sure, but nothing's going to change... If anything, it'll just mean more retaliation from the TTP.

Irfan May 30, 2013 02:11am

Communication was not intercepted because information was provided by Pakistani intelligence agency to those people operating drones.Whether you label me anti-Pakistan or pro-Pakistan but this is true.

Irfan May 30, 2013 02:16am

Communication was not intercepted.Information was provided by Pakistani intelligence agency to those people operating drones on the ground.Whether you label me anti-Pakistan or pro-Pakistan but this holds a point.

kamran May 30, 2013 02:29am

Thank you USA...Imran khan always cry that innicent are dying in tribal area, he never mentioned, what the uzbek, chechen, tajik and Arab terrorists are doing here..whose guest are these..shame on imran khan

Saeed May 30, 2013 02:38am

@Indian: You look true Hindu. Be leave in humanity .hope all the Indian like you. Hates of you.

hassan May 30, 2013 02:48am

Now, people of Pakistan complaint that Drone strikes are bad and curse on the country. I am sorry the curse on the country is Talibans. Americans are finishing up the jobs that Pakistanis cannot finish themselves. If Pakistan couldn't put a single railroad since British left, how can we expect Pakistan to cure it from this curse. Let Americans do their job. Finish them up, one by one. Stop complaining! We all are target of Talibans. Tomorrow your sisters and mothers will be picked up from stores for buying western items, their faces will burnt with acids, and you will no longer will have the pleasure of listening to music. If Pakistan can do the job then let Americans help you with their technology.

dav May 30, 2013 03:35am

@Ahmed: Watch your tongue, the Pak Army is not under anybody. Pakistan is under the Army.

whatasilliness May 30, 2013 04:02am

I don't understand all this shouting from the Pakistanis.....US is using drones in its 53rd state what is the big deal about it?

Zia May 30, 2013 04:39am

These cowards and criminals are not afraid of Allah but drones. Good work done and should continue.

bangash May 30, 2013 04:43am

@FZ: You talk as if TTP harms noone when no drone strikes are happening. Isn't it this same TTP that has been slaughtering Pakistanis nonstop ?

TM May 30, 2013 05:20am

This is the real Jihad, killing these butchers. Long live Drone and people who are handling them. Once again, Long live and carry on. We the silent majority are with you. Get the mankind saved from these blood mongers.

javed May 30, 2013 05:34am

The TTP spokesperson should be next....he gloats everytime they murder innocent Pakistanis

ali khan May 30, 2013 05:39am

@Rana: pls tell me who had killed bathullah Mehsud. U r lack of information

Gujjar May 30, 2013 05:47am

What a waste! The US government had placed a $5m (

Chris May 30, 2013 05:54am

@raja: Pakistan can't patrol it's own, or won't? Either way why should any one put up with it? That includes Pakistanis.

Chris May 30, 2013 05:58am

@Imtiaz Khan: Will he speak about Pakistan controlling it's own territory and preventing cross border violence? As far as any one outside of Pakistan can see little progress has been made internally by Pakistan's government and security forces over several years.

NASAH (USA) May 30, 2013 06:03am

@Observer: Drones zindabad -- Hakeemullah murdabad.

A Fox May 30, 2013 06:05am

Can someone just nuke that area - get rid of all the filth at one time.

JS May 30, 2013 06:15am

This is a vicious circle, you kill one of them and they will kill thousands of innocent in return. Plus no point of bieng happy if number two is killed. Now number three will become the new number two and only he would be the happiest one. Its there passion to get killed so we are actually damaging ourselves by these drones.

K.A.Muhammad May 30, 2013 06:19am

Russians out of Afghanistan-Taliban in Pakistan, Both in trouble, Afghanistan and Pakistan,

Altaf May 30, 2013 07:05am

@Syed Mubashir Mustafa : What do you mean?

Khalid sheikh May 30, 2013 07:12am

Good Riddance to bad Rubbish

Ravi Ingale from University of Pune May 30, 2013 10:35am

He was only one of the branch of Terrorist tree.

Shah May 30, 2013 06:09pm

@farhan: exactly, now an other Walee url rehman will take place.

MjM May 31, 2013 02:37am

@AB Uzair: and to others reading the posts i am happy to hear that many are grateful for my nation (USA) help in defeating these terrorist as i have heard of some of the dreadful harm they have caused, yet many are upset when innocents get involved as many do here in the USA. I myself find that the lose one one innocent life is one too many. There have been a great loss of life for all sides involved but in this long war the Pakistanis have suffered most. I hope the best for you all