Naeem Sadhu

Creating the trees of hope

A versatile visual artist and educationist Meryam Asim was born with a sharp eye and love for beauty. Published Aug 12, 2018 07:10am

A play of lines and washes

Shumaila Khan started making visuals like the impressionist masters after going through various phases of ... Updated Aug 05, 2018 10:32pm

The salt of the earth

Gifted with the art of story-telling, Ishtiaq Ahmed was famous among his school teachers at Saint Anthony’s High... Updated Jul 30, 2018 09:18am

Born to be in the music

Listening for hours to Radio Ceylon on wooden cased electron tube radio receivers is one of the richest memories of... Published Jul 08, 2018 07:15am

A voice of feminine resistance

Punjabi writer, journalist and women rights activist Noorulain Sadia remembers her maternal grandfather printing... Published Jun 16, 2018 08:05am

From clay to colours

She can’t think of life without radiant colours. Either it’s a matter of dressing up or painting, Dr Sophiya ... Published Jun 03, 2018 07:04am

Man behind marvelous PTV productions

He remembers the agony of living in a mud house with its roof leaking on rainy days. Veteran television producer,... Published May 27, 2018 06:57am

From a poet’s lens

I am in mourning for the poems I could not write for the dreams I could not carve for the women I could not love I ... Published Apr 16, 2018 07:26am

Resisting the destruction of Lahore

During times of socio-political chaos and competition for quick fame and grabbing a big share in the art market,... Published Mar 19, 2018 07:03am

From horse riding to photography

An avid horse rider, a skilled tent pegger and a photographer of his own style Muhammad Saeed Rao lived a rich life... Published Mar 04, 2018 07:03am

A visual play of forms and colours

Visual artist Warda Naeem Bukhari remembers the early days of her childhood, roaming and playing in the narrow lane... Published Feb 06, 2018 06:57am

A gypsy photographer

LAHORE: He is one of very few conceptual photographers of Pakistan who venture into a tough genre of photography,... Published Jan 22, 2018 06:58am

The poetry of a brave heart

He remembers the early days of his childhood, riding a scooter with his father and reading the signboards of shops ... Published Dec 24, 2017 07:02am

A flute maestro

Ustad Hanif Khan, a seasoned musician, is trained in the disciplines of classical singing, tabla and flute, which he... Published Dec 17, 2017 06:59am