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Taliban inmates break out of Afghan prison

Insurgents escaped using weapons smuggled into the facility in a jailbreak that killed three police guards.


Avalanche on Everest kills 12, three missing

An avalanche swept down on Mount Everest, killing at least 12 Nepalese guides and leaving three missing.

India's election commission lifts ban on top Modi aide

Election commission lifts a ban on Modi's top aide, who threatened to hobble his efforts to win votes in Uttar Pradesh.

India goes to polls in biggest voting day

Voters lined up in 121 constituencies across a dozen states in the largest single day of polling in the election.

Modi rules out BJP’s will to revise ‘no-first-use of nukes’ policy

BJP had pledged to review India's nuclear stance, whose main pillars are no-first-use and building a minimum arsenal.

Afghan deputy minister kidnapped: officials

An senior Afghan govt official was kidnapped along with his driver in Kabul, an interior ministry official said.

Six die as bus catches fire in India

At least six people were burned to death and another 12 injured when a bus caught fire in southern India.

UK lawmakers slam lax security in Taliban attack

Legislators asked the MoD to explain how it intended to use lessons learnt from the 2012 attack in future operations.

India top court recognises transgenders as 'third gender'

The SC directed state and federal govts to grant access to the same welfare schemes as other minority groups in India.

Indian opposition alliance to win majority: poll

The survey forecast that the opposition alliance led by the BJP would win 275 seats in the 543-seat Lok Sabha.

Abdullah leads in first results of Afghan vote

"With 500,000 votes from 26 provinces, Dr Abdullah is leading with 41.9 per cent."

Afghan border forces kill two Pakistani shepherds

The shepherds had mistakenly crossed into the Afghan side of the border area, in pursuit of their camels and livestock.

Rahul confident of easy victory in Amethi

“I have been working in Amethi for 10 years. We have family ties with Amethi, it will be a good victory,” says Gandhi.

Election-related violence in India's Chhattisgarh kills 13

Most of those killed in the two blasts were soldiers and officials charged with holding elections in the region.

Singh in office but 'not in power', book claims

A tell-all book by an ex-aide to Manmohan Singh depicting him as a powerless political puppet hit bookstores.

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