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Indian child 'critical' after brutal rape: doctor


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A female physiotherapy student was gang raped on a bus in New Delhi on 24 December, 2012. The attack sparked outrage and demonstrations across the country.—File Photo

NEW DELHI: A five-year-old Indian girl was battling for her life on Friday after being kidnapped and brutally raped in the latest incident of sexual violence which has triggered nationwide protests.

The girl was attacked inside a locked room over a 48-hour period, police said, after being abducted as she played outside on Monday in a lower-middle class area of the capital New Delhi.

“We initially registered a case of kidnapping. We have now launched a preliminary inquiry into rape and attempted murder,” Rajan Bhagat told AFP, adding a hunt was on to catch a family neighbour who is the main accused.

The child was admitted to the intensive care unit of a city hospital on Wednesday and doctors said her condition was “critical” as news channels provided wall-to-wall coverage.

“The girl was traumatised when she was brought to us. There were injuries to her lips, cheeks and chest wall. There were bruises on her neck,” R.N. Bansal, medical superintendent of a local government hospital, told NDTV news channel.

“We are keeping her under constant observation. The next few hours are going to be very critical,” Bansal said.

She was found by a passerby who heard her crying and alerted the police.

The incident comes just months after India was shaken by the horrific gang-rape of a student in Delhi on a bus last year that triggered countrywide demonstrations and debate over the status of women and girls and their safety.

The woman succumbed to her injuries 13 days after the assault in which her attackers drove an iron rod inside her, damaging her internal organs.

The parents of the five-year-old girl, who was later moved to a better-equipped government hospital in the city, accused the police of being insensitive in their investigation.

“They were reluctant to register our complaint (that she was missing) when we approached them the first time. Then the police asked us to be content with the fact she was at least found alive,” the father of the girl said.

Scores of protesters gathered outside the hospital Friday where the child was admitted and shouted abuse at police for failing to investigate her disappearance properly.

Women's rights activists condemned the incident, saying the injuries inflicted on the girl were shocking.

“This incident shows what kind of brutes do we have in society,” said Ranjana Kumari of the Delhi-based Centre for Social Research.

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Comments (17) Closed

Noor Apr 19, 2013 12:50pm
COME ON!!!! at least there should be a limit....... getting so LOW...... shameful
raika45 Apr 19, 2013 12:52pm
General apathy in government run organizations be they the police, civil service or even the judiciary is the norm in India.These people are not the servants of the public in as in modern democratic countries but assume the role of lords over the people.Take the case of the girl raped in Delhi who later died.A huge uprising by the people led to the setting up of the fast track court to deal with the culprits.How many months have passed and yet this court dealing in this ONE case has not reached a conclusion.What a shame for this nation.World's largest democracy is a joke.
Zishi Apr 19, 2013 01:05pm
This is sick and I feel disgusted. He should get the most horrific punishment available within the law.
Suraj Apr 19, 2013 01:37pm
Why do we as Indians tolerate this kind of behavior ? Police I'm most of rape cases are very very insensitive . We should overhaul our legal system so criminals as well as police are held responsible for these inhumane crimes.
Mandeep Apr 19, 2013 02:09pm
It is getting is so disgusting and shameful. We often blame rich and powerful politicians for all our woes....what about common man like the ones who commiting acts of rape ? We are heading towards complete moral bankruptcy...
Ali Apr 19, 2013 02:33pm
Even a 5 year old is not safe of such actions. My heart goes out to the family and friends and to this little girl. Please let us know if we can be of any help.
krishna prasad Apr 19, 2013 02:53pm
I personally find it appalling incident. The culprit should be done away with in public limb by limb to inflict same pain he inflicted upon the innocent baby girl who still doesn't know who is good or not good. Shame on society to look for law and courts to decide on this case. I hope the court would give a proper punishment even with death penalty (like whip him 1000 times) for only this kind of punishment can deter other probables in the society.
Samar Apr 19, 2013 02:58pm
Too many rape cases coming out of India. Child, young educated women, foreigner with husband, lone foreigner female, village girl, no one is safe, not even with a male companion.
Vaibhav from Mumbai Apr 19, 2013 03:03pm
Delhi is getting so scary and sick day by day.How can people do such a thing. The other day an 18 month baby was raped. Sick. Horrible.........Disgusting. In such cases I endorse the punishment by stoning to death or giving 100 lashes that are given in countries lke Saudi Arabia. Give the culprit 1000 lashes and stone him to death.
Amjad Wyne Apr 19, 2013 03:06pm
Let us focus on our own (Pakistan's) issues - we have plenty of our own challenges to worry about.
cautious Apr 19, 2013 03:07pm
The suitable punishment for this pervert would never make it through the comment screening. It should be long, painful, and end with his death.
skeptic Apr 19, 2013 03:09pm
I know that every nations has it's share of skeletons in the closet but seriously ! what is going on in India? with all these rapes happening with such frequency. This is crazy
Nony Apr 19, 2013 03:37pm
India is not less messed up than Pakistan!
raja hindustani Apr 19, 2013 03:57pm
I feel ashamed to read this news. now time has came to kill all these animals living inside our society.
Saad(DXB) Apr 19, 2013 04:06pm
This is nothing new in India.. Just last year a childhood friend of mine who is in her late 20s has Indian roots visited India for the first time to attend the funeral of a deceased relative. She was in state of shock when she returned. Upon my insistence she told me that incidents of sexual harassment are common place and very much acceptable part of Indian society. The frustration of Indian men knows no bounds. They would grab a woman's back, give her a quick peck or quickly hold her hand in public and then simply dash away, without any risk of being apprehended. Indian women have mostly given up home and consider these acts as a necessary evil and a cost of stepping out of their homes. This poor friend of mine wanted to see Old Delhi and went to one of the old Mohallas to appreciate the Victorian architecture while she was in India. Little did she know that she would come across two men who, while bedazzled by her good looks, just took of their trousers and started pleasing themselves in plain public view. Indian TV channels and Bollywood need to stop glamorizing an out-of-wedlock male & female union as something very normal and common place. This practise is causing frustration among Indian men who started comparing real life with fictional one, and hence commit such shameful acts to rid themselves of this frustration. Indians should introspect a bit and start imparting cultural and social values to their public at large, be it at the expense of the money they earn from making & publicizing lewd and shameful movies.
Ram Kumar Apr 19, 2013 04:10pm
I would keep him alive over a period of time and do 'stuff' to him. May you die a slow and extremely painful death. -- A Father.
Samar Apr 19, 2013 04:11pm
Yes, we need to focus on our issues. But that does not mean we should close our eyes and ears to world happenings. These issues in other countries are a lesson for them and us. There is no harm in reading or commenting about them. Why bother reading and commenting on this article and if you are so focused on dealing with home issues?