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Five arrested with arms in Dir

TIMERGARA, April 6: The security forces in Maidan tehsil arrested five suspected persons and recovered arms and ammunitions from them.

The seized arms included five LMGs, three MGs (sakeela), one RPG, one pistol, four RPG rounds, 329 HMG rounds, 1,412 SMG rounds, two hand grenades, 12 drum mags and one RPG fuse. The arms were displayed for media at Kumbar.

Briefing journalists operational Commander Colonel Zulfiqar Bhatti said Maidan had been cleared of militants. Addressing a gathering of Maidan elders he said militants would no longer be allowed to carry out sabotage acts.

Meanwhile, people of the area and administrative staff took out a walk to observe cleanliness. Hundreds of local people took part in the walk.

Timergara police claimed arresting an inter-provincial car lifter — Usman Ghani, resident of Manzary Tangay Dargai — and recovered a stolen car from him. —Correspondent 

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