OVER the past decade some of the world’s leading democracies built walls and fences on their borders. India has built a fence to prevent infiltration, as walls are expensive to build and maintain.

We should mend instead of constructing walls and fences. India has put all the issues which interest Pakistan on the back burner and preceded issues of its choice. Strategic dialogue manifests trade in all its pros and cons but does not put any solution to conflicts between these two states.

Siachen avalanche, release of RAW contractors and now line of control conflicts have raised the issue again. The two countries cannot prosper  without resolving conflicts. Especially, these should be resolved for the stability of the region. The end-game in Afghanistan and withdrawal strategy requires relations without thinking what conditions have been laid down for a sovereign move from both sides. There is a dire need for both countries to renegotiate strategic dialogue.

SADIA SHEIKH      Multan

Updated Feb 05, 2013 03:02am

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