US will hate to see Indo-Pak ties jeopardised

Victoria Nuland—Reuters Photo
State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland—Reuters Photo

WASHINGTON: The United States would hate to see the recent dispute over the Line of Control jeopardising the progress India and Pakistan have made in improving bilateral ties, a State Department official said on Friday.

“We have been saying all week, the best way for India and Pakistan to resolve this issue is to talk directly,” said the department’s spokesperson Victoria Nuland.

Asked to comment on a statement by the Indian prime minister last week that because of the dispute there cannot be “business as usual” with Pakistan, Ms Nuland noted that direct talks had helped improve economic and trade relations between the two countries and both sides also had relaxed visa restrictions.

“We would hate to see all that jeopardised,” she said.

The State Dep1artment also welcomed Pakistan’s offer for foreign minister-level talks and appreciated other efforts to normalise the situation.

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