Average depth: 1 mile (1.6km), length: 277 miles (446km), average width: 10 miles (16km)

It was formed by the Colorado River as it cut through the Colorado Plateau.

John Wesley Powell led the first expedition down the Grand Canyon in 1869 and first used the name ‘Grand Canyon’

It includes approximately 70 species of mammals, 250 species of birds, 25 types of reptiles and five species of amphibians

It is approximately a 21-mile hike from one side of the Canyon to the other.

Temperatures inside the canyon can be up to 30 degrees hotter than at the rim.

The Native American village of Supai is inside the canyon and is only accessible via helicopter or horse and mule trails. Visitors have to pay a fee to enter it.

Approximately 53 people fell to their deaths from the canyon rims from 1925 to 2005, with another 48 deaths inside the canyon.

The elevation of the South Rim is lower than the North Rim and so it also maintains higher temperatures. — N.F.

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