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Bilour’s assassination

THE assassination of Bashir Bilour has shattered every one except those who seemed to belong to a class which interprets religion in a way that was never meant to be.

We have travelled a long way sacrificing many in the process without realising that it has resulted in brutalisation of society to such an extent that the number of deaths in these attacks has turned into statistical jargon.

SALEEM RAZA     Quetta

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Abdul Razaque Chhachhar
Dec 30, 2012 06:25pm
Abdul Razaque Chhachhar In terror war pakistan has lost their forty thousand civilian people and still many are giving sacrifices but why government and army not doing a powerful action against terrorist. while every day i read in different newspapers as well as watch on media channels that government will not take any action untill all stakeholder including political parties not create consensus among eachother, today 21 soliders were killed 19 passangers killed in Mastung 6 people killed in bomb blast in karachi yesterday. After all this happening when parties will come in consensus for operation against terrorist.
Dec 31, 2012 04:17am
I will request to the concern that if we do the following then I hope we can address properly the terrorism:- 1. All the afghan Refugees either repatriate back to their country with immediate affect or the government should bring them back to the refugee camps. 2. The law enforcement should not compromise with movement of Afghan refugees outside of their camps. 3. Government should take notice of all foreigners? movements inside the country. 4. Government should check the visa validity of foreigners. 5. The entire hotel inside the country should immediately info to the concern government officials and government rep should visit the hotel and check propose of visit, plus validity of visa. 6. Once any foreigner leave the hotel concern government official should monitor till their destination/ airport and till they embark on aircraft. 7. The concern government officials should act professionally and pay vigilance about those local criminals? movements inside their jurisdictions. 8. The law enforcement should pay attention towards border areas where there is no check post.