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Laptops from LHC for judicial officers

THE Lahore High Court has announced it will award laptops to the top 10 judicial officers showing the optimum level of disposal of oldest-category cases within the stipulated time.

This is a welcome step which was long due. Award is, though, not so covetous, yet it symbolises appreciation. Hence valuable.

However, if the award is based on the quantity of decided cases and not on the quality, then the award will become meaningless.

Cases would be decided in a hurry and sound judgments might not be made.

Such a disposal may serve nothing but can increase the hardship of the litigant public.

It would be in the fitness of things if a permanent five-member body was established to make legal and academic assessment of work done and to evaluate the quality judgments (short-listed by the sessions judges) based on proper appreciation of evidence and correct application of law.

It could be done without pinpointing the titles of any specific cases so that the merit of cases at appellate forum is not disturbed.

EJAZ RAZA Faisalabad

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Dec 12, 2012 02:50pm
the chain of old category cases will never finish as the cases are remanded and restored when these cases are sent back by superior courts to lower courts . Its a futile exercise .
Dec 12, 2012 03:19pm
Performance related awards are a good way forward. These should replace "seniority" and "safarish" in the long run. One can only hope that the judges judge performance judiciously.