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Karbala and how Lahore was involved


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A Muharram procession in Lahore, Pakistan.—File Photo

IN our school and college days we all loved to assist friends set up ‘sabeels’ alongside Lahore`s traditional ‘Ashura’ procession, providing cold drinks to the thousands who mourned. Sects and beliefs never mattered then. But then neither did one`s religion.

For well over 1,332 years, the tragedy of Karbala moves everyone who hears about it, be they Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Sikh or any other religion. This is one incident that brings out the need to support those with a moral position.

As children we attended the ‘sham-i-ghareeban’ with our Shia friends, and learnt the lesson of supporting those in the right. Everyone respected the beliefs of others. Yes, there were always a few silly chaps who wanted attention, but they were at best ignored.

The ancient city of Lahore is connected to the tragedy in no uncertain terms.

Historical accounts say seven brave warriors from Lahore died while fighting in the Battle of Karbala. It is said their father Rahab Dutt, an old man who traded with Arabia in those days, had promised the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) to stand by his grandson in his fight to uphold the truth.

That pledge the brave Rajput Mohiyals of the Dutt clan from Lahore upheld.

Today they are known as Hussaini Brahmins, who lived in Lahore till 1947.

Then there is the fact that besides the Hindu Rajputs of Lahore, in the battle also fought John bin Huwai, a freed Christian slave of Abu Dharr al-Ghafari, whose `alleged` descendents, one researcher claims, still live inside the Walled City of Lahore.

I have been on the track of these ancestors for quite some time and have been able to trace one Christian family living inside Mori Gate. They claim to have a connection with a `Sahabi` whose name they cannot recollect. M. A. Karanpikar`s `Islam in Transition`, written over 250 years ago, made this claim, but I do not think it is a claim worth pursuing.

But the most powerful claim of Lahore as the place where the descendents of Hussain ibn All came lies in the Bibi Pak Daman graveyard, where the grave of Ruquiya, sister of Hussain ibn Ali and wife of Muslim ibn Ageel, is said to exist.

Also graves here attributed to the sisters of Muslim ibn Ageel and other family members. Many dispute this claim.

But then no less a person than Ali Hasan of Hajweri, known popularly as Data Sahib, came here every Thursday to offer ‘fateha’ at the grave, informing his followers that this was the grave of Ruquiya. The place where he always stood to offer `fateha` has been marked out, and his book also verifies this claim. Mind you detractors exist, of this have no doubt, but the supporting evidence is quite strong.

Let me begin the story of the Dutts by going through the record of the Shaukat Khanum Hospital and the recorded fact that Indian film star Sunil Dutt, who belonged to Lahore, made a donation to the hospital and recorded the following words: ‘For Lahore, like my elders, I will shed every drop of blood and give any donation asked for, just as my ancestors did when they laid down their lives at Karbala for Hazrat Imam Husain.

Makes you think -but then there is this account which says that the seven sons of Rahab Dutt lost their lives defending the Imam at Karbala. The Martyr’s List at Qum verifies this. History records when the third thrust by Yazid’s forces came, the Dutt brothers refused to let them pass. The seven Punjabi swordsmen stood their ground till they were felled by hundreds of horsemen. In lieu of the loyalty of the Dutt family to that of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) was coined the famous saying: ‘Wah Dutt Sultan, Hindu ka dharm, Musalman ka iman, Adha Hindu adha Musalman.’ Since then, so the belief goes, Muslims were instructed never to try to convert the Dutts to Islam.

A grieving Rahab returned to the land of his ancestors, and after staying in Afghanistan, returned to Lahore. I have tried my very best to locate their ‘mohallah’ inside the Walled City, and my educated guess is that it is Mohallah Maulian inside Lohari Gate. Later they moved to Mochi Gate, and it was there that the famous Dutts lived before 1947 saw them flee from the hate of the people they gave everything for.

The most interesting thing about the Hussaini Brahmins is that they are highly respected among Hindus, and even more amazingly it is said that all direct ancestors of Rahab Dutt are born with a light slash mark on their throat, a sort of symbol of their sacrifice. I was reading a piece by Prof Doonica Dutt of Delhi University who verified this claim and said that all true Dutts belong to Lahore.

I must point out to an amazing version of these events that an Indian historian, Chawala, has come up with. It says that one of the wives of Hazrat Imam Husain, the Persian princess Shahr Banu, was the sister of Chandra Lekha or Mehr Banu, the wife of an Indian king Chandragupta. We know that he ruled over Lahore. When it became clear that Yazid ibn Muawiya was determined to eliminate Hussain ibn Ali, the son of Hussain (named Ali) rushed off a letter to Chandragupta asking for assistance. The Mauriyan king, allegedly, dispatched a large army to Iraq to assist. By the time they arrived, the Tragedy of Karbala had taken place.

In Kufa in Iraq a disciple of Hazrat Imam Husain is said to have arranged for them to stay in a special part of the town, which even today is known by the name of Dair-i-Hindiya or ‘the Indian quarter’ The Hussaini Brahmins believe that in the Kalanki Purana, the last of 18 Puranas, as well as the Atharva Veda, the 4th Veda, refers to Hazrat Imam Husain as the avatar of the Kali Yug, the present age. They believe that the family of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him)is Om Murti, the most respected family before the Almighty.

All these facts bring me back to our days as school children working hard to provide relief to the mourners on Ashura. Reminds me of our neighbour Nawab Raza Ali Qizilbash, who invited us to his ‘haveli’ every year to see the preparations before the event. Raza Bhai is no more, and neither is the tolerance that we all enjoyed so much.

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Shankar Nov 27, 2012 05:02am
Very true ,,Mauryans rules before the time of christ around 200 BC.However there are many kings in India who carried the name Chandragupta.
FX-1 Nov 27, 2012 09:12pm
Where is the research?
Yemeen Zuberi Nov 28, 2012 11:48pm
Such articles depress me. Imam Hussain (RA) and Khanwada-e-Rasool (SA) do not need friends in this way. Please write something after research as many of us have demanded. Believe me, Waqia-e-Karbala is not new for us.
Yemeen Zuberi Nov 28, 2012 11:42pm
I request him to write about Hussaini Birhamins also, but after research.
Yemeen Zuberi Nov 28, 2012 11:35pm
Salman there is a mountain with a cave in Baluchistan. The people who live there say that Hazrat Ali (RA) had visited that place. The place is called Lahoot La Makan. According to the story the cave ends in Makkah.
fn Dec 01, 2012 11:27am
for real muslims... our focus should be the Holy Quran and the Prophet's sunnah and his ahlulbayt... common logic.. the Prophet showed so much love and affection to his grand sons.. which is documented clearly in Islamic History... when His beloved Grandson Imam Hussain sacrificed him and his family to save the religion of Islam.. the least we can do is commemorate and recognise the great sacrifice he gave.. we have hijabs on our heads today but at that time the hijabs of the Prophet's family were snatched from their heads.. peace and blessing be on our beloved Prophet and his family who ultimately scarificed everything to save this religion.. my dear brothers and sisters.. pls with an open mind read Islamic History the truth will be crystal clear.. the truth has been hidden for many years.. the general muslims have relied on hear say to make judgements about people and their beliefs.. pls do your own research and then form opinions based on facts not hearsay pls ... your sister in Islam
Z Nov 26, 2012 07:57pm
zabardast ! very informative , thanks brother
saad Nov 30, 2012 09:42am
For real Muslims...our focus should be only Holy Qur'an Confirmed Ahadees
Syed Ahmed Nov 30, 2012 09:18am
How far is Lahore from Karbala? How long would it take a rider on a horse to traverse this distance? How many horses would he need? There is no recorded history of Islam having come to the Punjab by that time.
kashif Nov 29, 2012 06:11am
Good research, Can you please share the list which enlists the name of these 7 Martyrs as well. Will be great help.
nafisa Nov 30, 2012 02:31pm
hahaha, what a joke!
gv Nov 29, 2012 03:54pm
what utter rubbish???? The Mauryan's died out in the early first century BC????????? Karbala was fought in the 7th century AD - what a joke?
rajiv Nov 29, 2012 10:28pm
Following the conspiracy theory above, here is a real lesson in history ..mourya dynasty and chandragupta's rein were more 250 and 500 years before christianity and (hence islam) came to being.
Vish... Nov 29, 2012 04:31pm
Muhammad Sahib (PBUH) said to the world - stop worshiping all gods, except the Supreme God Allah. The supreme God is known as 'Maha Dev' among Hindus. Maha Dev is also called Lord Shiva. One of the most ancient Sanskrit names for Shivalinga is 'Allah'. Shivalinga is just a yogic depiction of Ardh-Narishwar (God is just not a male, it is made of both woman and man). Muhammad Sahib (PBUH) himself removed all other idols from Kaaba, but established Shvalinga there with his own hands. Ask any Hazi, they go around the Shivalinga (the famos black stone at Kaaba) seven times in Mecca. Guru Nanak himself went there to verify this. Going around Shivalinga for seven times in white robes and less hairs is an vedic rituals of worshiping. This performed by every Hazi. The Minarets of Mecca are aligned towards Kailash - the spiritual abode of Shiva. Shiva has the crescent moon on his head, so there is a crescent moon symbol right next to the black stone. That is why moon is worshiped in Islam. 786 is nothing bit Hindu symbol 'AUM' if read from right to left (as practiced in Arabic). So Prophet Muhammad Sahib (PBUH) established a religion devoted only to Allah (Shiva).
WWC Nov 30, 2012 05:37pm
Zazi Dec 01, 2012 10:08am
The crescent and star was first used by Muslims hundreds of years after Muhammad during the Ottoman Empire. This what the Qur'an states: [Quran41.037] And of His portents are the night and the day and the sun and the moon. Worship not the sun not the moon; but worship Allah Who created them...
Anwar Amjad Nov 29, 2012 04:54am
The battle of Karbala took place in year 680 AD. So it can't be Chandragupta Vikramaditya either.
Pakistani Barbie Dec 03, 2012 02:12am
It would be nice if we can stop arguing who is right and who is wrong and respect one another and be happy that Allah made us Muslims.
Tahir Ali Nov 27, 2012 02:15pm
Abdullah Ibn Saba was not a jewish. He was know in history as Munafiq. He embraced Islam but clearly identified on the occassion of Battle of Ohud when he deceided to pulled his 300 men from the fight and Prophet marked him as a Munafiq. Kindly go through the history properly before making any comment based on the information provided you by your Mullas.
P Kympa Nov 26, 2012 11:25pm
I agree. SO what we gonna do 'bout it, bro?
LOL Nov 30, 2012 05:54pm
Islam did not come around 500AD.
Karbala101 Nov 30, 2012 06:26pm
No one betrayed anyone. Karbala was about allegience and politics...and poor fight strategy.
ComparativeReligionStudent Dec 01, 2012 10:17am
@Vish... . What you have stated is demonstratively untrue.
Sajjad Nov 27, 2012 04:43am
Great piece and thank you. Its a shame that we do not have an outlet from where we can learn this history. This is the stuff that united us all and is stuff that we can be proud of. thank you again.
gangadin Nov 27, 2012 10:58am
complete nonsense.
Miss A Dec 04, 2012 02:55am
QADAM SHAREEF IN Thatta is an example
chandrabhan Nov 27, 2012 12:25pm
Wife of Hussain was sister to wife of Chandragupta Vikramaditya. It was Chandragupta who asked Rahib Dutt (our ancestor) to help his co-brother Hussain. It is said in our folklore that our ancestor got back the head of Hussain which was buried with Body at Karbala. I am a Mohiyal (Dutt brahmin). As mentioned, we are not rajputs, We are part of Baavan jai Saraswat. In all 16 of brahmin Gotra fall in here. Always lived & worshipped in Muslim lands, Never converted(except for Gakkars). Oh by the way, We are not told that any of our family branch lived in Lahore, May Be Gakkars. They converted to Islam so not longer part of the clan. Ancestors lived in Iraq, then Singh and then Peshawar & then Jammu. Now largely in Haryana/Punjab/East UP Wea re hardly few lacs in numbers but have 2 Paramveer Chakras in wars with pakistan & Yes Sunil Dutt & Sanjay are Mohiyal Brahmins and so is Barkha dutt.
Rameez Siddiqi Nov 28, 2012 09:59pm
Beautiful article....... !!! i believe the facts
Qurban Hussain. Nov 27, 2012 12:13pm
This seems incorrect. The place Hindustan do came during conversation with Ibne Saad
M. Saeed Awan Nov 28, 2012 05:52pm
Whatever you write, our frenzy nation would believe that. Your story do not make any sense but there are many who would say 'subhan allah'.
Goga Nalaik Nov 27, 2012 12:54pm
Absolutely correct, I was about to write the same. Author needs to rechck his article in detail.
Azhar Nov 28, 2012 07:46am
Information provided does not make sense. I wonder how the writer can relate things, which have nothing to do with the actual incident of Karbala.
Muhammad Nov 27, 2012 11:55am
When it became clear that Yazid ibn Muawiya was determined to eliminate Hussain ibn Ali, the son of Hussain (named Ali) rushed off a letter to Chandragupta asking for assistance. The Mauriyan king, allegedly, dispatched a large army to Iraq to assist. By the time they arrived, the Tragedy of Karbala had taken place. Please explain this goes aganist the teching of IMAM A.S
Kaluraman Nov 27, 2012 07:45am
Disappointing to hear that Brahmins fought for Muslims.
PakistanHindu Nov 27, 2012 07:45am
Its sad that the majority Muslims keep quiet when minority Hindus were driven out of Pakistan.There was no one saving us and our property. :(
Ali Nov 28, 2012 07:36am
Interesting, Hardworking, but need more historical research to expose the more accurate picture of history.
chandrabhan Nov 27, 2012 12:32pm
That time it was nothing to do with islam, it was to save the husband of Chandragupta Vikramaditya's wife's sister of Saadu bhai as they say in India. islam per say was nothing as it is now. Mohd's father and uncel were worhsipers of Shiva and used to recite poetry in his honor. There is lot of historical evidence in support of that.
Amin Nov 27, 2012 07:23am
It wasnt tollerance back then, it was love for humanity that died somewhere in the mist of lack of knowledge
Ajaya K Dutt Nov 27, 2012 02:09am
BTW, two supporters who went with Ninth Guru Shri Teg Bhadur, in a passive defiance of atrocious acts of Mighty Mughal emperor AurangJeb, were also Mohyal brahmins. They offered themselves, along with Ninth Guru, for most horrible death and suffered the atrocities by singing hymns.
chandrabhan Nov 27, 2012 12:27pm
Dear Waqar, We exist and so does our history. Ask the Shias of Lucknow/kanpur & kashmir who come to invite our family for Tazzeeya. yes they touch feet of our elders too.
Atif Nov 29, 2012 11:18am
"....and neither is the tolerance that we all enjoyed so much"... Baat tu sach hai magar baat hai ruswai ki... so true!
xarmatian Nov 26, 2012 09:16pm
thats true.the mauryan chandra gupta was 1000 yrs before karbala but the gupta chandragupta(vikramaditya) ruled 380-413 AD.his descendants continued to rule parts of magadh after the empire shrunk from the economic drain of huna invasions.his descendant may have had the same name but is unlikely to have sent an expedition to karbala.the only believable portion is that a few mohyals brahmins fought in the battle and later their descendants called themselves husseini(mohyals are found in large parts of punjab and himachal pradesh).it's interesting that there was an instruction to not try and convert the mohyals.however,all history has an element of uncertainty and it makes an interesting reading
syed Atiq Nov 28, 2012 07:59pm
Very well written..
Zymaidar Nov 27, 2012 03:03pm
My Salams to all those who sacrified their life for Prophet (SAWW) and His Family (Alaih e Salam).
Pakistani Barbie Dec 03, 2012 02:00am
Thanks for mentioning that Punjabi Puttar, we all should have respect and tolerance for one another. But now a days people don't respect one another and people don't have tolerance for one another because of their differences :(
akber Nov 30, 2012 08:54pm
History tells us very clearly that Hazrat Ali(A.S.) had come to Hind atleast once in his lifetime his footprints have been left in present Pakistan and India both.
XYZ-123 Nov 27, 2012 10:27am
No one knows where Jesus is buried. No one knows where Moses is buried. No one knows where Abarahm is buried. What is you point.
akber Nov 30, 2012 09:01pm
That black stone is not a Hindu god AT is a sacred stone sent from heaven.A branch of hindu religion is based around Islam and not the other way round.
Ahmed Nov 27, 2012 03:37am
Very interesting piece of research. Please save all references and make them available to whoever needs them. Thank you.
AZ Nov 29, 2012 12:50pm
Dear Ali Rizvi, Shia's are killed because they disrespect the Hazrat Ama Ayesha and first three khulfa e rashdin.
Nazim Currimbhoy Dec 01, 2012 07:02am
To me its history and never heard that Lahore and Karbala were so close and to travel by land was impossible.Well each one to his belief but have full faith in mohurum and have for Zairat with my late wife.Faith can only heal and wish Icould visit again
malaydeb Nov 26, 2012 09:55pm
One doesn't come up with an article of such massive import very often. The research alone is quite daunting. Thanks to the Author. Looking forward for more in future.
Ali Dec 02, 2012 12:51pm
What is truth? what you say or what they say? cause what it is to them is not to you & what it is to you not to them. Why cant we JUST BE MUSLIMS like our Prophet (P.B.U.H), Hazrat Ali (A.S) & Imam Hussain? why cant we simply follow QURAN & Prophet (P.B.U.H) teachings rather than believing on old history written by someone (hearsay) which cannot be authenticated by anyone? Imam Hussain gave the great sacrifice to protect the Teachings of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) & Word of Allah (Quran) which is Islam & followers are called MUSLIMS not Sunni, Shia, Wahabi, Baralvi and what not sect muslim. Wake up & unite Muslims brothers and sisters as we were at the time of Prophet (P.B.U.H).
FX-1 Dec 01, 2012 08:57am
Rubbish. Nonsense.
Erum Nov 27, 2012 06:56am
one of the most intriguing pieces i have read in a while
Fransis X. Dec 01, 2012 09:38am
Who survived and who did not is recorded in histor by name. All women and children either died or were captured. In any case they could not have escorted the Dutt's across the mountains, deserts, or across the seas. This article has no basis in history.
mah para Nov 29, 2012 05:47am
it is very informative and valuable research. I would like to appreciate dawn for publishing it.
Gul Nov 29, 2012 05:25am
Fantastic article. We have a common humanity. Let us bring back the tolerance of this beautiful past. My respects go out to the Dutt clan and the Hussaini brahmins.
Arvind Nov 29, 2012 05:22am
Thanks Mr. Majid Sheikh. Please keep writing.
P Kympa Nov 26, 2012 08:18pm
Chawla's account of Chandrargupta and Imam Husain married to two sisters runs into a chronological problem. The two men were born 1000 years apart.
chakravarthys Nov 26, 2012 08:30pm
Thank you for this insightful anecdote.
Binod Nov 29, 2012 02:55am
infants and women may have survived
Mate Nov 26, 2012 08:42pm
Thank you. Thank you for your research. maybe some might say ,"these are just folk lores".... but they cannot deny the existence of husaini barhamins, may be they were never there in karbala, but they did wanted to be part of it n still do. cos even they knew, karbala was something bigger, and was not just a simple fight. Imam Hussain was fighting for plain and pure Haq. Thank you for also reminding us that there was once a time in Pakistan when Hussain was not just mourned by Shias but by Muslims altogether.
Zymaidar Nov 27, 2012 03:00pm
Brother, Article is saying the same thing. Hussaini Brahimins were not muslims, but they helped Imam Hussain. May Allah (SWT) raise us with our role model Imam Hussain (AS), and raise others with their role models.
HMH - KENYA Nov 27, 2012 09:56am
Amazing details !
ak Nov 27, 2012 07:38am
"all these facts"?
Muhammad Farooq Nov 27, 2012 03:37pm
I must confess my ignorance and say that it is new knowledge for me. I humbly request the writer to come up with more such research based articles.
muhammad Dec 01, 2012 03:40pm
Kindly read history before writing something the Hindus of that time frequently travel to Arabian peninsula for trade
Pakistani Barbie Nov 27, 2012 02:01pm
Very strange article
Chandrabhan Nov 27, 2012 11:34am
Dear Majid Sheikh, I am a Mohiyal or what is called
Bhatti Nov 27, 2012 11:34am
How many Shias outside Pakistan know that the grave of Ruqayya, sister of Imam Hussain and wife of Muslim Ibne Aqeel is in Lahore????? This story needs to be explored much more in depth in order to estbalish its authenticity.
Hasnain Nov 27, 2012 07:37am
This is a very very strange article. I couldn't find any solid evidence to back any claim.
Ajaya K Dutt Nov 27, 2012 02:06am
They were not in Karbala, but somewhere in Arabia. There is a thought that they migrated out of India with Alexander (Sikander). A historian with Alexander wrote that "Brahmin asked Alexander to come to his tent in the night, and Alexander went to his tent barefoot in a hurry. He saw that Brahmin was in a meditative sitting with his family and Brahmin said that he is going to die that night. He died that night and after that his family stayed where this happened". This was chronicled by main Greek Historian with Alexander. They fought in Karbala, because supporters of Imam Hussain had gone with him to Karbala.
FAB Nov 27, 2012 05:01am
Sub ka Hussain (a.s) Rub ka Hussain (a.s). Excellent article!!!
MAH, Abu Dhabi Nov 27, 2012 04:28am
While the message is indeed well intended, some of the connections made between disparate facts are misleading. And how do we say Ali bin Hussain wrote to the Indian king for military aid? That just does not gel with the whole purpose of Karbala as explained by the Imam - showing the people the folly of their believes by using one of their own ways! how is the soul purified by getting overpowered physically!!!!
Talat Behzad Nov 27, 2012 09:37pm
yes, I agree with Mr.Bhatti.
Felix Mashi Nov 28, 2012 11:47am
They have converted to Christianity, as I have.
Ajaya K Dutt Nov 27, 2012 01:44pm
Salute to those followers of Imam Hussain, who provided safe escort to Dutt women, children and aged Shiv Dutt, back to shores of river Ravi in India. This is at a time when every hand was needed back to carry on the fight.
Rafiq Ahmed Nov 28, 2012 02:55am
Beautiful Article. Brings tears to ones eyes. I hope one day we can all get along.
KS Nov 26, 2012 10:03pm
The most important lesson we can learn from this is the level of tolerance has gone down the gutter!
ahmad Nov 26, 2012 08:25pm
Fantastic research
SMA Nov 27, 2012 09:12am
Great research sir!.......
Arshad sherazi Nov 27, 2012 12:48am
No words can describe the feelings after reading this believable piece of work and who cares if all of it can't be verified.
ahmed Nov 27, 2012 01:15am
factually incorrect ..although interesting article ... yes hindus may have been involved in assisting their friends in Karbala as hindustan was very rich then and extended its might beyond ...but lahore residents then were not muslims and islam took many 100s of years later to come to india...
Faraz Dec 01, 2012 05:56am
Sunil dutt and his wife nargas belong to sanghoi Jhelum and not to Lahore.
AbB Nov 28, 2012 11:24am
Lies have no feet but many friends among the false story makers...
Mohammed Khanzada Nov 26, 2012 07:33pm
I cannot believe Dawn print this fiction
Aamir Nov 26, 2012 07:34pm
Very informative artilce. I am 45 years old and have myself experienced the religious harmony which you have described above. I wonder if we will ever be able to experience it again; there does not seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.
FactCheck Nov 28, 2012 10:42am
where is the scholarship and the research?
Y ed Nov 27, 2012 11:02pm
Shame on Dawn for this article
SSX Nov 28, 2012 11:48am
There is no evidence.
Najam uddin Dec 01, 2012 05:33pm
Though utterly lacking facts,Majid Shaikh has provided a good script for future TV drama.
adeen Nov 28, 2012 02:29pm
very interesting and informative article
Khurram Nov 28, 2012 01:29am
A similar thing happened in India also, when millions of Muslims died while coming to Pakistan :(
Salman Nov 28, 2012 06:02am
I am just happy over the fact the city we live and dwell had something to do with the tragic events of Karbala and all in positive connotation. People with an interest and history can correct and update it.
khizar khan Nov 28, 2012 12:12pm
every1 as well as every nation has his own history on Karbala....but instead of trapping ourselves in such....need to take lesson from this Tragedy....
Syed Irfan Ali Nov 28, 2012 07:42am
Truly commendable work by the writer of this article. We wish that those days of tolerance, love and peace come to our beloved Pakistan again.
Punjabi Puttar. Nov 28, 2012 06:20am
interesting. When we dig deeper we are all actually related somehow. But our prejudices, our intolerance and biases keep us apart.
Chacha Karmoo Nov 27, 2012 12:06am
shias religion was founded by a jewish and his name was Abdullah Ibn Saba........can any one deny that FACT.....
Savyasachi Nov 28, 2012 01:36pm
Nice piece of information about sacrifices of Hussaini Brahmins and Dutt clan. God is one and he is least worried of " How we connect him " , what affects is our intolerance that cynically tries to justify killings and conversions in his name.What matters is our dedicated love for that almighty.
Muslim Nov 27, 2012 06:49pm
A great article, if we keep aside a few points, it gives such an important message to us. We Muslims need to wake up and realize how much blessed we are. It is just amazing how ancient Hindu manuscripts contained such amazing knowledge about Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) and about the family of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). This shows that we need to open our eyes to these startling truths about our religion, found in other religions and be united for the sake of Islam! It's just beautiful how people would join together in the past despite of their believes on the day of Ashura and mourn over the greatest tragedy of Islam. It's a pity when I look at us today! The stone still weeps blood on the day of Ashura. What more can I say! Labaik Ya Hussain (A.S)
Naseer Nov 26, 2012 05:04pm
A touching piece of history Sheikh Saheb. May Allah bless you with all the best.
sam Nov 28, 2012 01:44pm
@ Author We support peaceful co-existence. But what a baseless story of Hussaini Brahmen you quoted. Total ignorance.
Muslim Nov 27, 2012 06:36pm
This is so true and overwhelming! I pray Allah grants us all the knowledge to understand the depth, purity and power of our religion. Ameen. Labaik Ya Hussain(A.S).
babu Nov 28, 2012 07:27pm
khurram--,millions of Hindus died coming to India during partition
ZXX-1 Nov 27, 2012 08:58pm
It is. Lot of it going on because of the Internet. No verifiable references are ever given.
Peace Pakistan Nov 27, 2012 01:05pm
Very interesting read!
Majid Sheikh Nov 27, 2012 06:16pm
One version puts the graves as being 12th century. The other as being of Ruquiyya. This doubt will remain ... always. Ali Hasan of Hajweri (Data Ganj Bakhsh) claimed it in his book as being of Ruquiyya. I have my doubts.
Aabis Nov 27, 2012 07:01am
Very nice
akk Nov 26, 2012 05:44pm
This sounds like a made up story.
Danny Nov 28, 2012 11:17am
Your grand-father was a Hindu, can any one deny the FACT?
Pakistani Barbie Nov 27, 2012 01:56pm
How did this article manage to make it to the news??? I don't understand anything in this article???
anwar Nov 27, 2012 08:28am
you are absolutely correct , it was Raja Dahir of sindh not chander gupt moraya. Raja dahir was killed by mohd. bin qasim in 711 as he was defending decedent of imam husain.
Yasser Hamid Nov 27, 2012 10:11pm
History is too important to be played around with! The fallen emperor Yazdgird of Iran had two daughters which were present in Madina al-Munawara when the bounty of war was presented to Caliph (RA). The first daughter was married to the son of the 1st Caliph Abu Bakr (RA) and the second to the son of Imam Ali (RA): 3rd Imam Hussain. There was no third daughter of Yazdgird before or after his defeat to the Holy Rashedun Army. Regards, Yasser Hamid Khwarizmi
Pakistani Barbie Dec 02, 2012 04:55pm
Thanks lol
frank Nov 27, 2012 02:06pm
Very interesting post, but the Ghakkars of Potohars are not Brahmins. In fact the Ghakkar clan has no place at all within the Hindu caste system. Brahmins would perhaps consider them as Shudras. They owe their high social status in Potohar to the political power they have always wielded there. Also there are many Muslim Dutts in West Punjab so it is incorrect to say none converted to Islam.
Muslim Nov 27, 2012 06:30pm
WOW! Loved the last line! Respect!
Touseef Nov 26, 2012 04:58pm
Your article posses thYour article has the warmth to touch ones heart. Instead of elaborating on my regrets I would stand by your memories and spread Hussein
Wajid Nov 27, 2012 11:31am
Its fight between liberals and conservatives Its fight between seculars and communals Hussein represents secular or liberal. Yazid represented conservative/communal. Whom do you support?now Karbala is Pakistan
chandrabhan Nov 27, 2012 12:29pm
There are lot of factual inacciracies in the article.. It was Chandragupta Vikramaditya. His wife and Hussain's wife were sister. Similarly, we are not Rajputs but Brahmins.
aku Nov 28, 2012 07:18am
This is the most interesting piece of history I have read ever. Whether it can be verified or not but I am deeply touched.
A Muslim Nov 26, 2012 04:46pm
Excellent article. Quite an eye opener. The message of Imam Hussein (a.s.) was universal and not just confined for the Muslims, and that was the reason among the shuhada there were Hindus and Christians. May Allah give the Taufeeq to Muslims to give Karbala its due importance.
Derwaish Nov 26, 2012 05:13pm
Heart touching.
Dr. Khan Nov 27, 2012 07:19pm
I stood for my Pakistani Hindu brothers. I will always stand for them.
Haseeb Azhar Nov 27, 2012 09:04am
Thank you for this article... I didn't know that we Lahoris were this great... My prayers and wishes are with you...
hassan Nov 28, 2012 04:12pm
Yes but a universal truth will appear in the scripture irrespective of its date.
SM Nov 26, 2012 04:54pm
Thank you so much for this insight into the history that I otherwise would have never known. Being a Lahori, for the first time today, I can say that I am proud to have hailed from this city. I have no idea who my ancestors are, but it doesn't matter any more! I am from Lahore, and my fellow brethren in the history gave their lives for Imam Hussain. I will forever cherish this article, print it, and pass it on to my coming generations!
xarmatian Nov 28, 2012 07:18pm
women of imam hussein's immediate family were captured and all men were kind to your imaginations
saeed Nov 26, 2012 06:06pm
Jazakallah for your beautiful and thought provoking article!
nuisni Nov 26, 2012 06:06pm
What an amazing scholarly article. Hats of To Mr. Sheikh for his research and hard work.
Tirmizi Nov 26, 2012 06:40pm
A very well written piece. There are a few inconsistencies but never the less the message of current intolerance is clear. Rahab was a Christian priest who came to the Prophet (P.B.U.H) and asked that he pray that God would grant him children to which the Prophet (P.B.U.H) replied that he didn
A Shiaa Reader Nov 28, 2012 09:19am
The author is denying the truth of Karabla
R.K.Mohindra Nov 27, 2012 03:46pm
This is in response to history lover from India. There were two Chandragupta: I. Chandragupta Mauriya who ruled India 320-298 BC and 2. Chandragupta Vktrmaditya( also called Chandragupta II ), whose rule was 318-413 AD. Dawm made a mistake by publishing Mauriya. I hope it clears the confusion.
rizwan Nov 27, 2012 03:21pm
Imam hussain R.A was way above these petty labels.
Pakistani Nov 26, 2012 06:28pm
Salute to Dutt's for standing up with Imam Hussain (A.S) against tyranny of Yazid bin Muaweeya
QB Nov 26, 2012 06:26pm
It is a very interesting article. It would have been nice to provide the references to give authenticity. Regards,
mazharuddin Dec 01, 2012 06:00am
Such articles having no authentic record, specially relating to sectarian issues should not be published by news papers. Further the newspapers should also accept the negative view of the people having authentic records. The responsible authorities, controlling the media realize that the articles having baseless material create hatred. Media should bear responsibility in this respect.
Abbasi A Nov 29, 2012 09:12am
I care. It is an attack on my most sacred held belief and on the truth of Hussain for which so many suffered and gave their life. I care, I care very much.
Ramana Nov 28, 2012 05:21am
Interesting fiction, vedas were recorded around 3000 BCE Islam came around 500 AD. Good message though which is, we belong to humanity first and then we chart our religious paths
Vimal Nov 28, 2012 10:32am
Population of Hindus in Pakistan has reduced significantly after independence.Less than 2% Hindus are present in Pakistan today.
adeen Nov 28, 2012 02:44pm
but i am pretty much sure that its an indian myth..nothing to do with reality..
Dr. Khan Nov 27, 2012 07:22pm
I am not concerened about article. But one thing is sure that all muslims and India were Hindu or belonged to some other religion.
Zazi Nov 27, 2012 08:57pm
Don't take the name of Allah in vain...for lies being propogated by the author. If all this was true it would destroy the Shiaa Imam's stand for truth. also the author provides no scholarly reference. You people please think rationally. Don't believe foolishness and disinformation. Anyone can say anything but without facts these become fairy tales. Treat them as such.
Ali Rizvi Nov 28, 2012 05:39pm
I do not claim to know a lot about Muslim histroy. unfortunately Muslims are most intolerant and divided people. They kill each other just because of someone elses belief. If Shias commemorate the death of Imam Hussain what is the the problem of others. In the name of religion Muslem kills other Muslims which is forbidden in Quran Pak. We need a Kamal Ataturk in Pakistan and banning of all Madarsas will solve most problems. Ali
Agha Asad Raza Nov 29, 2012 12:53pm
Well researched and support by historical facts.
Abbasi A Nov 28, 2012 11:52am
They were all wiped out at Karbala. Disproves your statement.
muhammad Dec 01, 2012 03:50pm
One day you will say that Islam was founded by a Christian please read history and religion carefully before making such claims
Waqar Nov 27, 2012 11:23am
What a none sense this article is
Aamir Nov 26, 2012 06:12pm
Muhammad Mohsin Zaki Nov 28, 2012 07:49am
Where's the real part of the history, we never know.
History Lover from India Nov 27, 2012 11:27am
Mauryan Empire existed between 322 BC to 185 BC...........the war of Karbala was fought in 7th century AD !!! Come on check all the facts before writing anything on such a reputed newspaper. Best Regards, History Lover from India
Abbasi Nov 27, 2012 03:16pm
This is completely non-sence, Muslims were in power at that time and there were millions of Muslims who could have helped Hazrat Imam Hussain if he at any stage requested any help. India was so far to be asked for help instead of Makkah and Madina and there were Sahaba in large numbers who could have helped them if they had asked for any help. Please stop spreading non-sence. Hazrat Imam Hussain requested any help from any non muslim what a non-sence...
Syed Nov 26, 2012 05:29pm
Thanks so much for sharing Majid sahab. I knew that there was a group of hindus who reached karbala to fight along Imam Hussain .a.s. but they were too late and were very disappointed. on the the night of 9th, Imam Hussain a.s. turned off the candle lights and told his companions to leave as death is eminent the next day. He even told them that Jannat will be there even if they leave. When the lights were turned on, the companions of Imam had their swords to their neck and said they are ready to die for Imam rather then run and save their lives. When every companion and family member was martyred, Imam raised his voice and said Is there anyone to help me? Imam knew he would die for Allah but oh the tragedy, His Nana brought the religion of Islam and the Nephew was all alone against the corrupt and ruthless ruler. Now 20 million people visit his grave on Chehlum yet no one knows where yazeed is buried.
ZR Nov 26, 2012 07:21pm
This is an amazing article, utterly fascinating. We Muslims need to ask ourselves, How is it that ancient holy Hindu manuscripts contained such amazing knowledge about Hazrat Imam Hussain and about the family of the Holy Prophet. Perhaps we need to open our minds and hearts to these beautiful truths which are found in other religions.
loverof ahle bait Nov 28, 2012 06:36pm
it doesnt makes any sense . The author has made up a story on his own . Why not follow the footsteps of shuhada e karbala rather than making up false stories.
Miss A Nov 29, 2012 02:58am
@ Abbasi...1) Those who invited Imam Hussain to Karbala for help were the "MUSLIM" 2) Later who betrayed Imam Hussain were the "MUSLIMS" 3) who killed Imam Hussain were the "Muslim" and yes he did ask for help out loud when he was left alone and all of his loved ones were dead.It was Imam Hussain's final Hujjat final call for help to all Muslims. Nobody came.