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Branded clothes: a symbol of pride?


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Designers and brands have come to our society to grab our attention and make us trendy and update.

There are many western brands recently opened in Karachi and Lahore which sell nothing less than Rs5,000.

Only three per cent of all Pakistanis today can afford such luxury brands, therefore, the questions must arise in our minds that why Pakistanis love to buy imported western brands?

Why do not we use the products made in our own country? Why are we becoming so brand conscious? In my opinion, this is the mental concept of the Pakistanis to prefer western brands as compared to the local one. Buying imported products has become a common trend among Pakistani consumers.

It is been observed that local brands have quality products but they have also very high prices. So the sellers of local brands have to fix the prices of their products by keeping in their mind the affordability of the local people.

We need to break our liking for artificial lifestyles and try to understand the economic condition of our country and stop being reckless about western brands. We must try to provide benefits to our own nation and make the things affordable for Pakistanis.

No doubt Pakistan is a poor country, but an average Pakistani has strong patriotic feelings for their country.

We must, therefore, promote the concept of buying Pakistani products and discourage using of foreign products.

Buy Pakistan should become a symbol of pride and in keeping with the concept of national culture and dignity.


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Mahmood Minhas Nov 16, 2012 03:56pm
Best quality of branded clothes are available in our country which are for better than foreign branded clothes. I have been using branded clothes which are very durable and suitable for every season/climates as in our country. Try to be Pakistani live like Paksitani and honour the dignity of the country being a Pakistani. Please remember that all immigrtants from Pakistan prefer to use Pakistani clothes as and when they visit and use for long period .Be proud of Pakistan products.
Sanobar Nadir Nov 17, 2012 04:28am
Completely agree with Rimsha Ahmad....We need people like u to reform Pakistan....All the Best :)
maria nissar Nov 17, 2012 04:26am
congratx rimsha way to go
hira Nov 16, 2012 04:28pm
i agree with rimsha ! we should encourage our nation
Daniyal SM. Nov 16, 2012 09:10pm
The branded clothes are made in countries like Pakistan, in the same conditions as the ones you mentioned in your second paragraph. They are then sent outside, labelled and then sent back and sold to people like you for 5 times the initial cost. I promise you that you will be duped into buying a locally produced cloth presented nicely in a Burberry shop in London, but you would not buy that exact same thing from a regular shop in Pakistan. Its all psychological. You cannot tell the difference. Its just your mind that automatically makes stuff in a Louis Vuitton store in Paris top notch, and vice versa. And Dawn moderators, I am pretty sure you will not allow my comment to show, so in that case this is for you.
G.A. Nov 16, 2012 08:15pm
I have seen pride in a beggar on the street when he threw back the money I gave him and I have seen pride in a mullah who thinks he owns the mosque. Designer brands have quality in them and if one can afford it then all power to them. You don't need to wear designer brands to be arrogant.
mehak Nov 16, 2012 03:24pm
suprb article done rimsha ahmad :) GOD bless nd awl da best for ur future :)))
Jawwad Nov 16, 2012 04:02pm
Oh please. Branded is not a symbol of pride as "they" would have you believe. To a user it is more like a measure of success now that you have and can afford to be in your master's shoe. To Saqib's claim- The Pakistani brands are sub standard not primarily due to chemicals used but due to non existent thread counts clothing.
Agha Ata Nov 16, 2012 07:01pm
If you want to know if a Pakistani is patriotic and loves everything of his country, just tell him you can get him a visa for the USA. and see how he reacts. Some Pakistanis, of course, would refuse such an offer. They are real patriotic Pakistanis.
Abdul Nov 16, 2012 04:04pm
I think it is the inferiority complex that our nation posseses. We are eager to beleive that everything done by the western companies is ethical without knowing the facts. Please do some research and you will discover the contribution of multi-nationals and western brands to our environmental degradation. I am appalled that you noticed the wrongdoings of the local industry without giving any consideration to the fact that most international brands are manufactured in countries like ours; and that is done under labor conditions that these brand names cannot afford to do in their countries. Quality, environmental factors etc. are lame excuses that many of our folks use to satisfy their guilt. We do not want to admit that we are a slave nation and bahave in that manner. Warren Buffet is one of the richest persons on the planet, if not the richest person, and he does not prefer any branded items. He buys things that he likes and are comfortable because he does not have to have a logo on his chest to show that he is a rich man. Wake up please!
Saqib Nov 16, 2012 07:46am
Why buy something that will last me maximum a year (Pakistani Brand) when i can buy something that will last me for 4 - 5 years (International brands). Secondly, Pakistani companies due to financial constraints cannot keep up with market trends. International brands on the other hand have these funds available. The products they make reflect the demands of the market. Thirdly, Pakistani companies do not keep in mind environmental sustainability when they manufacture these goods. They may have goods in the market that can compete with international brands, but at what cost to the environment are they making these goods. Rishma, when you consider economic growth factors please do not exclude its adverse effect on the environment. Please during your next visit to the Korangi area in Karachi, have a look at the water channels all across these factories. This water contains chemicals which are harmful for any one or anything it comes in contact with. National pride is one thing i firmly believe in, but i will not switch to a Pakistani brand until Pakistani companies become pro-active in sustainability.
observer Nov 16, 2012 02:22pm
Why not allow people to buy what they want and refrain of raising useless points in letters to the editor.
Friend Nov 17, 2012 03:06pm
Nice article but to far from reality, can Pakistan manufacture their own Cycle? a Motor Cycle? a Car? a mobile phone? an Air Plane? I don't this so, yes may be just be able to copy, but never will able to do it in next 100 years, Why because in Pakistan lives Pakistanis not Muslims... to verify please visit any Masjid in these mega cities and see for yourself in Fajr how many people turn up?... very sorry to say. See the ladies how many percent respect Hijab? see men how many has respect for their fellow men and women folks? Especially people in Karachi and likewise Lahore are the most disconnected people from the real ethics of Islam. Look your media and television is bombarding with filth and politics and senseless talk shows presented by ladies who very proudly show of themselves in Pakistani made expensive cloths annihilating the values of Islam, which never common a man can afford and subconsciously contaminate minds of young. Look at the individual Pakistanis, what have they made themselves. How much are they contributing to development of Humans in general? Anyone can become better only if they decide to change and follow the righteous path. Muslims when followed Islam, Quran and Hadith did wonders in Astronomy, Maths, Science, Medicine ... but now look what have they made Muslims look like... talking about Brand and Labels? Please sister Rishma, if you are really concerned about Muslim society spend your time in spreading the word of Peace "Islam". If you can write and lecture, please teach people to live life as our Prophet (PUBH) and Sahab lived their lives!
Filza Ahmad Nov 17, 2012 04:01pm
I think that our little minds have made borders for everyone, if we see someone wearing branded clothes and having branded stuff we like them anyway whether they are wannabes, self obsessed or whatever we don't go for the personalities which really matters. The show of wealth has been a part of our society and if someone if not well enough to buy such things we consider him nothing and he becomes invisible for us moreover. It has been a symbol of pride if unless you don't discuss the price and the brand you are wearing which is so not possible, why not? because we do want to tell and praise our-self and that moment is enough to let others know who actually you are. We should buy Pakistani brands and should spend our money for our countries good benefits and you'll infact feel good and you'll feel as if you've done something for your country and you actually did. I do buy Pakistani brands and they're way nicer and cheaper than the western ones and the good thing is this they don't make me look fake and do not change my personality, they remind me that I'm still a Pakistani not a price tagger. I'd rather like Pakcola than Coke though I can afford it! but why to waste money for them, why not to spend it for your own country? Good article Rimsha, keep your confidence up!