A video grab from an interview of Baloch nationalist leader Sardar Ataullah Mengal.

QUETTA, Sept 14: Baloch nationalist leader Sardar Ataullah Mengal has said his proposed nomination for the post of caretaker prime minister by the PML-N leadership was a joke.

Talking to Dawn by phone on Friday from his hometown Wadh, he said he didn’t see the move as a serious one. If he accepted the offer his sons would take him to a mental hospital.

Sardar Mengal said the proposal betrayed the casual attitude of the powers that be to the Balochistan crisis, dismissing it as flippant.

Mr Mengal, who was the first elected chief minister of Balochistan, said the people behind the proposal had first gone to Sardar Akhtar Mengal with their proposal. But Akhtar Mengal said his father would never accept the PML-N proposal.

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Sep 15, 2012 06:45am
what's the proposal ???
Ashraf Bugti
Sep 15, 2012 06:44am
I am not sure what Baluchis want. I am a Baluchi Pastun but want to be part of Pakistan. I think there are these Sardars who are trigerring these terrorist acts with help of foreign forces or evil forces in Baluchistan. All ordinary poor Baluchis are delusioned as there is lack of edcuation in Baluchistan and other parts of Punjab like in all Pakistan.We need to educate all Baluchis and Pakistanis, give them good governance, health and other basic rights of security and self reliance. The only person is Imran Khan who is liberal Islamist and has revolutionary ideas which we need to wipe our country of all the feudals, sardars and other corrupts of society..
Masood Hussain
Sep 15, 2012 01:12pm
Support Mr. Asghar's Advice to senior Mengal.Balochistan problem can only be solved by men of wisdome loyal to state of Pakistan.
M. Asghar
Sep 15, 2012 07:19am
The persons of wisdom like Mengal must come forwardds, when asked for and do their best to improve the things for the country and its citizens.
Muhammad Choudhry
Sep 15, 2012 10:48am
For three 3 months it is joke, if there is 3 years term I request honest and sincere people like Mengal or Achakzai to come forward and get this nation out of wood. Hanif Choudhry USA
Akhter Husain
Sep 15, 2012 06:53am
Mr. Mengal is a serious person,experienced enough to judge the motives behind the proposal.The care taker government is only for managing general elections and day-to-day affairs nothing else.He is old and wise not to take pride or perks of care taker Prime Minister.The move can not soften his long standing demand to have right on the natural resources of Baluchistan.The right move,for PML "N" would be to go to the elections with Mr Mengal as their candidate for Prime Ministerial post.Can they do it?.
Sep 15, 2012 12:35pm
Not so easy, Sir. You miss the point of what he said. There are more to underneath than what he is saying.
Sep 15, 2012 10:52am
P ersons like mr mengal should be tried for gross negligence of duty if nothing else, if this country is to account for any thing.