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“PHF should organise a series with Australia, Spain, Argentina and against all other countries that are ranked above Pakistan.” -File photo

ISLAMABAD: Former hockey great Shahnaz Sheikh, on Tuesday, said that the resumption of Pakistan-India hockey ties was necessary but would not benefit either team’s standings on the world stage.

Sheikh put this down to the declining state of the game in both countries and said both teams were mediocre at best.

“What will Pakistan achieve playing against a lowly-ranked Indian team that finished last at the London Olympics? Same goes for India, what will they achieve playing against Pakistan who finished at seventh place in the Games,” Shahnaz said, questioning the logic behind the series.

“It is obvious that everybody wants to see Pakistan and India playing against each other but I believe now is the time for the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) to think about how to improve the game and the players’ performances in order to obtain good results in future tournaments,” Shahnaz said while talking to APP.

A two-member delegation of the PHF will be visiting India this month to chalk out details for a possible bilateral series.

“I am not saying the series shouldn't take place because I, too, love to see Pakistan and India in action. Ideally though, PHF should organise a series with Australia, Spain, Argentina and against all other countries that are ranked above Pakistan.”

Commenting on the participation of Pakistani players in the Indian Hockey League, Shahnaz pointed to PHF secretary Asif Bajwa's statement given to a section of press in which Bajwa stated, “The Indian Hockey League will help the Pakistani players to improve their skills.”

Shahnaz wryly asked: “What is the PHF doing to improve their performance?”

“I am not criticising the PHF; just look at the players’ performance in the Olympics. It is time for them to take concrete measures to improve hockey at national and international level or else the game will vanish,” he said.

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Sep 11, 2012 11:26pm
Still better than playing against a club team for either country to prepare for the next big event.
Sep 12, 2012 06:42am
Nice slap on Indian Hokey federation. Hope they read this.
Sep 12, 2012 05:45am
Does he mean teams should not do any practice matches or exercises and only play during Olympics or World cup......... height of the confidence.
Reddy sahib
Sep 12, 2012 02:59am
wow what arrogance , there was this phrase called lean period in cricket what happened to that.
Sep 12, 2012 04:17am
What will be the benefit in playing cricket between India and Pakistan? It is a good idea that Pakistan should not play cricket against low rated Bangaladesh,Zimbabwe etc..
Sep 12, 2012 05:03am
they should play with afghanistan
A Human
Sep 12, 2012 07:49pm
Well said !!! With that said the Number Team in the world should not play with anyone :)
Sep 12, 2012 12:37pm
What he is saying make sense. A long term planning is needed for player's coaching, developing hockey academies, have hockey tournaments at school, colleges and at club levels. PHF should be sami private and club level leagues should be created to promote hockey as a sports.
A Human
Sep 12, 2012 07:50pm
I mean Number ONE team in the world should not play with anyone :)
Sep 11, 2012 03:29pm
Well......money? Would that not motivate good people to stay in the sport and attract new talent?
Sep 11, 2012 04:36pm
I'm from India and I completely agree with Shanaz.