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Video of the Week: Awaam

Going viral may be the most over-used phrase on in our lexicon these days, but sometimes it's just unavoidable.

At Dawn.com we decided that every week we'd sift through the cacophony of videos that sprout up, and highlight one that strikes a chord for us.

Faris Shafi's Awaam is exactly just such a video.

Shafi's rap song about the everyday struggle of the average Pakistani carries with it the populist message that's become all the rage these days, while also being a catchy tune with a sense of humor.

It tackles the greatest hits such as illiteracy and unemployment while also lampooning the farcical nature of the seemingly infinite talking heads on TV spouting their 'expertise'.

At its heart its a call to disarm and enlighten.

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Aug 31, 2012 04:03am
good one :) at least somebody could dream for better.....
Umair Khalid
Aug 30, 2012 06:05pm
gr8 stuf...probably the voice of all Pakistanis out ther!