‘There is life after divorce’

Published Aug 28, 2012 03:26am

THIS is apropos of Irfan Husain’s article ‘There is life after divorce’ (Aug 20). As a Pakistani-Canadian living in Quebec for the last more than 35 years and having experienced two referendums for the separation of Quebec from Canada and also having seen the frustrating and humiliating surrender ceremony of the Pakistani military in December 1971, I fully agree with his following conclusion: “In this day and age, people cannot be held down by force indefinitely. Like the Quebecois and the Scots, the Baloch should be allowed to decide their own future”.

If Scots want to separate from Great Britain as a result of free and fair referendum, after about two years, the new government of Pakistan which comes into power in 2013, must also allow the Baloch to secede if they want to.

Perhaps acceptance of Baloch separation in an amicable manner will prove healthy and liberating to both the Baloch of Balochistan and the non-Baloch of Pakistan.

Geographical borders mean nothing.

The dismemberment of the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and tearing down of the ‘Berlin Wall’ between East and West Germany are only a few recent examples of non-sacrosanctity of geographical borders.


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Aug 28, 2012 10:08am
there is certainly life after divorce .husband and wife have a mutual relationship of consent towards their life.after divorce you realise that their still is life... things change for eg. you no longer need to work 24 /7 , you get major budgetary reductions , you have time to spend with your friends , you can watch movies , you can eat in restaurants , your production possibiliity curve can change from bills to leisure , you can change to a rented house instead of paying the interests to your loaned house , your car requires less fuel , you can enjoy the employment benefits , you can wear jeans instead of dress pants , you dont get pushed by your boss , you can go out with some one else etc but there is nothing i repeat nothing like having a family.
Aug 28, 2012 11:49am
Pakistan cannot handle the issue of Jammu and Kashmir issue (for past 60 years!) never mind anything else....including Balochistan! Only hope for Pakistan at present is Imran Khan sn PTI. Just a thought.....