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Nato supply trucks at a depot in Pakistan. (Dawn File Photo)

PESHAWAR: During a search operation in Peshawar’s Cantt Bazaar on Tuesday, security forces killed three extremists.

According to the police, the search operation was conducted after a few terrorists who escaped from the custody of the security forces. After a prolonged search for the fugitives, security forces found and killed three extremists.

Meanwhile, a roadside blast in Khyber Agency’s Jamrud Bypass area damaged to Nato containers passing over into Afghanistan.

According to the security officials, the blast occurred at the Jamrud Bazaar Bypass after the Nato supply convoy had already passed.

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Aug 07, 2012 01:06pm
How much Pakistani blood should shed before our politician decide that opening border for NATO and afghan is bad idea
Aug 07, 2012 05:51pm
I'm angry that those trucks are moving at all. Part of the 'deal' to get them moving should have been to get Dr. Afridi out and then, if he wants, let him, with his family, move West. After Dr. Afridi's arrest, many, many Americans are angry that we give Pakistan any money at all. However, since it's not aid as some call it, it's money Pakistan earns for helping NATO. I don't think jailing Dr. Afridi is exactly helping out though. We don't believe the other reasons Pakistan gave for imprisoning this brave man. Is this what an 'ally' does?