No flood preparations

Published Jul 16, 2012 03:47am

THE 2012 Sindh floods might take place during the monsoon around mid-August, resulting in heavy losses to life and land.

Before heavy rains hit Sindh province this year, it was estimated that families affected by the 2011 flood would require three to four cropping seasons to recover.

Last year’s flood victims want to know from the authorities concerned: are they prepared to meet the challenges of the forthcoming flood? Have they worked out a plan to drain out the floodwater to save their crops and livestock? Did they incorporate more disaster risk-reduction components and safer shelters for victims?

Delayed or incomplete measures will only lead to heightened food insecurity, increase in public health threats, losing land tenure agreements due to farmers’ inability to pay their debts, population displacement, and long-term reliance on aid.

However, I pray that no flooding takes place this year.


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Jul 16, 2012 09:36am
Being a patriot Pakistani my heart sinks gravely while seeing my fellow Pakistanis left in the lurch without any access to even basic needs. I think the writer on his side expects the state to be little sensitive and to feel for the expected flood victims in Singh. I wonder if the state pays any heed to your hue and cry! Let us we individually be prepared to come to the aid of our brother and sisters in case of expected heavy flooding! Rashid