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Pakistan wants peace in region: Sherry Rehman

Pakistan's Ambassador to US Sherry Rehman. -AP File Photo

ISLAMABAD: Ambassador to the United States Sherry Rehman on Thursday said that Pakistan wants peace and stability in the region. She said all the decisions in the country were being taken democratically.

“Every thing is open and candid and nothing has been kept ambiguous,” she said.

She said Pakistan wants relations with the United States of America on the basis of mutual respect and mutual interest.

To another question, Sherry Rehman said all the state institutions in the country were working in cohesion and there was no conflict.

She said that Defence Committee of the Cabinet (DCC) had decided to halt the Nato supply and the decision of reopening of the route was also taken by the DCC.

“All the decisions were being taken keeping in view the recommendations of the Parliament,” Sherry said.

Sherry Rehman was also appreciative of the opposition and said “we respect the cooperation of the opposition in the Parliament for keeping the national interest supreme.”

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