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Bus station being rebuilt

LAHORE, June 26: The Project Management Unit (PMU) of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project has dismantled the newly-constructed bus station at Naseerabad stop on Ferozepur Road on the dedicated bus track in order to raise its height (according to height of the articulated buses) and to avoid accumulation of rainwater on the platform.

A senior official of the Traffic Engineering and Planning Agency (TEPA) told Dawn that the PMU comprising TEPA and other departments’ officials had earlier constructed the bus station according to the design. He said the consultancy firm neither considered the height of buses nor studied the level of inundation of city roads during monsoon.

He said as soon as the firm came to know about the situation, it changed the design of the bus station, requesting the PMU to dismantle and reconstruct it by raising its already constructed bed in order to avoid rain season problem.

BRT Project Director Mazhar Hussain was not available for a comment.

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