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Veena’s spirituality

We know that we write a lot about Veena Malik. Can we help it? The actress never ceases to amaze us. The latest in that context is the reports that came out of India when Veena M visited the shrine of Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia. Covered from head to toe, she gave full protocol to the Sufi saint’s mazaar and thank heavens did not do anything matching her item-girl antics.

However, this is not the gist of the news. It is when she interacted with the media that everybody lent an attentive ear.

Veena M claimed that she had been visiting shrines, with her abbu and ammi, from a very early age. “We used to get up at 5pm to offer our morning prayers; this was family tradition. As for my recent visit to this shrine, I have made a wish (mannat maani hai) and I hope it will come true.”

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