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JSM leader on ‘Sindh card’

Published Apr 13, 2012 08:08pm

IN response to Cyril Almeida’s question as to what the term Sindh card meant, I said that “under the intellectual guidance and political leadership of G.M. Syed and through the continuous struggle and sacrifices of nationalist workers, Sindh’s nationalist movement has penetrated deep and made a very strong impact on Sindhi society and the notion that Sindh is being dominated, oppressed and exploited by the central government of Pakistan has attained undeniablity.

“The Pakistan People’s Party exploits this situation for its power politics and uses it as a bargaining tool with the establishment whenever it is out of power or faced with impending threat of being thrown out of power”.

The next question by the writer was that “what was the present situation of the PPP’s victim card in Sindh today?”

My answer was: “By the passage of time, and owing to its excessive use, the victim card is losing its appeal among the Sindhi masses. There are still some people who get impressed by the talk of victimisation while the majority of Sindhi people refer to the basic issues of unemployment, poverty, law and order, exploitation of natural resources of Sindh and influx of aliens into Sindh, etc.”

When PPP leaders like Bilawal Bhutto Zardari recently said at Garhi Khuda Bux that “a Sindhi prime minister is hanged but a Punjabi prime minister is put on a plane and sent abroad”, many people opined that G.M. Syed’s politics, not Bhutto’s, has been vindicated since it was Syed who said that the Sindhi nation was being oppressed by the centre.

ABDUL KHALIQUE JUNEJO Chairman Jeay Sindh Mahaz Karachi

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Zulfiqar Ansari
Apr 14, 2012 12:57pm
They (PPP) is giving a lot of Weight to MQM and Yes they are loosing Sindh Card...