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March, 03 2015

Imran Farooq, Altaf Hussain
Imran Farooq -File Photo

LONDON: The Scotland Yard’s investigations pertaining to the murder of Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) prominent leader Imran Farooq have so far proved unsuccessful as no solid evidence could be found against the only existing suspect’s involvement in the killing, DawnNews reported on Friday.   

The Metropolitan Police Service London (Met) aka Scotland Yard had arrested a person allegedly involved in the murder of the MQM leader a few days earlier.

However, the Met did not find any evidence against the suspect and have released him on bail, waiving off all charges against him.

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Jul 03, 2012 05:09am
Why is the media all silent on the murder trial of Imran Farooq? When will this media actually start working towards the general goodness of society rather than sensationalizing the issues for a while and then burying the matter without much ado !! Its only the media which can reignite these crucial points and let the world know the truth. Afterall, thats what we seek all our lives - the truth.