Crackdown on spurious drugs gets underway

PESHAWAR, Feb 11: The district administration and health department have launched a campaign against dealers of substandard and spurious medicines in Peshawar.

Members of an inspection team led by district coordination officer Peshawar Siraj Ahmad Khan and drug inspector Zakir Shah visited drugstores in Namak Mandi, Dabgari Garden and Shah Qabool areas and collected samples of various medicines for laboratory examination.

The team raided Ayaz Enterprises, Pak Enterprises and Tanveer Medicines and registered cases against their owners for violating Drug Act, 1976 by profiteering.

Talking to reporters, the DCO said some doctors were also involved in illegal drug business and many were misguiding uneducated people into buying substandard and spurious medicines.

He said samples of drugs would be sent to laboratories and action would be taken against those found guilty of dealing in spurious drugs. He said the campaign would continue until local market was purged of substandard and spurious drugs.

Mr Siraj asked police to deploy personnel in plainclothes in and around health centres to arrest promoters of such drugs.

Meanwhile, the district administration has also taken notice of the reports about use of poisonous water for irrigation of vegetables in Peshawar and collected samples of vegetables for laboratory test.

During a visit to the vegetable market and Firdus Bazaar, Faqirabad, Kakshal, Sarki Gate, Dalazak Road shops, assistant coordination officer Zafar Ali Shah apprised DCO of public complaints about use of poisonous water by vegetable growers in slum areas.The DCO said growers using sewage for irrigation purpose would be dealt with strictly.

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