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Zakir Ali: some facts

This is with reference to Zakir Ali Khan’s obituary (Feb 9). Some points remained uncovered. Zakir Sahib has left 10 books to his credit, all very interesting to read: (1) Mian ki Atariya Talay, (2) Hadees-e-Haram, (3) Rakht-e-Safar, (4) Marhaba Alhaaj, (5) Qalam Rau, (6) Deewan-e-Aam, (7) Riwayat-e-Aligarh, (8) Baray-e-Naam, (9) Mai Baap and (10) Yaadon Ka Dastarkhwan.

He was also the chief editor of the monthly Tehzeeb which is the official magazine published by the Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association Karachi.


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