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Green tea: merits and demerits

I WANT to draw the attention of those who are regular users of green tea towards its side-effects, as most of us believe that it has no side effects. Although green tea has so many benefits, excess use of it may lead to problems.

It has been proved that green tea is best for you when you want to lose weight and keep fit and fresh, but you should make sure that the product you are using is of good quality. It is always good to do a little research and find out which brand is best. To avoid some common side effects:

Do not let your green tea sit for 24 hours as microorganisms can disfigure and lose some of its dietetic value.

Do not over-prepare your green tea. It will not make your tea better but it will make it taste sour and could harm the digestive system.

Do not drink tea when taking any medication or when having fever as it could harm you. Avoid drinking tea for at least two hours after taking medication. Do not combine your tea with alcohol as it can harm your kidney and your sexual organs, and can cause constipation.

Do not take tea on an empty stomach as it can create deficiency of iron known as anemia and deficiency of vitamin B which leads to a disease known as beriberi.

On the other hand, green tea is extremely useful as it prevents cancer, high cholesterol, liver diseases, diabetes, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Research has proved that the incidence of cancer tends to be lower in people living in Japan and China where people take green tea on a daily basis.


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