Muslim League-N Chief, Nawaz Sharif addresses children's cricket summer camp at Gymkhana in Lahore on Tuesday, June 07, 2011. – Photo by PPI

LAHORE: PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif has again demanded that an independent commission be set up immediately in accordance with the spirit of a resolution adopted by a joint sitting of both houses of parliament to investigate the May 2 raid by US commandos in Abbottabad.

Talking to reporters at the Lahore Gymkhana cricket ground on Tuesday, he said it was a unanimous resolution and the federal government was part of it.

“No-one really knows why the government is afraid of forming the commission when it should have been its top priority after the consensus resolution.

“Such delaying tactics are not only robbing the government of its credibility and creating uncertainty, but also damaging democracy.”

The former prime minister said successive dictators had not allowed democracy to function properly but it was regrettable that an elected government was damaging democracy.

“There is complete lawlessness and uncertainty in the country which is benefiting no-one.”

Answering a question, the PML-N chief said the Punjab government would present “a people-friendly budget”.

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