THIS is with reference to Chaudhry Nisar’s press conference on targeted operation in Karachi under the supervision of Sindh government in which he also stated that the government has identified the offenders and their sanctuaries.

However, the government can’t launch operation against criminals as they have political affiliation and for that they require consensus of all parties. The also Supreme Court also said that armed wings of political parties are responsible for violence and unrest in the city and it asked the political parties to disband their militant wings.

Statements of the interior minister and the apex court show undoubtedly that all tumult is self-creation of political parties for their own interest. It is a gift of our own elected political leaders who have such annexes for accomplishment of their manifesto without any thought to its results in the longer run.

Alas, one can only hope in the presence of such leaders for peace and the same hustle bustle in Karachi.


Re-electing the lot

THIS refers to the news item ‘Target killers, extortionists have political links: Nisar’ (Aug 29). This establishes without a shadow of a doubt that our entire political system is corrupt to the hilt, causing the mayhem being experienced to achieve their corrupt means.

But yet the people of Pakistan keep on re-electing these corrupt politicians to continue their agony.


Updated Sep 01, 2013 08:32am

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Sep 01, 2013 04:05pm

please note one difference--

there is no 'democracy' in our beloved country. there does seem to be one but its just a shadow of what it should be.

The rulers elect 'themselves' here, the people dont elect them-- the people are made to go to the polling stations just to satisfy the international community and fill in paperwork.

once satisfied, the international community approves aid/loan happily for the rulers to exploit and put into their foreign bank accounts..

5 'democratic' years and and another set of rulers continue this cycle. long live democracy ..