MAKING mistakes is natural — we learn by mistakes and improve ourselves — but repeating mistakes is an offence. If we keep on repeating mistakes, it will be compounded. Rains again, downpouring again, rivers on the rise again, torrents violent again and we are not prepared again.

Even the lowliest of animals learns from experience and avoid repeating mistakes. The crow flies to safety when it sees a gun, but we humans hardly move even when warned seriously by weather forecast. What is the reason for this indifference? Why are we so insensitive to these warnings?

Many organisations will benefit from these flood disasters as every event, good or bad, brings opportunities. Politicians will be seen patrolling the flood - effected areas, collecting goodwill and votes for next local body elections.

NGOs and other agencies will be making their own days by distributing food and other utilities, and claiming loud and clear that they stand for empowering the poor and the destitute.

Whereas there is no mechanism in nature by which the weak may control the strong. Everything will end up in pomp and show, some will get more than their share, while others will go empty-handed.

Nature has created both havoc and opportunity, added misery to the already miserable human beings, and turning the days of already millionaires into billionaires.

Political stunt men turn into established politicians and genuine politicians into villains. In the end everything will be calm and quiet. Water recedes, rivers flow normally, rains gone, cities, towns and villages with slush and stagnant water everywhere spreading disease and hardships.

Winter comes and the champions of water shortage for agriculture and drinking will rise and make their point that water is scarce commodity and future of human civilisation depends upon water. The people and the places hard hit by the floods will shout aloud for water shortage. We live in this time we live in this age.

Dera Ghazi Khan

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Muhammad Asif
August 15, 2013 10:27 am

a shameful affair for a shameless politicians (read: nation)

August 16, 2013 2:40 am

Unfortunately you are right my brother! Government is the big culprit for this fraud with the nation.

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