IN many developed countries, in general, and the US, in particular, linkages between the government and university academics are quite strong. All leaders include members of the academia in their team.

The advantages the specialists of various fields bring to the government is that of a structural understanding of an issue, which falls in their area of specialty and a certain level of scientific objectivity which the career politicians sometimes lack.

The major challenges faced by Pakistan are religious extremism, dwindling economy and energy problems. I believe professors of repute can provide input in trying to tackle all these issues.

The only caveat has to be that the academics should be selected on the basis of eminence in their respective fields, and once they are there, the scholars must be allowed to give their independent point of view.

It would be of course up to the political leadership, headed by the prime minister, as to how he wants to put these recommendations to use.

A.J.M. Islamabad

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Comments (3) (Closed)

Mushtaq Ahmed
Jun 11, 2013 09:58pm
A very good suggestion. In fact , the new Govt. should have inducted eminent qualified people as ministers , not the party loyalists only. Only then we can have the best solutions to our problems. Nawaz Sharif should demonstrate that he is not the PM of noon league supporters but of all Pakistanis , irrespective of party affiliation. But they seem to be BLIND & DEAF.
Jun 11, 2013 08:06am
The blind leading the blind.
Jun 11, 2013 03:18pm
During Musharaf's times, we had a distinguished scientist in charge of education holding a federal government post. Alas nothing concrete was done, all smoke and no fire. This is the problem with academia since they are not good managers in general. Incidentally, it is the same minister who was recently quoted as saying that earthquakes and flooding that take place in Pakistan is the mischief of USA, as if they are holding a remote control device to invoke such occurrences.