MINGORA, June 11: Flood in the Swat River, caused by melting of snow on mountains due to sizzling heat, has damaged roads in Kalam area of the district.

The local administration on Tuesday closed the bridge between Matta and Khwazakhela tehsils to traffic due to flood in the river.

According to reports received from various parts of Swat, the river has caused damage to several roads in Kalam. The newly constructed hotels along the river bank at Fizzagat have also been inundated.

The administration of Mingora allows a limited number of vehicles to use Ayub Bridge.

Meanwhile, local traders and girl students held a demonstration to protest against hours-long loadshedding. They also blocked the road to traffic for more than two hours in Matta. The protesters chanted slogans against Wapda and demanded of the government to resolve energy crisis in the country. Later, the protesters opened the road and dispersed when MPA Mahmood Khan and local officials assured them that their grievances would be resolved soon.

MAN DROWNS: A man drowned when his car skidded off the road and plunged into the river near Kalam on Tuesday. The victim identified as Ahmad Gul was going to Kalam when he lost control over the vehicle, which plunged into the river. The local divers fished out his body from the water after few hours.

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