THIS is apropos letters regarding the bullet train (May 13 and 23). A bullet train from Karachi to Peshawar will not develop in days, weeks, months or even a year.

It is not only electricity which would be required, but entire railway tracks may have to be changed.

Initially, the bullet or even an electric train has to start on revenue-generating sectors. To generate more electricity, it has been suggested that large dams have to be constructed. How much time and finance would that take!

Why not conserve electricity. All businesses and offices should be closed by sunset, except for chemists and restaurants.

Most of the technology being used today is solar energy or solar-powered. Germany and Japan have been working on it for decades and have started production of solar/electric cars. Besides, an aeroplane has successfully been flown on solar power.

Cities like Karachi and Lahore have grown up into mega cities. Transport services were not thought of under their expansion programme. Fast and rapid transport is required for socio-economic development. The rush to cities will ease up if fast and reliable transport is available from small towns to cities.

The government of Punjab has recently started a fast-track bus service despite a lot of criticism.

Karachi had a tram system running across some areas of the city connecting Saddar. It was done away with in the mid-70s. The city also had a circular railway. For some reason it was abandoned during the 90s.

Islamabad was a new city during the late 50s. As per the master plan, a communication centre was allotted for train and bus services in sectors I/8 and H/8 on the lines of Grand Central Station, Manhattan, New York. However, both the sectors were “hijacked” and converted into residential areas for civil servants. The result is that Islamabad has no railway station whatsoever!

We should invest in the future, so that our future generation can enjoy its benefits.

M. K. SUFI Islamabad Citizens Committee Islamabad

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