Indian Muslims

Exclusionary law

BJP’s efforts to demonise Muslims in order to please its core constituency risks creating permanent communal fault lines.
Published 13 Mar, 2024 08:17am

Modi in Kashmir

Only a tripartite solution — involving Pakistan, India and the Kashmiris — can pave the way for stability.
Published 09 Mar, 2024 07:18am

Hate in Modi’s India

Brick by brick, the Sangh is seeking to destroy the edifice of Muslim civilisation in India that goes back a millennium.
Published 05 Mar, 2024 07:09am
An affront to Gandhi’s Ram

An affront to Gandhi’s Ram

If the BJP hopes to exploit a daylong spectacle in Ayodhya to canvass support, that shouldn’t worry the opposition at all, provided peace prevails.
Updated 23 Jan, 2024 09:57am