Lawless city

A GRIM milestone has just been passed in Karachi. The recent death of a teenage robbery victim brings the number of...
Published 22 Sep, 2023 06:24am

Another Sharif trip

THE sudden arrival of former prime minister Shehbaz Sharif in London, a mere 48 hours after he touched down in...
Published 22 Sep, 2023 06:24am

Delayed elections

If ECP wishes to affirm that it is serious, it should start moving on all pending matters so that the possibility of any further delay is minimised.
Updated 22 Sep, 2023 09:19am

What next?

One wonders that if administrative measures were all that were needed to arrest the rupee’s sorry slide, why were they not taken sooner?
Updated 21 Sep, 2023 09:13am

Greater representation

PAKISTAN now stands at a significant juncture, with the names of 11.7m more women added to the voter list, ...
Published 21 Sep, 2023 06:47am

Lost generations

IF those who wield power in Pakistan think that the nation can progress when tens of millions of its children have...
Published 21 Sep, 2023 06:47am

Sikh activist’s murder

Perhaps Indians have taken a page out of Mossad’s handbook in organising a hit on an individual they considered a ‘terrorist’.
Updated 20 Sep, 2023 09:00am

ECP’s preparations

The revision of the delimitation timeline still does not mean elections will be held according to the constitutional schedule.
Updated 20 Sep, 2023 09:29am

Futures on hold

IT is a sad turn of events when one is caught between choosing to fill their fuel tanks to get to work or paying the...
Published 20 Sep, 2023 05:17am

The Isa epoch

It is precisely these challenges that lend CJP Isa the opportunity to carve out a legacy of robust judicial leadership.
Updated 19 Sep, 2023 09:08am

MDCAT cheating

THE crisis of dishonesty that afflicts all sectors of Pakistani society includes academia. Unfortunately, the resort...
Published 19 Sep, 2023 07:56am
Missing anchorperson

Missing anchorperson

Every day this case is prolonged is an injustice to Imran Riaz Khan and his worried family.
Updated 19 Sep, 2023 06:52pm

ECP’s ‘bias’

The commission must adhere to its constitutional responsibility and immediately address the concerns that are being raised.
Updated 18 Sep, 2023 09:35am

Climate and industry

A NEW Schroders and Cornell University study on the potential impact of extreme heat and flooding on the apparel...
Published 18 Sep, 2023 07:09am

Ram mandir opening

ON the rubble of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, a gleaming new Ram mandir is being built, and is scheduled to be ...
Published 18 Sep, 2023 07:09am

Last judgement

It is difficult not to agree with Justice Mansoor Ali Shah, in that the court overstepped its jurisdiction to arrive at its judgement.
Updated 17 Sep, 2023 10:03am

Cost-of-living crisis

WITH the caretaker government dropping a massive ‘petrol bomb’ on the people on Friday, the biting pain of...
Published 17 Sep, 2023 06:01am

Much ado about nothing

THE nation once again finds itself embroiled in controversy, this time with the Miss Universe-Pakistan beauty ...
Published 17 Sep, 2023 06:01am


PIA's expeditious privatisation is the only way to reduce the burden on taxpayers and the govt budget.
Updated 16 Sep, 2023 09:10am

Cricket trouble

IN the big games, Pakistan fell short. Well short against India, by a whisker against Sri Lanka, and quite short of...
Published 16 Sep, 2023 06:41am