Security lapses

Security lapses

Ensuring the safety of foreign citizens is paramount, not just for diplomatic relations but for our economic future.
Updated 13 Apr, 2024 09:18am

An eventful season

THE Senate chairman and deputy chairman were elected unopposed, and 41 new senators were sworn in on Tuesday,...
Published 13 Apr, 2024 06:53am

Living rough

WE either don’t see them or don’t want to see them — not even when they are actively trying to get our...
Published 13 Apr, 2024 06:53am
Saudi investment

Saudi investment

The state has to address barriers that stand in the way of attracting foreign investment, and create a pro-business environment.
Updated 10 Apr, 2024 10:49am

Charity for change

PAKISTANIS are large-hearted people who empty their pockets at the slightest hint of another’s need. The Stanford...
Updated 11 Apr, 2024 09:35am

World Bank’s advice

The next IMF programme will be far tougher than any other Pakistan has embarked on in the past.
Updated 09 Apr, 2024 10:05am

Middle East heat

America must communicate to Israel that further provocations, particularly targeting sovereign states, will be unacceptable.
Published 09 Apr, 2024 06:24am

Killing fields

PERHAPS rankled by the daily flood of grisly news — murders, armed robberies, muggings and kidnappings — and...
Published 09 Apr, 2024 06:24am
Merchants of death

Merchants of death

The need for a paradigm shift in how the international community, particularly the US, approaches the Israel-Palestine conflict is long overdue.
Updated 08 Apr, 2024 08:28am

Water crisis

PAKISTAN is starting its new summer cropping — kharif — season with a whopping 30pc water shortage caused by...
Published 08 Apr, 2024 07:03am

Reliving heritage

IT is fair that Peshawar, arguably the oldest living city in South Asia with an ancient past dating back to the 5th...
Published 08 Apr, 2024 07:03am

Beyond rhetoric

Pakistan at this juncture requires more than rhetoric and noble intentions to defeat the ogre of terrorism.
Updated 07 Apr, 2024 09:16am

Inclusive politics

PUNJAB Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz is being criticised on social media for taking what has been seen as a rather...
Published 07 Apr, 2024 07:25am

New Jamaat chief

HAFIZ Naeemur Rehman’s election as the new emir of Jamaat-i-Islami signals a generational shift in the religious...
Published 07 Apr, 2024 07:24am

Deadly campaign

By no means can India or any other hostile foreign actor act unilaterally within Pakistan’s frontiers, and arbitrarily take out individuals.
Updated 06 Apr, 2024 09:16am

Second phase

PAKISTAN has long been a sanctuary for Afghans, hosting nearly 4m refugees for over 40 years. The figures, while...
Published 06 Apr, 2024 05:46am

GE outbreak

THE denizens of Pakistan’s most populous city seem to be on their own: a new misery awaits them at every turn....
Published 06 Apr, 2024 05:46am
Failed experiment

Failed experiment

Instead of promoting talks with the TTP, the Afghan Taliban should ensure that their ‘brothers’ do not attack Pakistan.
Updated 05 Apr, 2024 10:01am

Mail-in ‘terrorism’

IT is deeply alarming how easily threatening letters containing unidentified substances seem to have reached the...
Published 05 Apr, 2024 08:35am