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Lawmakers holding fake degrees could face criminal cases: CJ

Published Apr 01, 2013 01:07pm


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The Supreme Court of Pakistan.—File Photo

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan’s Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said on Monday that lawmakers holding fake-degrees could face criminal cases and gave  189 lawmakers, who had not submitted their educational certificates, time until April 5 to submit their documents for verification, DawnNews reported.

A three-member bench of the apex court, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, resumed the hearing of the case pertaining to lawmakers with fake degrees.

During the hearing, the chief justice said that the degrees of 54 parliamentarians were declared as fake whereas 189 lawmakers had failed to submit their matric and intermediate certificates since the past two and a half years.

He added that according to the Constitution of Pakistan members of parliament could face criminal prosecution for intentionally submitting false statements and that the submission of fake degrees by lawmakers was in violation of Article 62 of the constitution.

Chaudhry further said that degrees should be issued from approved institutes and that the matter of degrees should be like an open book.

Secretary of the Election Commission Ishtiaq Ahmed told the court that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) had informed the commission in writing about 69  cases of fake degrees held by lawmakers and that the cases were forwarded to the relevant courts for criminal proceedings.

Ishtiaq further said that FIRs were lodged against 21 lawmakers who held fake degrees and that the names of lawmakers holding fake degrees were uploaded on the election commission website, along with the list of parliamentarians/Members of Provincial Assemblies disqualified under Article 63 (1) (c) of the Constitution and lawmakers who had not declared their details regarding dual citizenship.

The bench adjourned the next hearing over the case until April 8 and advised the election commission to send a notice to the 189 lawmakers, as a last chance, giving them time until April 5 to submit their educational certificates for verification, failing which they would declared as disqualified.

Moreover the court instructed the ECP not to accept the nomination papers of the 189 lawmakers for the upcoming elections until the matter of their respective degrees was not resolved.


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Comments (27) Closed

Husain Jan Apr 01, 2013 08:12am
ECP should have proceeded long ago against fake degree holders and also against those who refused to submit their degrees for verification. By not doing so ECP's reputation stands dented and now it is time to act fast to salvage the lost reputation.
S.P.Bansal Apr 01, 2013 08:16am
What a Judge you all have ? Leader should be like him only But he should have equally strict about his son too.
Zaigham Apr 01, 2013 08:48am
Now supreme Court will verify the degrees......What about millions of of other case pending.....
logic Europe Apr 01, 2013 09:08am
Frequent interventions by supreme court will only weaken the democratic process Elected people will loose credibility What is the difference between musharaf and mr chaudhary
AR Apr 01, 2013 09:11am
Thank you chief justice.
salman Apr 01, 2013 10:10am
Justice will prevail..sooner or later..or we will be vanished. Good job Chief..
M. Bashir Apr 01, 2013 10:29am
If democratically elected representatives were honest, upfront and adhered to the law as ordinary people and normal democratically elected people do in the rest of the world, then Iftikhar Chaudhry would not have to intervene at all.
Riaz Apr 01, 2013 10:30am
It's shocking to see that there are people in Pakistan who will defend these criminals.
saleem Apr 01, 2013 10:30am
the way to go. couple of election like that pakistan would be on right track
Ghufran Ahmad Khan Apr 01, 2013 10:41am
wow! incredible decision by the honourable chief justice. The dishonest fake degree holders must never be allowed to contest in election. The minimum punishment for these thugs should be life imprisonment.
Gerry D'Cunha Apr 01, 2013 11:20am
The Supreme Court of Pakistan
Ali Apr 01, 2013 11:20am
The criminal politician should be in jail for the fake degrees. The chief election commisioner and the chief justice should make sure to the nation that the benefits the ministers have had should be repayed to the country, and the same process should be applied to the bureaucracy. Lot of DC's and secretaries have their children in bureucracy by their influence in examinations. It's the responsibility of CJ and CEC because the nation has given them mandate. The corrupt PPP government is gone, they used to say that CJ decisions is jeopardizing democracy. In fact the only factor who can distract the country and the system is politicians bureaucracy, and the people around them.
khan Apr 01, 2013 11:35am
very well said
Noaman Mughal Apr 01, 2013 11:36am
Great Chief Justice ... Keep it up .. All public are with you , you are our Hero
Raj Apr 01, 2013 12:58pm
Sir: let one start the process of cleansing one step at a time. So be patient!
Xulf Apr 01, 2013 01:18pm
Now for the next step...throw them in the jails!!
Qaiser Apr 01, 2013 01:22pm
God Bless CJP - keep up the good work. Send all these crooks to jail.
Mo Apr 01, 2013 01:25pm
Not could face but should face
B0 Apr 01, 2013 02:17pm
The law is on track, whose going to make sure that it is followed?
Shafiq Khan Apr 01, 2013 02:26pm
I am not sure what kind of democracy the author of the comment is talking about. The democracy controlled by those who are dishonest? Why should the dishonest get off free after cheating the nation? Now, is it the judge's fault that he holds the guilty to account! I thought that was the job of a judge!
Shafiq Khan Apr 01, 2013 02:28pm
That is not fair or honest. Why do do not want wrong doers face the music? Shafiq
Shafiq Khan Apr 01, 2013 02:32pm
He is not the keeper of his son or anybody else. I do not remember any case against his son where he adjudicated. Why not check the facts? If you are honest ,you tell us where he adjudicated in a case where his relation was a client. Else control yourself. As a Human being he is not responsible for another individual, just for himself. Shafiq
Khan Apr 01, 2013 03:12pm
Holding a Fake Degree is a Crime. They must be punished.
murtazamm Apr 01, 2013 04:41pm
Ab bolo - Degree Degree hoti hai asli ho ya jaali !
Assad Apr 01, 2013 05:46pm
Gen Yahya Khan already has that honour despite all the bad that is associated with his name.
TamzaK Apr 02, 2013 12:31am
Actually a LOT of credit will go to Musharraf; he is the one who 'allowed' free press and the last election which he lost. He did a LOT of 'bad' things, as has every single politician in Pakistan history -- except Mr Jinnah. Very unfortunate. Now our hope is with Mr Imran Khan.
Beg Apr 02, 2013 01:16am
I still feel fishy about ECP AND supreme court because every thing is very late, o God make me wrong