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Musharraf’s return: The graveyard is full of indispensables

Updated Apr 24, 2013 04:39pm


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“We rotate these days among people … the only being who cannot and will not perish is your Lord.”

We were inside the parliament building, saying Friday prayers after a stormy Senate session. What we witnessed inside made all of us feel humble and subdued.

“Put Pervez Musharraf in the same cell where he put Nawaz Sharif. Let snakes and scorpions into his room. Let him cry out in pain,” said one of the senators as the lawmakers vented their anger against the former military ruler.

“Handcuff and shackle him and parade him through the streets,” said another senator.

I opened a little window to the recent past and found myself in the army chief’s official residence in Rawalpindi where Musharraf was staying after toppling Nawaz Sharif. He was still the chief executive of Pakistan, a strange title he coined for himself before moving to the president’s office.

We were there with a media team to interview him. Some members of his advisory team were also there, including a Rawalpindi politician. Musharraf sneezed. Three of these advisors ran to him, holding tissue papers. The Pindi politician reached him first. Others looked at him with envy.

None of them came forward to defend the former dictator when PPP, PML-N and ANP lawmakers berated him this Friday, although some of them were present during the debate too.

The senators also targeted the caretaker government for failing to arrest Musharraf after an Islamabad court refused to grant him bail.

They wanted him “hauled to the worst prison” in the country, as a PPP senator said. Later, one senator also suggested that he should be hanged for toppling a lawfully elected government.

Above all, they wanted him “disgraced, dishonored and humiliated” as a “warning to future adventure seekers.”

The retired general, however, had already suffered much humiliation. The man who once hauled the country’s chief justice to his office and tried to persuade him to resign is now forced to appear before junior magistrates, seeking bail.

But that’s not enough for his enemies. They want more. “Do to him what they did to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Benazir and Nawaz Sharif,” said one senator, ignoring a plea from the Senate chairman not to get carried away.

The sane among them, however, did warn their colleagues not to go too far. “The ground realities must not be ignored,” said a senior PPP senator. “After all, he is a former army chief and the military obviously will not like this humiliation.”

He urged the angry politicians to seek a way out, proposing “consultation among all stake holders,” i.e. the interim government, the judiciary, PPP, PML-N, ANP and the military.

Other senators also agreed with the suggestion, saying that starting a treason trial against Musharraf will not stop at him. “Don’t forget that the present army chief was also attended Musharraf’s meeting with the chief justice,” said a senator.

The lawmakers pointed out that other civilian and military official also were involved in the crackdown on the judiciary. Then there were other senior generals who supported the coup. And there are judges who endorsed it.

And why stop at Musharraf’s coup? What about Zia’s, Yahya’s and Ayub’s martial laws?

The lawmakers – not just from the MQM or PML-Q – warned that a treason trial will ultimately pitch the military against the civilians and will end up hurting both.

“The question is: Can the country afford such a conflict and do we even need one?” asked a senator.

The discussion moved back to a possible way out of this conflict. Some suggested arranging a “respectable exit” for Musharraf. Others said that Musharraf may not want to exit.

He might have come prepared for whatever is happening to him, may want to spend sometime in the prison, hoping to cash on the sympathy it may generate.

Other lawmakers said that Musharraf can be persuaded to see the risks involved in such a strategy. After all, the government cannot keep hundreds of commandos around his residence forever.

The Taliban, Lal Masjid Brigade and Baloch nationalists have all vowed to kill him and even a little mistake can have very dangerous consequences, they warned.

Some claimed that all those who have some influence in Pakistan – the military, the United States and Saudi Arabia – had asked Musharraf not to come. “Even his friends and relatives advised him against returning to the country but he ignored them all,” said one.

Others, who attended a lunch the chairman Senate hosted for a visiting journalist from the US, said Musharraf should realize that no one will miss him if he went back to Dubai or Britain.

They argued that by returning to the country, he had embarrassed everybody, the military, the caretaker government, political parties and even the judiciary. “Nobody wanted this unnecessary controversy. His absence suits all,” said one of them.

It was July 18, 1993. This was President Ghulam Ishaq Khan’s last day in office. As he started to walk out, a journalist shouted: “Sir, you are indispensible for this country. How can you leave?”

Ghulam Ishaq Khan looked back and said: “Have you ever been to a graveyard? It is full of indispensables.”


The author is a correspondent for Dawn, based in Washington, DC.

The views expressed by this blogger and in the following reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.



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Anwar Iqbal is a correspondent for Dawn, based in Washington, DC.

Comments (130) Closed

Fadoo Apr 21, 2013 05:42pm
" democratically elected gov", what a joke!!.......yeah Nawaz, Bhutto, Zardari were all elected in fair elections in Pakistan, and were/are honest law abiding Pakistan politicians who never spent a day oversees and faced fair trials for their time do not expect the army to bail out the country when the fairly elected officials are flushing the country down the toilet.... oh hold on we have been in shit hole for several decades already..........why are people asking for army's help in Karachi?.....sometimes things get so out of control that only someone with an iron fist can prevent complete anarchy......the so called democracy in Pakistan is a joke, have you never heard of ballot boxes being filled with fake votes by AK wielding democratic party workers?, we will see how happy people are in a the next few years..........a certain minimum level of education is need for people to understand the basic democratic principals and make it work, and the present constitution of is has many many we can see from the treatment of minorities, blasphemy law and the list goes on......
S. A. M. Apr 21, 2013 12:08pm
Well Said miqbal Army should see the character of those that are accusing Musharaf of violating the law. Army should tell these politicialns look who is talking
Atique Apr 21, 2013 10:59pm
He should not have returned to Pakistan to do politics,instead he should have announced his full support for PTI and delayed his return until after the general elections.
ahsan Apr 21, 2013 06:51pm
like democracy was restored after hanging of Z.A bhutto?!?!?! please .... democracy to me was only alive when musharraf was in power...!!! yes ahmed we do all go to protests and we welcomed his arrival...which was in contrast to the severe depression i was suffering from when mohtarma and sharif brothers landed here in pakistan!!!
shaad Apr 21, 2013 11:16am
why u r commenting here, you should protest against the ill treatment to mr Musharraf . At least u can protest on social sites . Believe me he s the only leader who can save pakistan. When the lawyers can protest against him, why cant young generation do the same at school or college level
Mohammed Kazim Ali, Apr 21, 2013 07:07pm
I believe that it will be good for the country if Musharraf leaves. The time he took over Nawaz's gov. was week and cruption was all over. It was not an effective gov. Also Nawas did not permit to land his plane while he was coming from a official trip from a neighborhood country. He did not personally plot the quo. His subardinates plot the quo in his absense. Nawaz Sharif's gov. was totally incompetant at that time. The Military wanted to save the country from the chaos and they stepped in. There was not one senator or any official of Pakistan includig judges parliament senators who could come forward and stop the illigalities which Nawaz Sharif's gov. was commiting. The Military gov. only steps in when the vbusiness of gov. is collaped or about to collapsed. But I am not suggersting that Millitary rule is preferable to civilian gov. It will never be but what choice Millitary had. And of course, when you get the power and there are no checks and you tend to forget that you are the servant of the People of Pakistan. Musharraf is a soldier and I will never doubt his love for Pakistan. He made mistakes and I believe the Nation of Pakistan let him go. There is no need to hang him or put him in jail. I believe every senator and every prime Minister and every high official in Pakistan has skeleton in his closet, we just need to dig them out. Don't throw stones at other people's glass house when you live yourself in a glass house. thank you. Mohammed Kazim Ali Los Angeles
Sam Apr 21, 2013 11:18am
All are doing corruption and looting the country and because of him they could not make money This is the reason why all the parliamentarian and politicians are against him Telling u they just fight on the tv shows but in real they are friends even relatives to each other and making people fool Every one knows that how good Pakistan was when he was here He is an honest man and he was sincere Look at media what role are they playing They know better about the politician and they are fully aware wats happening with Musharraf is not right but still they don't care They are concern with the money like every body Pakistan ka ALLAH hafiz
ahsan Apr 21, 2013 07:02pm
it bewilders and amazes me when people think that LAL MASJID weapon possessing, Danda weilding , law breaking residents are still considered innocent!?!?!?! can anyone please console the family of the SSG commando shot by them....please anyone?!? has everyone forgotten the false imam brother now leading prayers in that masjid disguised in a BURKA running away.... this has what islam become as....runners from the battle field leading friday prayers!!!
khalidmurad1 Apr 21, 2013 07:01pm
If you have the gutts then try and join Army and serve with all your body joints intact to become a General. No one can teach you anything on this net.
A Sheikh Apr 21, 2013 11:31am
You are either too young to know the history of the country or too ignorant. Go find out how much country benefited from the so called Democracy as opposed to the peace or economic development during what west loves to call "Dictatorship". I would love to take the Dictatorship over the shameful Pakistani Democracy.
A Sheikh Apr 21, 2013 11:27am
Bhutto broke the country into two in order to remain in power. He got what he deserved. General Musharraf led the country through most difficult conditions after 9.11. These days when Pakistan is embarrassed by Indians and other international media,, none of the corrupt leaders can provide a logical answer, let alone defending the country. Musharraf is the only man who does this wonderfully. Unfortunately Pakistani media loves to hate him, I am sure for personal or monetary reasons. They are providing biased coverage.
Amazed Apr 21, 2013 10:00am
Buddha said " You will not be punished for your anger, but your anger will punish you". Musharraf arrogance has boomeranged and there are lessons for all of us.
shakir Apr 21, 2013 08:37pm
sure, but the hanging should continue, Zaradari, Sharifs, Shujaats, Hashmis, Altaf, Qaim ALi Shah....a long list? Why only Musharraf?
saleem Baig Apr 21, 2013 10:56am
Next militry intervention will be to destroy Judiciary and black coat Mafia. They are bigger threat than Talaban. Pakistan is full of barbarians.All aid should be stop to Pakistan. Long Live Musharraf.
siddiqui Apr 21, 2013 10:57am
The death of this dictator will help to restore democracy in the country.
Abdul Malik Usmani Apr 21, 2013 08:05am
I think the readers were carried away by the popular Mushraff debate, and they overlooked the moral of the story. The writer has very adeptly given the message that no one is indispensible in this world. This is the dilemma of the underdeveloped countries like us that the ruling elites (democrats or dictators alike) forget that the
kausik Apr 21, 2013 07:42pm
Pakistan must cleanse itself from past Military dictators and future would be dictators for the democracy to survive.As Winston Churchill said "Democracy is worst form of Government but the alternatives are even worse" so move forward Pakistan with elections and Democracy.
rabbani Apr 21, 2013 10:42am
The author is right when he mentions that our shamed politicians only want to humiliate, disgrace and insult him. That's it. This is maximum they can do. Indeed his returned has put them into lot of troubles. Those who were chanting slogans for the implementation of article 6 and those taking refuge in his absence from country for not implementing the article 6, have to go back on their words. It is not possible for them to do it. It was always a shallow politics and still is. The author himself has learned many politicians as saying that no one will miss Musharraf if he returns back to Dubai. This is true for them. That's what they want. The one suggesting to let snakes and scorpions into his cell was no other than Mushahidullah, a one disgrace to Pakistani politics. But he is not aware, that things like these are a small part of SSG training. The bigger problem for judiciary is the fair trial, which in case IHC has flopped badly. So hang on Mr.Musharraf, this is for time being, and will soon go away.
nasir siddique Apr 21, 2013 05:56pm
We should carry on and do what is the right thing. if we believe in the court we should back them, we fear not the army that ha brought us nothing but shame and cannot protect our borders. we need to send a clear signal to the army that they too need to be subservient to the state and be ring fenced.
Mushtaq Ahmed Apr 21, 2013 10:21am
Musharraf's return has given the politicians to divert public opinion from their incompetent and corrupt performance in past five years. Similarly, Article 62 & 63 are also not applied properly by Election Commission. All corruption cases against ruling elite are in cold storage. Spotlight on Musharraf will ensure return of the same old corrupt people to Assemblies & power. This nation is in for joy ride for another five years. Enjoy but with some dignity.
Agha Ata (USA) Apr 21, 2013 01:33pm
I was never in favor of Musharraf, neither I am now. But this trend of humiliating any person who does slightest wrong and is caught, has become the character of this nation. Starting from Inspector General of Karachi, Grace, until now, hundreds of people have been humiliated in the worst manner. It hurts me when people do that to an ex President of Pakistan. You always talk of image, then tell me what kind of image you are projecting by doing this to an Ex president? Let the court of law punish him if he is guilty, but do not demean him, and tear him down. He was wrong, no doubt, but he did what he thought would be good for the nation. He was mistaken and he did silly things. But he was the president of Pakistan. (Like Mr. Nixon was the president of the USA) Would any journalist write about this trend of the nation. It is making them less likeable throughout the world. Do not humiliate anyone by throwing shoes at him. I hope this trend is stopped immediately.
Ali Apr 22, 2013 07:56am
My question is pure and simple who has ever gotten justice from Pakistani courts? What is the credibility of these so called judges who call themselves justice providers. They are nothing but money grabbing creatures. They all see Musharraf as a threat to their future of looting. Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui who rejected Musharraf's bail contested 2002 elections on MMA's ticket and was the lawyer of Lal Masjid's Khateeb for sure he has a personal vendetta against Musharraf. Dont worry Allah is there Musharraf will come out of all this Insha Allah and these tyrants will bow down and have these faces pounded into the dirt where it belongs. Long Live Musharraf Long Live Pakistan.
abdul Apr 21, 2013 07:56pm
Musharaf was dismissed by a sitting prime minister and didn
Chandio Apr 22, 2013 12:28am
Yes, I fully agree with Frederik. Pakistan does not need sincere and honest people. we are happy to have corrupt politicians and cry at the same time.
S. A. M. Apr 22, 2013 01:11am
who told u this
Me Apr 22, 2013 01:24am
@Siddiqui: Democracy is not one size fits all. Democracy is for the people by the people but in Pakistan's case Democracy brings nothing but a corrupt setup that loots and humiliates the very nation that puts her trust in them and how can you even conclude that his trial will help restore democracy? Do you want me to remind you of five miserable years under democratic government of PPP or you are saying that they were not a democratic government. You need to mature up and put your political affiliation on the side and be a little logical, it will help you make a sensible decision when you go out to vote this coming election. Just a food for your thoughts, point me one democratic government in the history of Pakistan under which Pakistan progressed and people could afford food. My recollection is of none. I hope people make a sensible decision this May and elect someone who wants to do something for this nation. @Ahmed: I have no idea where are you getting your facts from when Musharraf abused the trust of this nation. Come on man, go and get out on the streets and ask people what they had in Musharraf's government and what are they left with after 5yrs of PPPP government. You sound like one of those people who keep electing corrupts leaders hoping that they will finally do something for you and the nation. There is a saying "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me", think about it, it may help you make a sensible decision when you vote in May.
Salim Akbani Apr 21, 2013 02:00pm
Many in the Senate and parliament are nothing but a lynch mob that wants revenge rather than justice. The rule of law must apply in this case. These people need to understand injustice carried out today will lead to further injustices. Lastly, the people need to stop worshipping personalities. All of oheros and our villains are just people, persons and human beings. The institutions need preservation and loyalty not persons.
NM Apr 22, 2013 09:59am
Very well said, Ameer.
NM Apr 22, 2013 10:01am
In sha Allah.
Shiva Apr 22, 2013 09:58am
As an Indian I watch with interest the twists and turns in Pakistani politics. One common aspect is the absolute lack of concern for destroying Institutions. Despite all troubles, Democracy is surviving in Pakistan despite its leaders. In India every attempt to derail democracy is thwarted , the people somehow gather courage to assert their rights. Musharaf is a compulsive liar and can't be trusted by either enemies or friends. He led Vajpayee up the garden path while planning for Kargil. He had secret deals with the US and tired to lie to his own people.
Amjad Wyne Apr 20, 2013 12:44pm
Except that the law makers, the lawyers and the rest of the politicians are all made of the same fabric - and none have gone to the graveyard as yet.
S. A. M. Apr 20, 2013 12:58pm
The onle fault in Musharraf is that he wants to do good for Pakistan and its people and the bigger sin he commits he won't let madresaas (read militant's sanctuaries) flourish. this is trend of the losers that when a mighty personality is week they start throwing stones at him though they may have been polishing his shoes in his good days.
Saeed Apr 20, 2013 01:25pm
Mushy had 10 year of absolute power, if he did do then, he can not do anything.some of the problems the country faces are Mushy's gifts
ZAK Apr 20, 2013 01:28pm
It is a matter of great sorrow that Pakistan is today being destabilised from all sides. Can the country actually survive attacks from so many fronts ? Financial, cultural, religious and ethnic ? God save Pakistan.
Agha Ata (USA) Apr 20, 2013 01:30pm
Yes, he made a fatal mistake. But, now, Musharraf is history; we all know that. Only the last page is being written. Get over it!
asif Apr 20, 2013 01:33pm
Faiza G R Bhatt Apr 21, 2013 04:19pm
it's a way to get our focus off the real corruption of PPP and PML N over last 5 years. this is what PPP+PML N muk muka is all about.
InSaan Apr 20, 2013 01:37pm
What a sick mentality these senators have. If these kinds of sick revengeful elements are in our parliament then this country is in the hands of Animals. They don't want to acknowledge Musharraf's achievements, instead want to ridicule and insult so their animalistic wishes are fulfilled. When will these elements even learn to let law take its course and keep themselves sober. Even though many lawyers and judges appear to be very biased to ridicule Musharraf. Don't they know every individual has some basic rights to be treated like a human.
Shahid Apr 20, 2013 01:53pm
It is the PML, PPP, Lawyers, police and the Judges that are corrupt.. It is not Musharraf that is corrupt. It is Mushrraf's honesty that is being challenged by the corrupt elite. Pakistan is in shambles.. and the way Musharraf is being handled is evident to this.
AJ Apr 20, 2013 02:00pm
Criticism from USA, you are laughable????hahhaha
Fida Sayani Apr 20, 2013 02:13pm
Musharaf a patriot, this must be a joke. He was responsible for Kargil disaster which brought humiliation to Pakistan. He should be tried, convicted and made to root in jail. but definitely not hanged.
Eli Apr 20, 2013 02:13pm
love the last line "
Shahid Latif Apr 20, 2013 02:31pm
can any citizen of Pakistan in any circumstances be given the right to violate the constitution and follow it by twice wrapping up the highest judicial figures? Do you want this drama to happen again? Do you want the persons to be above the institutions? Musharraf disrespected the people of Pakistan by his actions. He got away with in 1999. He should have left when the time was right. His return now again is a grave error
raika45 Apr 20, 2013 02:38pm
Musharraf's entry into Pakistan politics is an embarrasssement to his party but a jolt to the army that he once lead.His entry based on his assumptions that he has support is creating a very embarrassing situation to both the judiciary and the people at large.This is a very tricky situation for the country.It will need great deal of wisdom to solve this problem.Putting an ex army chief in jail is fraught with future implications regarding the army.Especially an army known for taking on power governing the country.
reasonlight Apr 20, 2013 02:50pm
It is fact that Gen. Musharraf is brilliant and honest and sincere leader. May be most successful of the administrators in Pak/ history. His NADRA, NAB, Freedom of expression, local bodies etc deserve appreciation. His team was comprised of competent people and was not a product of nepotism. Purely on merit. He came over to Pakistan which was due to his characteristic optimism. Today he is passing though and ordeal. I wish he fares it well. asif above says Pakist
Imran A. Apr 20, 2013 02:51pm
I would like to know from the politicians one wrong he did to the public. I agree he did wrong to the politicians and Taliban. He treated both of you guys as the cause of failure of the country. I still agree with him.
george Gillg Apr 20, 2013 02:55pm
i enduore your views.President Musharraf has done a lot for this country George Gill,USA
qamar Apr 20, 2013 03:00pm
They are supposedly educated elite
qamar Apr 20, 2013 03:02pm
This is a defining moment
Tojo Apr 21, 2013 05:48pm
The main trouble in Pakistan is that everyone is seeking revenge on everyone else. Such is the condition in Pakistan. PPP is looking to teach the Army (ex-General Zia) a lesson for the hanging of Zulifar Ali Bhutto and humiliate it; and present regime somehow holds Gen, Musharraf responsible for Benazir's death as well. PML-N Nawaz Sharif is seeking revenge to humiliate Gen. Musharraf for putting him in jail, while the CJP of Supreme Court is out to teach the Gen. Musharraf a lesson of his own on how power feels. Then of course there are the subversive & terrorist groups who are out to destroy Pakistan completely and want to kill the ex-President. Pakistan is completely doomed as a viable State.
qamar Apr 20, 2013 03:12pm
It is a nation building process
Saeed Apr 20, 2013 03:24pm
The most important thing to remember is these corrupt politicians can not bring one Rupee worth of mishandling of our country's revenue against Musharraf. I am all for him.
ali ahmed Apr 20, 2013 03:24pm
the chief justice of S.C. has not taken oath under costitution of pakistan....he took oath as C.J of Balochistan,then judge of S.C and then chief justice of S.C.....all oaths taken under ...P.C.O.....
khan Apr 22, 2013 07:10am
So much thumbs up for Mushharaf, while a handful is actually coming out to support him. A warning sign for Imran Khan, his social media supporter might let him down, come May elections.
pheycel Apr 20, 2013 03:54pm
Are you people saying its the right of every general to be the president of the country and make any rubbish rules and policies he likes.
Abdul Mannan Mulla Apr 20, 2013 04:11pm
Take my word for granted, I have strong feelings, In Shaa ALLAH, in a matter of few days, things will commence moving in his favor and he will be exonerated. He is a learned, knowledgeable, a bold Pakistan Army General and possesses high front line leadership qualities. Such Persons prove to be a very outstanding Politicians. May Allah (SWT) give Mr. Musharraf strength to overcome this crisis and may he once again march forward to serve this great Islamic Nation of Pakistan. This country most urgently needs leaders like him. May Allah (SWT) bless our Pakistan.
Shahpur Apr 20, 2013 04:19pm
Pakistanis should remember what they did to Bhutto. I hope there is a real Trial and there is a real debate as to what is this Pakistan.
Swaranjit Apr 20, 2013 04:27pm
The fault is not of Musharraf but a systemic dysfunction or distortion. Accountability must rule. Musharraf has a right to come back and fight the political battle in Pakistan, but he also has to face the consequences of his actions in subverting his country's constitution. Other countries like Chile and Artengina have faced similar challenges and are the better for doing so. Wish Pakistan strength ro deal with the looming crisis with the same grit and spirit!
YA Apr 20, 2013 04:34pm
Soft article, naming no names. Maybe you should have hid your own from the bye-line.
Khan Apr 20, 2013 04:45pm
I agree with In Saan, most of our law makers are the problem.
Khota Apr 22, 2013 06:37am
Did this statement grow on your head?
Ram Krishan Sharma Apr 20, 2013 05:10pm
I feel sorry for Musharraf . He may have made some mistakes , but deep inside his heart he is a true Pakistani and whatever he did was for the betterment of Pakistan and while in office he did not take any bribes , paid all his taxes and was fair to all . This is not the way to treat your ex presidents .
Hassan Apr 22, 2013 06:35am
Pakistan's "National interest" can only be safe guarded by corrupt politicians and their family members, anyone other then family is not allowed; its just like a private Island owned by some rich family. This is why so many Pakistanis live overseas. The funny part is that they have even advised the educated and worried Pakistanis to leave the country while talking to a foreign media correspondent.
adam memon Apr 20, 2013 05:32pm
In my view he is brave person.Inspite of getting threat from all corners he came to Pakistan. otherwise there is no problem from him to live comfortable life out side Pakistan.During his rule Pakistan progress.The biggest problem with our country now is law and order.He is the best person to mentain law and order.Let him speak on his mistakes..
SUNIL Apr 20, 2013 05:38pm
Musharaf was product of time in the history of Pakistan. Probably he did what he thought was good for his country. History may judge certain of his actions as good and some fair and some bad. He can not be seen in black and/or white. Reality also exists in shades of grey. After all he was the head of state. The 70 years old man can be ignored, but not necessarily vengefully humiliated
Jaseem Apr 20, 2013 06:00pm
The Pakistani politicians. the political parties, the bureaucracy, the judiciary, the religious parties and organizations,and the panders of wadera system, have always been greedy, corrupt, 'godless' people. The only difference is that it is getting worse month by month. The biggest tragedy of Pakistani public is that it is still groping into the corrupt political environment and looking for an honest person and demanding justice from unjust people, instead of seriously self-examining what it did to allow such leaders to emerge out of its own rank and file. After all these leaders did not drop from the sky. Public must soul search and introspect what kind of moral values they adhered to that encouraged such trashy leaders. It is true that in Pakistani culture there is no such thing as respect for human dignity. Is it because the politicians are corrupt, or the politicians are corrupt because their corruption is well tolerated by the public? Is the injustice in Pakistan due to the unjust politicians and the members of judiciary, or the injustice in the political system and the lawyers acting like hooligans in the streets are an outcome of routine practice of Pakistani people treating each other unfairly, disrespecting each others' rights, being more ethnocentric than Pakistani, being more Pakistani than being a real good Muslim "from whose hands and tongue no one gets hurt". As the author of this article mentions about 'being indispensable', let every Pakistani play a role of a person who has full integrity and become 'indispensable' for the nation and just not end up being thrown into a grave without performing once's patriotic duty to be honest, just and respectful to everyone's human dignity, rights, and even those who are in minority; and become intolerant to dishonesty, injustice and any inhuman behavior, even if it comes from religious leaders.
Muhammad Kamran Arain Apr 20, 2013 06:02pm
Yes every individual has some basic rights, but the the general never abided by them himself, sold his own citizens to the US. Where does he get the right to abscond when his bail is cancelled. He is a citizen of Pakistan. He should go to jail if he guilty and while he awaits trial, He has proven that he is afraid of jail and may runaway. When he was president he gave no one the rights he expects for himself. He usurped power and now does not want to pay.
qamar Apr 20, 2013 06:06pm
I feel the same.
Muhammad Kamran Arain Apr 20, 2013 06:07pm
Where as every armyman is allowed only one plot of land, he has several. The real honest army men usually have one house which is not paltatial or not even that. I have seen enough honest armymen to know that. The honest ones don't become generals in Pakistan, for that you have to do favours and what else. An Honest General is an Oxymoron
sam Apr 21, 2013 07:42am
Hang him !
qamar Apr 20, 2013 06:09pm
Let him speak on his mistakes..Provided if is given a fair chance
RxPrrP Apr 21, 2013 04:42pm
No general should ever dream of stepping in, or on the Constitution. That is why this one must be hanged. His crime is far far greater that Bhutto's. No one should ever again dare to repeat it.
qamar Apr 20, 2013 06:46pm
Excellent example of journalism , uncovered real faces of group of prevailing politician without any prejudices very well written. And overwhelming responses from readers with their opinion shows how an impartial reporting can cultivate a healthy mind. I am hoping he should continue with great work and write once a month
ameer Apr 20, 2013 06:47pm
dear what ur bhuto have done with pakistan u know thia thing
ameer Apr 20, 2013 06:48pm
Ainaline Apr 21, 2013 04:32pm
Pure Discrimination I must say, a common man is thrown in jail and Mush get to live in his luxurious house. You need to grow up.
saeed Apr 20, 2013 07:17pm
All the problems pakistan faces are gifts of our democratically elected politicians. None of them from Musharraf. Dont speak the language of sold out talk show host.
SA Apr 20, 2013 07:21pm
A good assumption, but is it valid?
saeed Apr 20, 2013 07:23pm
The only way to stop happening this in future is to have good governance from politicians. Next time a general steps in to save the country, he will not be as lenient as Musharraf. He will make sure that he does not leave any one to come back at him later.
malik Apr 20, 2013 07:24pm
I dont remember any law and order during his reign.
SA Apr 20, 2013 07:26pm
Only those who benefit from corruption like it. Often, even such persons hate corruption by others.What an irony?
Chiraq Gul Apr 20, 2013 07:28pm
It is last mistake of Musharraf. Within weeks new govt will be in place. If Nawaz wins. do you expect any sympathy ? If Zardari forms . do you expect favors ? If IKhan is in power due you expect any linient leanings.. Kiyani will retire soon . George Bush is gone. Most likely CJ will be extended if Nawaz or IKhan form new govts..
MK Apr 21, 2013 04:28pm
Yes, I think the same. Why he is being treating like that because he is not considered "son of the soil" and he do not belong to big province and he just belong to pakistan only which is .not enough.As Atif said this is pure discrimination.
T. Celtic Apr 21, 2013 04:30pm
He shredded the Supreme Document of Pakistan...the Constitution, among others.
saeed Apr 20, 2013 07:30pm
In fact its the judiciary who is making every pakistani embarrassed, espacially those who are living outside pakistan.
saeed Apr 20, 2013 07:32pm
No, they are uneducated elite. They are politicians.
independentthinker Apr 20, 2013 07:35pm
For him to come back to Pakistan even though he was advised against it, shows this man has nothing to hide. He probably thought he did, what was right for Pakistan at that time and so should not be afraid of anything. However, it did not work out that way. I would have no problems with having him accountable for his deeds, as long as other corrupt military leaders and politicians are also brought to justice. Would that happen? I highly doubt that, because in Pakistan might is right and bribery/connections can get you through any hardships. This to me, is very unfortunate.
Ainaline Apr 21, 2013 04:28pm
Speak only for yourself, stop hallucinating by using the word ALL. Mush is accused of something, he should prove in a court of law and thats it. Should be in a jail and by the way, didn't he bring these politicians back from oblivion...aka NRO???
abdussamad Apr 20, 2013 07:50pm
He subsidized petroleum products that lead to a massive fiscal deficit and balance of payments crisis. That is why we had to run to the IMF in 2008. The inflation, unemployment and economic stagnation that followed were all caused by Musharraf's policies. So you can thank him for that!
Mustafa Apr 20, 2013 08:06pm
Husn e Mubarik is older than Mush. What about him? Some jelly beans might be in order. Right?
Sami Apr 20, 2013 08:15pm
It is sad that all Pakistani officials and politicians cannot see him in Pakistan. They want him to stay abroad so they can cover up their problems. They are showing/ demonstrating lowest level of human values. If you respect some one you will be respected. If they do to him then every one should be ready face these in near future. One must not be pleased on his humiliation.
Hassan Apr 22, 2013 06:24am
With all the crooks running for the office?
Shahpur Apr 20, 2013 08:32pm
I think, it does not matter whether Musharraf is good or bad. What matter is that Pakistan has to deal with it, and deal with it now. Pakistan is a theory so far. Let us see what really this Pakistan, is. Put him on Trial, people will give the verdict, in this age of TV and Media.
Shahpur Apr 20, 2013 08:40pm
Not that fast. Wait and see the last page.
faisal Apr 20, 2013 10:03pm
i know one senator from PPP who himself once said that being a pakistani, i admire musharraf, but being a PPP, i have to keep my mouth shut.
Amjad Wyne Apr 20, 2013 10:38pm
Wrong comparison - compare Musharraf with others that held the same positions he had held in Pakistan - Compare his plots and wealth with Benazir, Zardari, Nawaz Sharif and the rest....not with another armymen.
Reeta Judah Apr 20, 2013 10:50pm
You are ignoring the fact that Musharraf got rid of an elected government, never mind how corrupt it was, it was elected by Pakistani people. He disregarded the Constitution, and got rid of the Judiciary of the country. Even as the COAS, he did not think of his country, remember the Kargil fiasco. He should be made an example of so that no trigger happy General in future thinks that he can get rid of democratically elected gov on a whim.
Samir Apr 20, 2013 11:38pm
Oh please!!! Musharraf was dictator who broke every rule of the game. Provide him a fair trial but prosecute him if you want any semblance of respect for the law in the country
InSaan Apr 20, 2013 11:48pm
Mr. Arain.. I wouldn't object to your opinion but would certainly suggest that that you compare Musharraf under overall perspective. Who is clean in Pakistan? Rulers prior to his rule sabotaged the integrity of this country in their own way. The only difference was that they were so called "Elected". I agree Musharraf was running the country with a dictator status, but would argue if he ever managed in a dictator style. It's just one opinion against other where you say "He sold the nation" and I think he tried his best to save the nation. I respect yours but would at the least like him to be trialed in a civilized manner. The behavior of many of his opponents is scary.
Keti Zilgish Apr 21, 2013 12:07am
The sooner we realize that there are major faults in our higher judiciary, legislatures, executives and so-called 'armed forces' (big deal! as if no body else has any arms) the better it will be for all concerned.
nk Apr 21, 2013 12:14am
you know how to turn your back!!!
Keti Zilgish Apr 21, 2013 12:20am
I like the way that Muhammad Kamran Arain has suggested that there will be perpetual warfare between the order givers and the ordertakers and that these two groups will never have anything in common leave alone religion.
vin Apr 21, 2013 01:18am
Not sure why he toppled the elected government. Not sure why he put the chief justice in jail. And not sure why he started war with India. But judiciary should have stayed away from him this time- and let the people decide his future. Unless he broke any laws than he has to face music same as any Pakistani.
T. George Apr 21, 2013 01:50am
Anwar Iqbal sahib has conjured up a powerful, rather emotional piece that shall appease millions of aggrieved Pakistanis who General Musharraf hurt in one form of the word or another. But if Pakistan is smart, which she provenly is not, she should rather than vendetta, form a committee of experts to sit down with Musharraf and analyse his reasons for doing what he did as the ruler, which an Indian like me believes he did keeping Pakistan's best interests in mind, and also why -- to Pakistan's future benefit. It will be painful if Musharraf is ultimately eliminated as Zia did Bhutto.
MK Apr 21, 2013 02:11am
I would say Musharaf did nothing wrong with Pakistan and he saved Pakistan from real threat from USA .In his time the economy was better than today and the law and order situation was 10 time better than today.He is a brave man and he should be given a chance to run the election.The people of Pakistan are tired with the same crupt politicians who have destroy the Pakistan.He is 200 times better than the current politicians.We all love you Musharaf and pray to Almighty Allah to protect you from all these bias Judicery and Mian Jee. MK
tan Apr 21, 2013 02:25am
No human being should be humiliated but no body should be above the law . All civilized societies do same justice to their people. Musharraf is a controversial personality and he should face justice.
MAlvi Apr 21, 2013 02:28am
Who are these senators? How they got into senate? They are not people's representatives. Pakistan's constitution is nothing more than peace of junk. Pakistan has totally wrong form of government, throw away this constitution and write a new one for presidential form of government.
MAlvi Apr 21, 2013 02:30am
No body is saying that, but what laws do you have now?
miqbal Apr 21, 2013 02:40am
if i was in army at any post i will not see this happen to my boss.pervez .i will bring martalaw in the corrupt country.
MAlvi Apr 21, 2013 02:42am
True, but think of next step - action.
MAlvi Apr 21, 2013 02:55am
On seeing what is happening in Pakistan, and how Pakistani politicians, lawyers, and courts are treating Musharraf, I have lost every hope. I have no feeling of sympathy for Pakistan any more. Same is true of all Pakistani's abroad. I think all expatriate Pakistani's should stop all aid to Pakistan and let them starve to death.
Faiza G R Bhatt Apr 21, 2013 03:27am
i was against Musharraf, but the way things are going doesn't look right. it seems that PPP and PML N have joined hands to focus our attention on Musharraf and in the process lead us away from focusing on their corruption over the last 5 years. in this game judiciary and especially media also seem to be unnecessarily getting their hands dirty. just look at the way all of them are dying to get Musharraf send to wherever and are keeping quiet over those who have laundered money, are supporting sectarian terrorists, have fake degrees, have siphoned off billions of rupees under discretionary power, etc.
zubaida Apr 21, 2013 03:45am
before discussing his flaws why not have a glimpse on his strengths. Those who now pointing him as culprit they are his legacy infact,
kamaljit Singh Apr 21, 2013 04:14am
Musharraff is still the best bet for Pakistan. Every body make mistakes. How would these senators ( some with fake degrees)justify sacking the army chief while he was in the air. It means something wrong was being done in his absence. He could be sacked without a drama. The person who sacked him unlawfully should be asked to explain the circumstances that made Pakistan army a laughing stock.
Muhammad Ullah Apr 21, 2013 04:15am
Although Pakistan developed economically in his era, free media surfaced out, foreign reserves increased, stock exchange improved but the seeds of suicide bombings, killing of innocent people in Lal-masjid operation, selling of sons and daughters to America for dollars, suspension of constitution twice, overshadowed all his good deeds. After all he will be remembered as a dictator, usurper of power, and a self-boasted ruler of Pakistan.
Syed Apr 21, 2013 04:33am
He is the best man for the country. The looters and plunderers got the green signal to contest in the elections but he has been denied that chance. We all know the game changers in Pakistan.
S. Suchindranath Aiyer Apr 22, 2013 05:06am
Like any bold gambler, he did not know when to quit.
ATIF Apr 21, 2013 06:12am
Jeet Apr 22, 2013 04:32am
At least nobody accuses Musharraf of corruption unlike the present President of Pakistan.
Khan Apr 21, 2013 06:42am
Read Ayesha siddiqa military incorporation and then you will be enlightened how many plots a general gets its not only Musharraf each general who retired is worth 200-300 million rupees
sami Apr 21, 2013 06:51am
Can you tell me how can a army chief in grade 22 or say 25 manage to build a billion Rs house in Chak Shehzad. Any industry he inherited or currently own? Where on earth these generals make the money to have thes villas and then we calll then clean rather than corrupt. Are we blind in Pakistan to the very basic facts that a deaf in the west could hear???
somu Apr 22, 2013 04:18am
A Frederik Johanson is indeed interested in Pakistan. Or is it a Musharraf PR lackey?
Tim Apr 21, 2013 08:37am
Law keepers are worst. The have always been biased even today.
Tim Apr 21, 2013 08:41am
I would like to add the media here as well. They have kept the people in dark, at the end of the day governance is all about welfare and security of the people. The media have their own affiliations and agenda.
Tim Apr 21, 2013 08:43am
Who told you that. Secondly all his incomes are declared. Talk about the all the corrupt people who have been allowed by ECP to contest elections and given green signals. If you support that than you are not a loving Pakistani, sorry mate.
Tauseef Farooqi Apr 21, 2013 08:46am
That's a bit far fetched............what's Pakistan's fault in this??????? Country shouldn't at any cost suffer for the worngdoiung of its few men!
raju Apr 21, 2013 12:15pm
If you stop sending aid to your country they will atleast learn to stand on their own feet. I guess no one will die.
Dr. Seshadri Kumar Apr 21, 2013 06:41pm
What WAS Pervez Musharraf thinking, returning to Pakistan?
Frederik Johanson Apr 21, 2013 12:37pm
The greatest statement Pakistan has had for the past 50 years- it no place for a honest a sincere individual - A BANANA REPUBLIC indeed!!
Ahmed Apr 21, 2013 12:44pm
The largely pro-Musharraf remarks and "thumbs up" signs below are in sharp contrast to the silence with which his return was met in Pakistan and the widespread sense of relief that he is finally being brought to court for his multiple crimes against the nation. They are also in sharp contrast to the damage he has done to Pakistan by abusing the trust a nation places in the head of its armed forces to catapult himself into power.