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NA wants erring TV anchors out

Published Mar 07, 2013 12:10am


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A view of the National Assembly. — File photo

ISLAMABAD: In its most jealous defence of its members against media attacks, the National Assembly unanimously passed a resolution on Wednesday demanding that television channels remove anchors airing unverified programmes against parliamentarians.

A minister’s protest against the conduct of one anchor of a private channel turned into a crescendo of complaints across party lines in general against the perceived “black sheep” and particularly against that man and demands for amends and caution by employers.

In the past, parliamentarians have often spoken about sections of the media, particularly of a fledgling electronic media, targeting politicians or particular political parties at the behest of interested quarters.

But Wednesday’s outburst, coming only 10 days before the National Assembly is to run out its five-year term, was most vocal and unified, drawing support even from Speaker Fehmida Mirza who said she could go to court, if needed, to defend the honour of the house.

A hard-hitting speech by Education and Training Minister Sheikh Waqas Akram -- who said the anchor, whose role in a controversial programme last year over another channel about alleged corruption by a son of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry raised a lot of dust, was attacking him to serve the interests of a banned religious group opposing him -- was greeted with desk-thumping from both the treasury and opposition benches as were those from members of other parties on both sides of the aisle.

The resolution moved by the minister belonging to the PML-Q, and signed also by members of three other parties, condemned what it called “all those anchorpersons who are telecasting programmes against parliamentarians and other entities without verification of the facts but for some personal agenda or some ulterior motives or for some unlawful gains or such anchorpersons (who) have been exposed for their non-professional conduct”, and demanded that owners of the media houses concerned “expel them forthwith besides other due action”.

In an emotional moment, the education minister said he was so incensed by a “derogatory programme” of that anchor that he felt inclined to, if he could, “barge into the TV (set) and drag him out”.

The speaker twice interjected his speech to ask whether channel owners could be made responsible for the conduct of their employees and to stress the need for a responsible approach in programmes.

Lt-Gen (retd) Abdul Qadir Baloch of the PML-N called for a boycott of that anchor’s programmes.

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Fida Sayani Mar 07, 2013 04:07am
If these parliamentarian are so honorable, why are they wasting the tax payer money on these debates. My advise to them is to go to courts and demand compensation from the anchor and the channel owners for defacing them in the media.
Saad(DXB) Mar 07, 2013 01:54pm
Mubashar Luqman, who was taking directions from Malik Riaz during a talk show, whose video was leaked out
M Rafique Mar 07, 2013 05:11am
Atlast the attitude of, free for all, anchor persons high lighted in the highest institution of the country
Dr Khan Mar 07, 2013 12:25pm
Mubbasher Luqman.
ali Mar 07, 2013 04:48am
And the anchor is?
M. Sajid Mar 07, 2013 04:47am
Have courage to ace the truth.
Muhammad Saleem Mar 08, 2013 12:06am
If the comments are incorrect the MNAs and MPAs should file a defamation suit. Let us face the fact that the bulk of the MNAs and MPAs are corrupt, liars, cheaters and thieves
Dr Khan Mar 07, 2013 12:21pm
Mubbasher Luqman.
s. ali Mar 07, 2013 02:40pm
apparently its MUBASHER LUCMAN now on ARY
Anonym Mar 07, 2013 04:13am
Could anyone please tell me who the anchor is ?
EmMoosa Mar 07, 2013 03:42am
Aina unko dikhaya to bura maan gaye!
shahgee Mar 07, 2013 03:31am
Why be afriad if you are honest? The public should remove any politician who votes for this resolution because it is to silence the media which exposes their corruption and bad actions. Rise the people of Pakistan, when will you rise, dont wait for a messiah, just rise, stop being so patient with these corrupt and useless leaders.
Amir Mar 07, 2013 01:58pm
we might as well have the army take over and declare martial law then. NA wants to keep the population out of the loop and loot Pakistan and fill their coffers. that's exactly what's expected of them anyways. half of them don't even show up to work!
riz Mar 07, 2013 12:48pm
I watch Mubbashir Luqman regularly and think that he is non-partisan.As regards what he commented about the turncoat Education Minister the truth is Pakistanis should bathe their politicians and the political system with acid to achieve some political purification.This is true across the board-including Mr.Benazir err Zardari,Nawaz Sharif and the other so called elected representaives!Those like Imran who are not members presently raise some hopes!If the media calls a spade a spade and these nincompoops dont like , they can take recourse to law any time!
Ronnie Mar 07, 2013 05:41am
who was the anchor?
Usman Ajmal (@Usman_OnTheMoon) Mar 07, 2013 06:08am
The assembly's job was to make laws to make media adhere to certain standards, what did this assembly do in 5 years to make those laws? Or to create systems that would make not only media but tax evaders, fake degree holders and corrupt officials adhere to law? When these lawmakers themselves don't follow the law and promote a culture of disdain for the law of the land, how can they claim to hold media persons accountable? Hypocrites.
fahdabbasy Mar 07, 2013 06:11am
althoughh no good work comes from our politicians .. but support this move.. not cause the anchors are targeting politicians but because they are the cause of discord and propogate and advertise it which is creating dissent and frustration amongst people
usman Mar 07, 2013 06:14am
May I know which anchor is this.
Osman Mar 07, 2013 06:23am
What kind of strange reporting is this, calling "one anchor" and "another anchor"? There is no reason to hide names of anchors NA is so against.... or is it?
Raza Mar 07, 2013 06:25am
Mubasher Luqman, I assume...?
Husain Jan Mar 07, 2013 07:08am
MPAs have complaints not only against media but against all those who try to expose their corruption and other wrong doings. They are happy only with those who either help them or keep silence.
excalibur Mar 07, 2013 07:56am
Where is the freedom of media now ? Shameless Parliamentarians. Why dont they go to courts and seek damages if they are honest ?
In the know... Mar 07, 2013 08:49am
Why doesn't the aggrieved minister sue the channel in question? There is a legal process available to him to redress his grievances? He does not, because he can only defend his education through chest-beating and statements in the national assembly. No TV channel, worth its salt, will launch such a frontal attack on a sitting MPA / MNA, let alone the Minister of Education himself, withouth covering all the bases. We are a leaderless nation, where those who attempt to pose themselves as our leaders, belong to the lowest possible moral status from amongst the people. This is the wrath of an annoyed Allah.
aslam minhas Mar 07, 2013 09:01am
For info of the general public: The anchorperson referred to above is none other than Mubashar Luqman; he is the one who with Mehr Rizvi conducted the interview of Malik Riaz, the Bahria Town contractor and was in turn thrown out of that Channel. Now he serves ARY.
Rafay Mar 07, 2013 09:02am
Mubashir Lucman
Imran Mar 07, 2013 09:09am
Anchor is mubushir Lukman
Nabidad Khan — Sharjah Mar 07, 2013 09:30am
Freedom of journalism is not to black mail respective people Pakistan. I am sorry to say that there are very few respectable and responsible anchors in the Pakistan rest of them are inexperienced and irresponsible. Inexperienced and irresponsible anchors
Shah Mar 07, 2013 09:33am
Mubasher Lucman
Anwar Qureshi Mar 07, 2013 11:09am
Mubasher Lucman of ARY News "Khara Such" Program.
Concerned Mar 07, 2013 11:26am
Mubashir Lucman