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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denounced the film that has sparked violence against U.S. embassies. - Video by Reuters


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M. Tahir Alam Khan (@M_Tahir_A_Khan) Sep 15, 2012 07:28am
"Actions speak louder than Words". If US government (or any other government) does not have proper laws in place to stop such things before they happen and if they do nothing to condemn it and to take appropriate measures to ensure that it does not happen in future then they are to be blamed equally.
Tahir Sep 15, 2012 12:47pm
Well. It's not just about the film buddies. it's the arrogant attitude of Americans where they don't want to understand the others view point. They want the entire world to live by your rules and values. Well that isn't how it works. They must start respecting the values of others before it's too late. Lives of three Americans they are so worried about. What about millions killed in Iraq and Afghanistan for no fault of theirs, whatsoever. Still they don't have any proof as to who was responsible for 9/11. Their own experts think it was an inside job and Al-qaeda is their own creation, which they use where required as is the situation in Syria and Libya . American public must wake up from your dreams and come to the real world. Their top elite is tarnishing the image of ordinary American citizens worldwide due to their policy of hate, who otherwise are good but ignorant. Has any Muslim ever said a word about Jesus Christ (PBUH). we believe in him as much as we do in Muhammad (PBUH). They must try to understand that everyone in this world doesn't think like they do. we have a different way of life and they need to respect that; as they expect us to respect theirs. Their freedom of expression finishes where my domain starts. Please think over it with a cool and rationale mind and you 'll get all the answers. And not in any way am I justifying the act of killing your innocent diplomatic staff who had nothing to do with the film. It is totally Un-Islamic. But, one must think why don't the Muslims hate Germans, British, Australians and other Christians. There must be something wrong with US policies of killing innocent people worldwide. Response has to come somehow. Please think.
Introspection Sep 14, 2012 01:45pm
The U.S. Secretary of State Ms Hillary Clinton's comments are indeed deeply sincere, and I do believe the Government of the United States of America has nothing to do with this preposterously outrageous video...(it's just not in the Democrats)...
Syed Jehanzeb (@sjehanzeb) Sep 15, 2012 09:17am
Reply to Hillary Clinton: The repercussion around the world are not the work of our governments rather they sincerely disowned these disgusting acts
M. Asghar Sep 15, 2012 03:46pm
What if your belief is unfounded and the long history of her past declarations show clearly this unfoundedness?