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NAB gives three-day deadline to telecom operators to pay evaded taxes

Published Aug 07, 2012 02:17pm


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ISLAMABAD: National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Tuesday granted three-day deadline to the five telecom companies operating in the country to pay their outstanding taxes of Rs47 billion on interconnection charges for the past five years, DawnNews reported.

The telecom companies were allegedly involved in the sales tax evasion.

NAB has summoned the officials of the five telecom companies on Aug 9 and directed them to pay their sales tax along with the penalty.

The NAB further announced that if the companies failed to pay their taxes they would be dealt with according to the law.

NAB has also recommended that the names of three officials of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), including former secretary FBR, to be put on the exit Control List (ECL).

Earlier, the telecom operators  said that they will try to bail themselves out by bringing forth Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s (PTA) position that the interconnection charges are ‘expenses’ and not `income’ under the Calling Party Pays regime.

The five telecom operators had reportedly expressed their concerns over what they claimed a ‘propaganda’ campaign against them with regard to Rs47 billion tax on interconnection charges.

The PTA had declared the interconnection charges as expenses when the CCP regime was inked.

“The interconnection charges are not income and tax cannot be imposed on expenditures.

“Therefore, we do not see the operators will be penalized in this case at end of the day,” a PTA official told Dawn correspondent.


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Comments (3) Closed

Cyrus Howell Aug 07, 2012 06:42pm
They had a political deal to pay no taxes. Believe that. Now things have changed and Pakistan needs the money. Al Capone's brother Ralph didn't pay his taxes for four years (1931-1934) and the government went after him. There is not statute of limitations on defrauding government.
Syed A zafar USA Aug 07, 2012 07:48pm
Although I am against corruption no matter who does it, and the three day warning to companies to pay back seem to be appropriate action of the NAB, but If I may ask NAB this question: Can it, and would it take the same swift actions against the corrupt leaders/companies of Pakistan who belong to right wing parties and have the blessings and support of current judiciary? What about the case of Arsalan/Riaz? Does NAB has the courage, ability, authority and willingness to take necessary legal actions against Arsalan, Riaz and CJ, because Arsalan became over night millionaire and CJ knew it ahead of time and there have been charges against CJ which were ignored by the SC in the past and Riaz seems to be equally involved in Real Estate wrong doings? If NAB has the above mentioned capabilities, then why it had to stop investigation against Arsalan/Riaz and the inquiry team being suspended on the orders of SC to safeguard the needs and wants of father and son? What about cases like Asghar Khan's petitions and cases against Shareefs, and IK who seemingly did not pay tax? Can IK these days be investigated and tried knowing that he is untouchable because of the blessings of legal and other masters? if not why not.? Let us suppose If NAB has power and ability to investigate and it can try and convict any culprit regardless of who is who, would its decisions/actions not be overturned/trashed by the unaccountable/unchallengeable mighty judiciary, because its decisions are divine and written on stones? So, another questions arises here : what is the use of politically/legally controlled companies like NAB, ECP etc? Are they their to facilitate certain parties, groups or individual to succeed in coming elections and hurt others who do not belong to right wing? If this is the case, then why only poor tax payers are supposed to pay for the lavish lives of the heads of such companies? Do we not see that the moment any head of such departments differs from the need of mighty judicial bosses and opposition parties, they are suspended/removed and new yes men installed for..."her shaakh pay ulloo qabiz hai, gulshan kaa na jaanay kyaa hoga" (occupied Pakistan) It takes conscience, determinations and commitment like the nation of China to eliminate the corruption from its roots. They started from top to bottom and they did not care whether it is their son or son in law. Any body did not want to change was eliminated and they did not make shaheeds and heroes out of crooks, dacoits, feudal lords, smugglers, terrorists and murderers as we do in the name of religion, democracy and independence. Countries like Pakistan cannot be straightened through democratic fashion because neither we are honest nor we understand the language of reason, logic and democracy. Pakistan needs somebody with the authority to fix it. We had this golden chance in the recent past and we lost it because we are bias, not able to differentiate between thugs and leaders and we are determined to serve our party needs at any cost even if it takes to destroy our national integrity and progress.
m.y.saleem Aug 07, 2012 11:27pm
what nab,we will see,eventually this case will close without any is only good for pushing come they take salaries and comission on it a private agency?