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‘Young’ Yousuf disappointed at Pakistan snub

Published May 23, 2012 08:14pm


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“I am 37, while Tendulkar and Chanderpaul are older than me and still playing,” Mohammad Yousuf said.  – Photo by AFP

LAHORE: Pakistan’s veteran batsman Mohammad Yousuf compared himself to India’s Sachin Tendulkar and West Indies’ Shivnarine Chanderpaul while expressing disappointment at being snubbed for the tour of Sri Lanka which starts from May 28.

Yousuf, who was invited to appear in a fitness test by new coach Dav Whatmore, said he could still play at the highest level as he, at 37, is younger than both Tendulkar and Chanderpaul.

“I am 37, while Tendulkar and Chanderpaul are older than me and are still playing,” Yousuf told reporters here on Wednesday.

“Similarly, Australia have kept their faith in Ricky Ponting even though he has played 170 Tests.”

Yousuf claimed that he had passed the fitness test he had been called up for but the selectors did not pick him as they wanted him to feature in domestic cricket before being considered for selection.

“I was quite hopeful about being selected,” Yousuf said. “However, whearin I found out that I wasn’t selected, it was really disappointing.

“I was unable to play domestic cricket last season due to some reasons but I will be playing regularly from now.”

Yousuf, who has played 90 Tests while scoring 7530 runs at an average of 52.29, said he wants to prolong his Test career.

“I want to continue playing Test cricket,” said Yousuf. “I am fit for that format of the game and I think I can still perform in international cricket.”


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Comments (34) Closed

mOHAMMED May 24, 2012 09:22am
Mohammed Yousuf ,is a legend, but then who can you replace him with , as Azhar, Younis and Misbah are more or less confirmed in the test line up.
Impala May 24, 2012 10:16am
Very sad.
Raza May 24, 2012 10:21am
Mohammad Yousuf is our hero and a class act in cricket. Due to unfortunate circumstances, lets fulfill selectors requirements . Unfortunately in today's extremely fast paced world all playing or non-playing professionals have to prove themselves repeatedly.
Riazuddin May 24, 2012 10:22am
Considering his past performances, I am of the view that he should be given one chance to prove his worth at the arena of test cricket. He is a great play like Javed Miandad and Inzimam-ul-Haq.
Junaid May 24, 2012 10:50am
He is a class act and should be given a chance to represent Pakistan in longer version of the game.
andygeezer May 24, 2012 11:11am
running short on players to pick as most of them are cheats & involved in money making betting scandals
Muhammad Altaf Butt May 24, 2012 11:29am
For that matter, We should follow India's policy. India kept their senior players i.e. Tendulkar, Dravid, Laxman (all are 35+) in the Test side and have registered some success and also become No. 1 test side. Both Yuvraj Singh and Suresh Raina had played more than 100 ODIs before being selected to the test side. We should also adopt this strategy. Young talent should first be introduced in T20s, promoting them to ODIs and finally to the test side, if his temperament allows. Based on this, I still feel we should have picked Mohammad Yousaf, who still left in him couple of years of test cricket. Just Imagine, his inclusion could bolster the middle-order in the pattern whereby Younis, Misbah and Yousaf to bat in the order. Inviting him for the fitness test by Dev, was the right idea of him, but who knows what's going on in Selectors' mind.
Zahir May 24, 2012 11:32am
Tendulkar has never refused to play for his country at any stage nor spoken rubbish about his controlling board in the media. Yusaf got into the habit of making public statements when he should have been talking confidentially to his employers. We have suffered a lot through indiscipline in the past. It has now been removed largely, that being the only positive contribution of Ejaz Butt. The way forward is to give chances to youngsters. Yusaf was not the fittest player at the best of times.
khan May 24, 2012 11:34am
It is very clear that he wears that beard just for show. He has been great servant of Pakistan cricket. He is a preacher now, but one cant stop wondering , what is he actually preaching? Can he not be satisfied with all he has achieved . Is he not preaching that this world is just a preparation for the hereafter to all those young minds that he seeks to put on the true path..and yet he is vigorously pursuing. It's all about him. He mentions all the three great players who are still playing at the highest level, but fails to mention that they have been playing continuesly for the last decade, where as he has not been actively involved . Yes true , not for reason which were of his making , but still he can he not just fade away with grace and dignity with which he preaches tollerance , and let the next generations of Pakistani's have their day on the field??
Raza May 24, 2012 11:41am
Excellent player... some poor management of his own career and some bad luck has put him in the situation he is in now. Cannot compare his fitness with SRT. All he needs to do is to play domestic and may be short stint in county and prove his worth, and manage his fitness like Misbah and Younis. It should be very easy for him.
safu May 24, 2012 12:01pm
good player but got clean bold
Obaid May 24, 2012 12:32pm
The best stylish player of Pakistan an dwell above 50 average makes him among few of that caliber, mostly hard earned runs. May be a good opener...
Masood May 24, 2012 01:50pm
Definately Yousuf should be selected a sure inspiration for young upcoming batsman in the team, they sure will miss an absolute Gem, I consider too that he is a legend with flawless personality, never mind Yousuf we all cricket lovers respect and thank you for the great performence you have displayed for Pakistan and the team.
Doosam May 24, 2012 02:15pm
No doubt Yousuf was world class but he cannot expect to just walk into a successful team on the basis of fitness and past performance alone. He was not selected because he has not played any first class cricket for the last 2 years which is a very long time and was all but retired. If Inzi or any retired player announces tomorrow that he is available for selection and proves his fitness, will he be selected then? No, because he needs to play a few competitive matches and prove that he is still good enough to replace youngsters like Azhar Ali & Asad Shafiq. As for Ponting, Chanderpaul, Hussey, they are still playing because they never walked away from the game and played every Test series.
Merchant May 24, 2012 02:20pm
I think we need his services against England, Australia and south Africa series. In those countries ball is swinging and a lot of bounce. We need experience player like him to raise our ranking in test format.
Srinivas May 24, 2012 02:42pm
A static of 90 Tests, 7530 runs at an average of 52.29 is not something you ignore when selecting a player for a series. Ofcourse the selectors may and will also take into cognisance the record against the opponet team and the current form. However Yousuf has been and is a great asset to Pakistan cricket team and it is sad that he is put aside. Pity the cricket fans
janayed May 24, 2012 03:01pm
its very sad to see such talent go to waste thats the problem with these pakistani cricket borad secletors!
Ammar May 24, 2012 03:02pm
Times up yousuf! You made us proud when you were at your peak, but I think he should move on from cricket now. Not been playing domestic cricket for two seasons for 'some' reason but can go outside the country to play different leagues...whoa!! What should a cricket be doing other than playing cricket and that too at an international level. Get a life man..look forward. I think PCB is doing the right thing by focusing on Asad and Azhar. They can be the next big thing to Pakistan, atleast for the test format.
asad May 24, 2012 03:22pm
Yousuf is a quality test player but his fittness is not that good. Secondly he has a big EGO, which kept him out of pakistan side.
jawwad May 24, 2012 04:16pm
If he is able to perform at a high level in Test cricket then why not.
Waqas May 24, 2012 04:27pm
So Sad Muhammad Yousuf, you are a very great player and very calm person too but also our country is suffering from bad management in all fields of the life every where u will see bad management so we did see in the selection Faisal iqbal selected who is too much bad batsman and they have ignored great legend of pakistan so Sad we are part of that country where if you have "Safarish and Paisa" then you can do any thing u can take part in every field of the life which u like. :(
syed May 24, 2012 05:47pm
I think Mohammad Yousuf should have been given a chance, especially when considering that Misbah is still playing he is not even half as talented as Yousuf, what about Cheema I doubt if he can qualify for any good first class team on merits and then Shoaib Malik has been given few chances recently but he failed. What is the criteria for selection is hard to understand except, like in politics party affiliation is more important than national interest and even with such huge cabinet their impotency is very much obvious, similarly sports has been influenced by politics, personal likes and dislikes is more important than merit. God bless Pakistan and guide masses to get rid of this loot and plunder of financial and other resources.
Nick May 24, 2012 06:21pm
I think Selection Committee policy of selecting cricketers from domestic circuit is commendable. If you want a place in the team, better keep your existence felt in the team. If somehow you get dropped from central contract or decide to take retirement from cricket. In order to gain your position back, you have to participate in all domestic games with the peak fitness. These players want to join in for a series or two to test the water & then resign for good.
musheer May 24, 2012 06:27pm
No doubt about his talent but he lacks fitness and very lazy in fielding, compare to Imran farhat and azhar ali is good.
Khalid Sami May 24, 2012 06:53pm
Time to go Yousuf. You are not playing Test Cricket contineously like the other guys you quoted. Ponting, Tendulakar and Chanderpaul still play club cricket and think cricket every day unlike you. It is very difficult to make a come back after 2 years when you are past mid thirties. Good luck in serving cricket in other ways like coach / mentor.
Aamir Khan May 24, 2012 07:02pm
He needs to go through the eligibility process by playing domestic league. Around the world that's how gets done and it should be same for Pakistan. You perform you play else go back to domestic system and prove yourself. This is how Champion teams are build. Look at Australia. Just because you had a big name and good performance in the past doesn't make you eligible Mr. Yousef. Islam doesn't means you sit in Hojrah or just attend lectures but to stay health by playing, exercising so you can be a better part of Muslim Ummah.
Naeem May 25, 2012 03:35am
Yousuf Sahib, you cannot decide to play one day and not another day. You have to decide wether you want to become a professional cricketer or not.
Hasnain May 24, 2012 08:02pm
What players in Pakistan feel is that they might look too low if they are asked to play in the domestic matches to retain match fitness. This has same been the case with many a players like Wasim, Waqar, Afridi, Saqlain and many others who have always refused to play in the domestic league and played County cricket in England to get money. The PCB is entirely right in keeping Yousuf out right now. He should be performing in the domestic matches just like the Australian players do it and then prove his match fitness to get his place back into the team. He is indeed a great player, but needs to understand the term now, either perform or stay out!
kamran May 24, 2012 08:11pm
all the comments above are issuing a point. yes a good batsmen, but not a good cricketer. He made dressing room environment into a political and religious grouping. we don't have place for grouping and religious activities in the dressing room and on the field.
Tanveer May 24, 2012 11:58pm
I think Yousuf is a very good batsmen but he has lost the plot here ... Tendullkar, chanderpal, ricky and hussey etc have love for the cricket we can see the hunger for cricket ... what ever happens they are made to play on the field.. with Yousuf i think thats missing one day he though I would not play this year and will go for Tableeg and Dawa and left played ICL (no harm in it and i blame PCB here cause we still have issues with the cricketers played in ICL where as india have include most of his ICL cricketers in IPL as well and they are making money) lets get back to yousuf if he has in him any cricket play the domestic prove your self and come back if you are any good ... but yeah if you are thinking you will lose a year in domestic then brother you took that decision few years back and not its reflecting.. Would like to see him on ground but first prove your competitiveness on ground
Danish May 25, 2012 12:00am
hahhaa what a loser ? STOP comparing with tendulkar n chanderpaul ....they are far ahead leagues ahead than you can dream .... you get what you deserve ....another frustrated case !
Paki May 25, 2012 04:16am
Never was, will or be his fan. He has bought rift in the team with his religious beliefs and groupings. We do not need a player like him in the team. Buh bye....Yousuf.
cricket lover May 25, 2012 05:32am
Arshed May 25, 2012 06:27am
PLease Give Him a Chance, a player like him never deserve Snub!!!!He deserve to cross 10000 feat, don't He?